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Hospital Bag

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Hi ladies! My due date is August 1st and sadly enough I have yet to pack the hospital bag. This is my first baby and I think I've been putting it off because I simply just don't know what to pack for her. I could really use some pointers. smile.gif
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I was really bored one day at work and made this list. it is my first, too, so who knows how useful it is:

(I'm ER, DH is X)

A photograph or object to focus on during labor
A camera or camcorder, fresh batteries, and film, if necessary
Iphone charger
Brownies for Labor and Delivery People
Tennis ball
Birth Plan

Flip Flops- red
Cozy socks
Pillows in Ugly pillow cases
A nursing nightie and nursing bra
Kaftan or 2

Swaddling muslin for baby in car home
Blanket to get baby smell on to bring home to aclimate kitty cat
A going-home outfit for your baby
Baby picture outfit
Toiletries: X/ER

Tooth brush ER
Face wash
Big Aveeno
Hair bands
Deodorant ER
Deodorant X
Tooth brush X
X Stuff:

X clothing- layers
Blanket for x- just in case
x: C Section Snickers

Other stuff:

Change for vending machines
Sketch pad and pens/pencils
An extra bag to bring hospital free stuff home
Baby Book

Crappy towel 1x
Trash bags 2x
Car Seat- Correctly installed
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Here's mine - there's not much for IN labor because I tend to labor fast...  Oh and Chris is my husband...


birth plan
footprint page
MP3 player
water bottle
post labor snacks - dried cherries, odwalla bars, beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, trail mix
grocery bags (for dirty clothes)
hair ties
toiletries (shampoo, face soap, moisturizer, deoderant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, chapstick)
2 pair yoga pants
3 shirts
2 pair regular underwear (lowcut)
2 extra nursing bras
2 pair comfy socks
2 pair HUGE granny panties
3 extra pads (very large)
3 extra diapers (plus one for toddler just in case)
small package wipes
2 newborn outfits
1 receiving blanket
after ease potion, postpartum tea (for after-pains)
nipple butter (like lanolin)
monkey and baby for John, baby doll clothes for Becca, Catherine
pen and paper
phone charger
In the car:
puppy pads
old towels
extra clothes for Chris (in case water breaks on him or I throwup on him or something)
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Cardigan. The Car Seat Lady, who is awesome, has some great suff in the last few days on how to swaddle in the car seat.

Snacks are a must. I ded not want in labour, but after.
Baby nail clippers. Both of mine came out with talons.

Nursing tanks are more comfortable in bed that structured bras.

I second Susan's two outfits, depending on babies size.
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Here's mine for our third baby. D is my husband. I'll be birthing at a birth centre located within a hospital, and should be discharged 4-6 hours after the birth (or in the morning if it's a night birth). If I had an unexpected cesarean birth, D would have to come home and pick up a bunch more of everything, but fingers crossed that won't happen!

Birth Centre:
birth plan
going home clothes (comfy pants, BF shirt, jumper, socks, slip-on shoes)
cotton underwear x3
maternity bra
maternity pads
breast pads
baby onesie x3 newborn size
baby footed suit x2 newborn size
baby footed suit x2 0-3m size
baby hat x2
newborn nappy x5
nappy sack x5
burp cloth x3
newborn nasal spray
paw paw cream
baby blanket x3
camera w/charged batteries
iphone charger
cash for cafeteria; coins for vending machine
snacks (Gatorade, granola bars, apples, frozen banana bread to toast, snickers)
D track pants
D t-shirt
D socks
D underwear
D old swim trunks
D toothbrush
garbage bags

Thick plastic to cover seat
Ice cream container (sick bucket)
Old towels
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I'm planning delivery at a birth center and then transfer to hospital for recovery.  BC provides very little, but the hospital has tons of supplies (i.e. diapers, pads etc.) I am bringing some supplies in case i change my mind and simply stay at the BC and then go straight home. 


Here's what's in my bag:

Nursing bra

Nursing tank

Sports bra for tub delivery

robe, nursing top and bottoms for post delivery

gown for labor and delivery

3 pairs of large granny undies (i'll wear the mesh hospital ones the first day when things are really messy)


1 pair of socks

Toiletries (i went out and bought all travel size items so I wouldn't have to pack anything day of, including a hair brush and 2 toothbrushes 1 for me and 1 for DH)

Coconut oil for massage

Hair elastics and clips

Lipgloss, breath mints and gum (loved this stuff last time!)

5 disposable diapers (just in case)

2 newborn outfits (short sleeve onesies, pants and socks); 1 hat

2 baby blankets (one cotton, one muslin)



Big brother gift

Snacks (BC doesn't provide any food): Electrolyte water, coconut water, snack bars and/or trail mix, beef jerky, frozen pops

a blanket and my body pillow

iphones, ipad and all chargers

small speaker

reg. camera


Already put trashbag and towel in both cars just in case :)

Hope this helps Summer Momma!

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I'm delivering in a hospital and I'm taking:

Newborn clothes (two outfits based on weather that day. It has been unseasonable cool here.)
Bikini top (for birthing tub)
Swimsuit for DH
Yoga pants
Maternity tanks
3 pairs hipster undies in black
Birth necklace
Video camera
Digital camera
4 copies of birth plan
Toiletries for me and DH
Clothes for DH
Books for me and DH

Our hospital provides labor snacks and last time I didn't get out of the hospital gown for 2 days so I don't know how much of the clothing I'll wear. For both my previous births I walked out of the hospital with the clothes I wore in. The hospital also provides diapers and wipes.
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It was pretty chilly in my hospital room the first night (and I'd just had extraordinary weight loss!), so warm socks were a big help to me. Also, I took my nursing pillow, which I used not just for nursing, but also a sub at night for semi-crappy hospital pillows.
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Ugh, Crafty, it's hard to envision myself being cold ever again! But I am taking your advice and bringing socks in my hospital bag, just because you insisted.
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I second the socks. Hospitals are always cold + losing our internal heaters + blood loss = COLD!
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Ugh, Crafty, it's hard to envision myself being cold ever again! But I am taking your advice and bringing socks in my hospital bag, just because you insisted.

I can't imagine ever being cold again either! I put socks on my list, but right now I can't imagine wearing them. Better safe than sorry.
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I can't imagine ever being cold again either! I put socks on my list, but right now I can't imagine wearing them. Better safe than sorry.

Well I think the room was REALLY cold. Bear in mind I'd been sleeping with no covers for weeks and I am a person who normally gets a little cold. But DH was worried about me being cold, so he turned it up to some oppressive temperature and it took me forever to figure out where the thermostat was and change it back. I much preferred warm socks to sweatin' to the oldies. smile.gif
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