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History of Vaccines Blog

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I came across this blog today from the College Physicians of Philadelphia group. http://www.historyofvaccines.org. I don't think I've seen it before. 


I found it interesting to read through some of the articles on the history of vaccination, and the history of parental concerns and organized groups opposing vaccination as well.


Seems like a resource I'll be going back to so I wanted to post it here. 


They say on the page about what the blog is for: 


"As a parent, it’s important to be informed about vaccinations and how they work to protect your child. We’ve created several resources to answer your questions about vaccinations, from why we still vaccinate for rare diseases to exactly how a vaccine works with your child’s immune system to prevent disease."


 So their mission statement agrees really well with the MDC line on informed consent about vaccinations. :) 


 Someone is going to cry "foul" because Paul Offit is on the Editorial Board for the blog and that "because he made millions from rotavirus he's bought and paid for by big pharma". That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Mine is that he's a well respected expert in immunisation, and the expertise he's developed while working on developing vaccines makes him worth listening to. I believe I'm entitled to that opinion too. He's also only one of the many board members on there.

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Found this from there site: "The Leicester Demonstration March of 1885 was one of the most notorious anti-vaccination demonstrations. There, 80,000-100,000 anti-vaccinators led an elaborate march, complete with banners, a child’s coffin, and an effigy of Jenner.[3]

Such demonstrations and general vaccine opposition lead to the development of a commission designed to study vaccination. In 1896 the commission ruled that vaccination protected against smallpox, but suggested removing penalties for failure to vaccinate."


They forgot to mention a few things:

So to counter the negative publicity, in both lay and medical media, the medical profession using the results of the Royal commission, started a mass publicity campaign, blaming the previous use of arm to arm vaccination, and badly trained doctors and vaccine administrators – and even “wrong technique” as the cause of all the troubles.

They maintained that a new “safe, pure glycerinated lymph” was the only one that would work. They proposed that vaccine manufacture should be removed from the hands of amateurs with “dubious” stock, and that its manufacture should be entrusted to “reliable” pharmaceutical companies to ensure a standard safe product.

Arm to arm vaccination was immediately made illegal in 1898, after the medical profession admitted that arm to arm did indeed spread both syphilis and tuberculosis, and this provided them with the scapegoat and useful alibi to “get out of jail” so to speak..

Even so, huge numbers of parents simply didn’t buy into what they saw as the new propaganda.


Have you ever read the: Minutes of Evidence In British House of commons “Reports from Commissioners, Inspectors & Others” from that time? I don’t know how many volumes there are, but there are many!


Your a scientist.... read them before you go believing everything YOU read on an internet blog. In fact the UK Royal Commissions of 1880's has some amazing stuff in it.


Law, Medicine and public opinion: the resistance to compulsory Health Legislation 1870 – 1907, part 1, and part 2 by R.M.MacLeod
Public Law (Jnl) 1967

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