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Kate MIddleton's Deemed "Gorgeous" One Day After Giving Birth. Should We Care?

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When did stepping outside after giving birth become  a woman debuting her body? The whole circus surrounding the birth of the newest British royal has been completely infuriating, but nothing has irked me more than this headline and article from the Huffington Post.


Due to royal tradition, Kate Middleton debuted her newborn son -- and post-baby body -- today (July 23), just one day after welcoming her first child with Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge looked flawless in a polka-dotted dress by British designer Jenny Packham. The brand-new mom was all smiles as she and Wills introduced the Prince of Cambridge to the world, gushing that they "couldn't be happier."


I was disgusted with the great royal womb watch and I'm disgusted with this. Of course, it's not only her but every single woman who is even mildly well-known and gives birth. The first time a paparazzo happens to be around when they leave their home, they are suddenly either praised or criticized for their post-baby bod.


I know Kate's stepping out was a part of tradition and I know it was intentional, but did there have to be any commentary at all on her looks? How but just some congratulations followed by some much-needed privacy to bond as a family? 


You can read the article here. 

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While I agree that it's banal to gush on about Kate's post-baby appearance; based on some of the comments I have seen on social media, I am somewhat pleased to see that the media is coming out to comment on how great she looked post-partum.


I have seen comments (from women, at that, although I'm certain women who have never themselves given birth!) that include such gems as, "She still looks pregnant. She'll carry that bump forever." and "Look for a new royal reality show just about Kate's bump next year."


I wanted to yell at those women, "Give her a break! She had a baby the day before, and she looked wonderful." Better than most women, post-partum, I might dare say; but when you know that just the matter of whom you have married is going to make each moment of your life a public spectacle, who wouldn't do a little extra and probably employ a little help in the hair/makeup department in order to look as stunning as possible?


So I am glad to see that if it is going to be brought up, at least it is being done with tact. And I think it's a much better treatment than among the American celeb births when the focus immediately becomes, "Look at all that baby fat! What is (Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, fill in the blank) going to do to lose that baby weight?"


I, for one, hope they'll do just what I did, and what I'm sure many good mothers do - trust that with breastfeeding and tending to a new little life, and chasing them as they become increasingly mobile (and as the mother's body recovers from the changes!), the weight will go. And guess what, it's been the #1 diet plan, in my book!

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I am okay with social traditions that say new mothers are "glowing" or "radiant" or "lovely."  I think the whole royalty thing is kind of ridiculous on it's face, but clearly a lot of people are interested in what she does, and I can't really stop them.  Given that, I don't mind if everyone gushes that Kate looks gorgeous.  Maybe they'll develop the collective idea that you should tell a new mom she looks beautiful, rather then walking right in and suggesting she go on a diet, or put on some makeup.  (OTOH, of course she looked flawless!  I'm sure she had a styling team helping her out.)  Given the body policing the women in the public eye face, I'm quite pleased that she let her post-partum bump be seen on camera - maybe people will figure out that that's normal.


When they turn around and snipe that she still hasn't lost the baby weight, then I'll be annoyed.

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I'm not one to care much about royals, or celebrities at all, but I was pleased to see such a happy young couple enjoying the preparation for their new baby. I'm pregnant, and that makes me feel kind of interested in hearing about just about *anybody's* baby, so I did follow some of Kate's pregnancy with interest. Also, I tend to get bummed when I'm pregnant because of my family NEVER being happy or supportive of me having a baby, not even when I had my first, so I'm happy to see everybody excited about this baby. New parents deserve that.

However, I found it really offensive to see lines in articles saying, for example, that the family had declined to comment on whether Kate was induced or went into labor naturally. What an invasive question to ask! I would never just up and ask something like that of a woman who had just had a baby. greensad.gif Not unless it was part of a conversation, wherein she was already willingly sharing that kind of info.

I'm a bit split on the subject of saying a woman who has just had a baby looks gorgeous. I'm opposed if it's coming from a place where we think it's ok to judge the post-partum body, or where we think a woman who has just given birth should even be CONCERNED with how she looks. But I'm absolutely ok with it if it comes from a place of support for new mothers, and a belief that birth is beautiful, and a woman who has just given birth is beautiful because of that.
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PS, I also think that the coverage of Kate's pregnancy was not quite like the coverage that we get of American celebrity pregnancies, because there seems to be a sense of the royal family as kind of mascots for the UK, and there seems to be more of a desire to be happy for them, and less of a desire to judge and criticize. I am not totally sure if that's true, as I'm American and I've never even been to the UK, but it's the sense I get. I much prefer to see headlines about how happy the royals are than the ones I see calling some pregnant celebrity fat (really?!?), or wondering if a famous couple will even still be together when the baby is born. greensad.gif All that negativity just makes me glad I will never be famous!
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I agree with MeepyCat and am very pleased that Kate took no pains to camouflage her postpartum bump. I'm inclined to interpret her postpartum good looks as suggesting that she had a natural birth, only because my second child's birth was natural, and the next day I felt as good as Kate looked. I could've run a marathon.


Like michelleepotter, I too experienced a lack of family support for my pregnancies, and am therefore especially sensitive to the fact that ALL babies deserve to be received with excitement and enthusiasm. I was happy to see a worldwide wave of glee for this one particular child. May that wave ripple toward those little ones who need it more.

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