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Paragard IUD

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Hello all,


I just wanted to give you all my experiences with BC and the IUD. I was on pills, mostly orthotricyclene, for nearly 15 years. I began having an issue with it making me sick and causing severe headaches and I tried the lower estrogen types where I experienced severe depression and mood swings and lack of sex drive along with an inability to have an orgasm. It was terrible!! So I researched the hell out of the IUD's and, fully informed of all the risks, I opted for the hormone free ParaGard IUD in May of 2011.


I have had it now for just over 2 years and I have been fairly happy with it. Insertion wasn't as bad as I expected. Although it wasn't comfortable it didn't hurt like others described online, I had some moderate cramping throughout the day which I managed with Motrin and I was back to work the next day without any issues. My first 3 months of periods were insane! I bleed very heavily and had really bad cramps. I was able to get some relief with Midol but I really had to keep up with the pads and I went through them like crazy! Between my 4-6 months they lightened up significantly and eventually they became normal again though they never were less than 7 days. I did have some intermittent bleeding between periods but nothing significant.


It has changed sex a little for my husband and I, he is a little above average and it makes some positions more difficult at certain times of the month when I am a little more sensitive but we adjust and move through it. I have no real complaints.


Unfortunately, as happy as I have been with my IUD, I have had some recent issues arise. In June I began spotting 10 days prior to my period. Once I started my actual period it hasn't stopped and I have been lightly bleeding now for nearly a month straight, but I have had no pain. At the 3 week mark, I called my doctor and went in for an ultrasound. I was informed yesterday that my IUD has embedded slightly into the right side of my uterus. I will be having it removed tomorrow morning. I am very nervous, though my doctor told me that there is no perferation, I am still very worried about any possible damage that there is or that may be caused by removing it. 


I am now on the look out, once more, for a form of BC that won't make me sick, kill my sex life or destroy my body. I am sad because I really do love my IUD and not having to worry about taking pills, using hormones or using condoms (which I always break). But, I guess it's just not something that my body accepts well.


So ladies, do your research and understand the risks and benefits. I am sure I will not have any further issues with the removal, but I just wanted to share my story for those looking into this option.


Have a Wonderful Day!!

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We have a huge thread about paraguard here on the forums. It would be great if you'd post your story there too. :)



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