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crafty baby goodness!

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After reaching the 10 week mark and hearing a sweet little heartbeat yesterday, I was inspired to make baby-to-be his or her first handmade article! I used the "heartwarming reversible baby sweatshirt" pattern from the book, "Growing Up Sew Liberated". The pattern calls for using knit fabric. I chose to make the sweater non-reversible and used merino wool (upcycled from a thrifted men's sweater). Wool is a little more conducive to our Pacific Northwest climate!

Anyone else getting the crafty itch and making any handmades? Do share!!
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That is so lovely! Inspiring!

I will have to be past my hyperemesis before I am getting out of bed, let alone sewing, but I will be crafty then! I hope to knit for baby, sew for baby... Dye clothing blanks. Just have to get better....
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Thank you, Tabitha! So sorry you aren't feeling well - I hope the nausea/vomiting begins to let up soon. I look forward to seeing your future crafty creations!
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That sweater is darling! I made some aios during early pregnancy insomnia, started longies, and bought yarn to start a earflap cap while we're camping next week. 


I plan to make crib sheets (we're buying a pack n play with an organic mattress to replace the one it comes with), a baby quilt, and one of these carseat covers.  There are some things that I just like better when they're homemade :)


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theycallmemama - your diapers are wonderful!!! Nice work! Is there a pattern that you used? Buying a pack n' play and replacing the mattress with an organic one is a great idea. I will have to consider that as well!

Love the carseat cover. Enjoy camping and knitting. I keep meaning to take up knitting. I just need to buy some yarn and commit to it!
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mamasarah, that is adorable! Great work.  I have great plans for lots of handmade goodies but I am trying to finish my soon to be 3 year old's birthday dress first.  I am knitting http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/darwinia  Darwinia by Tikki in a raspberry color.  I have a little under 2 mos to finish, but I am anxious to be done so I can start some baby stuff.  I am mostly a knitter, but I really want to try to make the "Quick Change Trousers" from Handmade Beginnings, they are so adorable.

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teamsalem thank you! I checked out the dress pattern that you are knitting and it's beautiful! You'll have to post a picture when you complete it. I mostly sew and am always impressed by the work of knitters!
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I also plan to make the quick change trousers - in reversible. They are so sweet!!
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Mama Sarah, they're Very Baby All in ones :)  I used this pattern with my first and loved them!

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So fun to see all the projects!  Our local yarn store went out of business a couple months ago and I stocked up on a ton of yarn that will be great for baby projects, some wool for diaper covers (I've only done shorties so far, will have to try some longies) and some soft cashmere for hats and booties and maybe a sweater or two.  I bought more "boy" yarn than "girl" yarn just on intuition, and it turns out that was a good call because I'm having two boys!  :)  Will try to post once I'm done with some things, but I haven't started anything yet.  To be honest, I'm trying to get the more physical projects accomplished (like clearing out the guest room to be the babies' room) and saving the knitting for when I'm too big or for if I end up on bed rest (knock on wood, hopefully not).  

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Third trimester is here this week...feeling extra crafty motivation! I've been sewing wee wooly clothes from thrifted merino wool sweaters! What are you crafting?!!
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I have started a sweater and a blanket for the new little arrival. My SIL is due about 3 months after me and I'm going to make a coordinating sweater for her LO when I finish the one I'm making now. They live on the other side of the country so the cousins won't really get to hang out much, but at least we can have some pics of them in matching clothes. 

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Erigeron: I also have a SIL who lives far away and is due 4 months after me.  It’s nice to look forward to having babies that will be so close in age, and to be in similar parenting stages, even though we don’t see them often.  It will be fun when you have finished both sweaters and get pictures of the two little ones!  I haven’t been crafting for baby lately…been crafting quite a bit for my big kids, but will get back to baby crafting after the holidays.  I would like to sew a few more wool pants and sweaters before baby comes.  

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