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Hello Moms! 


I found this forum when searching for information on Vayarin.  I found a thread that was started last year but didn't have any information on long term use.


My 8 year old son is on the Autism spectrum (PDD-NOS) mild, and has ADD and sensory processing disorder.  He struggles with reading and math.  He currently takes Focalin XR 10mg to help him focus on his school work and help with impulse control.  We just started Kapvay in the evening.  I also got some samples of Vayarin from his neurologist yesterday.  Vayarin is a prescription food supplement that is supposed to help with ADHD/ADD through a proprietary formula of Omega3s that breaks the blood/brain barrier.  I was wondering if anyone else was using this and have seen good results.  It is said to take a couple of months to really see results.


We started it this morning and I will be interested to hear from any others.  I will also make sure to come back and update with what I see.  I am hoping to find something that will eliminate his need for Focalin.  




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We use it and love it! DS is 13 years old. He is diagnosed with PDD NOS, ADHD, SPD, LD, Expressive Receptive Language disorder and a few other things. We tried several stimulants - vyvanse, concerta snd so forth but hated the side effects. After discussion with his psychiatrist we took him off all his meds and put him on Vayarin. We also use GABA for anxiety (progressive psychiatrist, totally follows all the research). It took three months of daily doses of Vayarin to build up enough in his system to make a difference but what a difference it made! When I asked him if the medicine was helping he said he didn't know because he didn't have those problems anymore (it was working). We got lazy over the summer and didn't give it to him. He told us the other day the his ADHD had come back and he needed to be on medicine. He doesn't understand that it never went away but was controlled by the Vayarin.

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Thanks for the feedback!  We are starting with one capsule a day as his doctor gave us samples for 3 weeks but only enough for once a day.  We go back in 3 weeks and he said if I wanted a prescription he would write it.  He said he has given it to quite a few parents but has not heard any great results yet, but agreed it was worth a try.

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We started at three capsules a day for two weeks and then two capsules a day. We have never used one a day. I'm not sure that is enough. My son's doc was so impressed with how it worked for him that he has been prescribing it to a lot more of his patients now.

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My son is also 8, and he was autism and ADHD (among other things). His dev ped put him on Vayarin this December, and it has made a profound difference in his behavior! He has never been on stimulants so I can't compare the two, but I know that within 3-4 weeks of starting Vayarin, the results were pretty remarkable. He still requires fairly frequent redirection while doing school work, but it has improved his focus, helped him to be less combative, improved overall mood and seems to be helping dial down the 'static' that comes out of him. The pharmacy we use ran out of it for a while this early spring and no other pharmacies near us carried it, and he was without it for a couple weeks, and he lost a lot of progress, which showed us that it was almost certainly the Vayarin that made a difference.
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I wish his neurologist would have given us enough to start with 2 a day, but he was running low on samples.  We go back in 3 weeks so he wanted me to use 1 a day then he will write a script.


It is great to hear how well some have responded to this!  My son does not tolerate stimulants very well so I am hopeful the Vayarin will allow us to stop the Focalin.

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Wanted to come back with an update - My son has been on Vayarin for almost two months now and I have to say I have seen some very good changes as far as his ability to focus and clarity when talking and ability to recall and convey events. I think it is helping with his memory issues, for instance he has been able to tell me exactly what has been in his lunch (I have been keeping track of what I pack and always mix it up). He has also remembered to bring his school agenda and homework home each day and remembers what days he is going to the library at school on his own. He still tells "tall tales" and embellishes his stories but I can tell that he is thinking faster and he is able to also come back with responses when having a conversation. His focusing is also better and while he is still taking his low dose of Focalin on school days, we do not use it on weekends. In the past days without Focalin were really hard, he wasn't able to read or do any kind of work, but now he has been able to read and do math without Focalin. He does get a little more hyper without the Focalin, but it is mostly inattentiveness that was his issue. I'm not ready to take away Focalin all together, but I'm hoping this will allow us to continue med breaks on weekends and non school days. I would love to go during summer without Focalin since it costs $206 a month! We will definitely continue with Vayarin and I hope it continues to help.

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Terrific news.
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