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Music for labor

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Hi everybody, 


Happy to report that this week, at 14 w 3 d, we went for our first appointment and heard the heartbeat. The midwife raised her eyebrows at how much our baby was moving around, and interestingly showed me measuring 2 weeks ahead, which was a little hard for me to believe. And I think yesterday I started to feel baby thumping around, about 2 weeks earlier than last time with my first. 


So I'd like to start compiling a music mix for the labor & birth. Do you guys have any specific songs, or groups, or genres that you know you want to hear while you're laboring? 



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So happy to hear your good report! I have my next appointment next Friday and hope my midwife has no trouble finding the baby's heartbeat. I've been getting anxious... I just finnished my 16th week today!


I'm sure no one else would like my music choices! hahaha I mostly listen to Rock and Progressive Rock. The one bad I plan to listen to during labor is Lunatic Soul. He (it is just him playing everything in most of the songs) is from Poland and has another band that is a little heavier (Riverside). Lunatic Soul was a side project that he does on his own and is very mellow and calming to me. Very earthy and beautiful. Any time I listen to any of his albums it just calms me, so I will probably be listening to those 3 albums for sure. Ok I am done, sorry for going on about that. :) 

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I'm gonna be digging this thread...!


So far the only song I know I will want to hear when I give birth is Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. I really want to compile a playlist though, but of course, when the time comes I might not want to hear ANY of them!!

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Oo great thread, now I'm going to start making a list when I hear certain bands or songs!


Offhand, I'm thinking for the calm part: Ryan Adams, Civil Wars, Alexi Murdoch...  I will have to go raid my music collection! 

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Fun thread!
I like music that is ambient and continuous. Like Tibetan bowls, some Alice Coltraine, ocean waves, music by Deuter. Allows me to lose myself smile.gif
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I'm normally a very musical person but for some reason I wanted quiet last time I was in labor.

My taste is all over the board but I like mostly rock and some quirky pop.

From Frou seems like good labor music, especially Let Go.

I also like Fever Ray, especially the song they use for Vikings, If I Had a Heart.

Radiohead really helps me focus and relax.

My all time favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins, but most of their stuff isn't labor-y to me.

I'd also have to deal with my music snob husband's judgment of my selections. He wouldn't say anything, but I can subconsciously feel it.
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PamelaRRRR, it's not your husband's labor! Do what you need to do. :) 


I've been djing for 16 years and couldn't imagine doing something so important without music. I'm aiming for something that will help me zone out and relax, and there are a lot of great downtempo tracks that will work. (Think Thievery Corporation!) I also love deep house, anything with nice, organic sounds that make you feel good. Nothing clubby at all. I'm sure I will start crying if I come across a song that is very emotional, so I'll be sobbing happily while in labor. :-)


I figured I would get a few different playlists together (chill, more energy, etc) and have them ready for the moment and play what I need in the moment. No matter your preference, I think music can be very soothing and should absolutely be considered for labor! It's about you and what you want/need. 

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I'm working on my playlist too! Not sure I'll want to listen to it, but I'd rather have it ready just in case.


Right now I'm feeling like upbeat love songs might be good.  I'm also putting in "Get Ready" by Rare Earth, just for fun!


If all else fails, I might just try a video I used once on youtube for meditation.  I just searched for meditation music.  

I'm not sure if I'll want to "zone out" or rock out!  Ha ha!

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My husband loaded our ipod nano yesterday with all sorts of music for labor.


Here are some things I wanted:


Lots of Grateful Dead- Especially Terrapin Station since our daughter will be named Brightly after this song.


Lots of Talking Heads and David Byrne solo stuff


Bob Dylan


Peter Gabriel


Elephant Revival- Folk/bluegrassy/hippie music


Be Good Tanyas

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I haven't even thought about this yet! I have practicing my hypnobirthing CDs daily, so I imagine I will listen to those quite a bit. Last time around I listened to Tori Amos, and Morcheeba exclusively. I must have thought my labor was going to be short, because I only packed 4 CDs, and was so tired of them by the end. I will probably play those CDs again, just for nostalgia, but will just use our complete itunes library otherwise.

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I need to start thinking about this. I don't really listen to specific music, just the radio, but in labor I think I will want music. I don't know where to start!
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