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Great maternity clothes

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Hey mamas - So I recently went through my box of maternity clothes and wondered what I was smoking during my first pregnancy... as they are some of the ugliest clothes I have ever laid eyes on.  I decided to start fresh, and went online for a little shopping spree.  The packages just arrived, and I have to tell you, the cutest - and cheapest! - things arrived from the weirdest source ever - Burlington Coat Factory.  At least it seemed weird to me.  Lots of super-cute maternity tops for $8.99 and $9.99, and a really great pair of capris.  I realize some of you are moms of multiples and probably have all this sorted out already!  But for the newbies I wanted to spread the word.  When I was pregnant six years ago maternity clothes were still pretty expensive; I'm happy to see they have created many more low-cost brands since then.  

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Actually I just realized the capris were from JC penney.com.  Another great source.  They're awesome - casual and comfy but still proper pants, like they would work in an office.  They're called "Maternity Underbelly Crop Pants."  


Can you tell I'm still drunk off my purchases?!  Hey, if you can't have wine for 9 months you gotta do something...

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Nice! I have a couple of shirts and pants and shorts from Kohl's, on sale for $5-10 each!
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I am in the same boat! I'm looking at most my old maternity clothes too and I'm pretty sure I just settled for whatever was cheapest! I do have a nice pair of jeans that I got from Target years ago but they don't fit that great till I get bigger! I really need to go shopping but money is so tight right now.... 

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I'm a casual, simple dresser and I've had good luck getting the tall shirts from Old Navy. I get a bunch of the simple tees in tall and they work pretty well. I've been known to wear them around the house when I'm not pregnant because they are so comfy and loose :) But then again, fashion is not my thing!

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I, too, hate my maternity clothes from five years ago.


Unfortunately, I'm at the top of most size charts for standard clothing, and it appears that Gap and Old Navy have dropped my size out of their maternity lineups.  


Have I also mentioned I'm 5'10" so the tall shirt/dress strategy is limited for me? 




I found a pair of jeans at a thrift store last week that are ok - not great, but OK.  I also have some empire waist dresses that work with capri leggings and I need to find maternity leggins. 


I'm lucky that it appears that my belly hasn't dropped out just quite yet.  I'm thisclose to needing to wear maternity pants. 


I'm a weirdo, too, and prefer the full panel pants -- especially secret belly -- because they're nice and smooth and actually stay up.  Demi panels slink down all day long.  

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I haven't sorted through all my old stuff yet, but it was 6 years ago for me as well!  I've recently purchased a few fun things, most excitingly is my new maternity wool coat (i didn't need one last time with an early Fall baby).  Other than that I've found a maternity swim suit (didn't swim at all through last pregnancy, but my son loves swimming, so we go more often now), a couple shirts and a pair of pants.


not sur eyet how much more I will buy, but I definately want a new set of nursing pajamas (i hate most of the frilly, pastely choices and the ones i have are cropped pants... not exactly great for mid-winter in minnesota!).  I also want to find a nice birthing skirt for this time around.

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We have HORRIBLE selection where I am in Canada,and prices are ridiculous as well (seriously, who can afford $60-$100 for maternity jeans?!), so I'm riding it out in my post-partum/pre-first-pregnancy days. I was 20lbs heavier when I got pregnant the first time, so NONE of my old maternity pants fit me :(   I barely fit into the XS in most maternity stores... it's annoying!  But simply going up a size in regular clothes doesn't work either :(

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I went to Burlington tonight and got two maternity shirts! I was so excited $13 for both of them! :) YAY! 

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