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Was not aware of this being a possibility!!!

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I just went through this this yesterday morning. Utterly scared and not sure what to do. This mirena has been nothing but misery, pain, roller coaster of illnesses, fevers, chills, lack of sleep and a large amount of weight gain in the 9 months that I've had it in place. So I go in to get it removed and he says "the string is very very short. Almost to short to grab". By this point he grabs the hook thing and omg! Excruciating pains just shoot through my pelvic area. He says "you seem nervous" well yes Mr obvious it bloody hurts what you are doing.

I want it out and gone. Patch please. Well we do the sonogram and he sees the mirena but the strings (though they were barely visible from cervix) were detached. The device had also been bent so rather I wanted it out or not it has to come out. So I'm waiting for surgery Monday or Tuesday.

NEVER EVER was told this was even a slight possible outcome

Mom says I should try mirena again after what isn't been doing to me. My mother and Dr both fear with a patch or pill I will end up pregnant again. I see no reason to worry. My two son's 5 and 1 are both healthy strong and smart boys.

Mirena has sent me to hell. I go in on the 2nd for anesthesia to have it removed

Anyone else having this happening???
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I had a coil 'shift around' in there although not to the extent that you have.  Mine was able to be extracted without surgery but yes it was very painful.  I had it removed to TTC but ended up having lots of miscarriages.  As it happens, I had a partial septate uterus and when my consultant operated to remove the septum he also noted and removed some scar tissue from the coil shifting.  Afterwards I was able to conceive my DS almost instantly.  But I tell you this to make sure you request they 'search and destroy' any scarring whilst they're in there removing your coil anyway.  It's vital if you ever intend to conceive again and even if you don't, left over scar tissue can cause very painful periods.


Incidentally, I had my coil fitted because I also became pregnant whilst taking the pill (religiously - no slip-ups!) but I would never have a coil again after my experience.  There are plenty of other options for contraception out there which your Dr can discuss with you.  I personally am currently breastfeeding which has suppressed my fertility like no pill has ever managed.  Later on when we've finished expanding our family then we will be using natural family planning. 


Can I ask though why your mother and Dr. are pushing for another coil?  Really its not their business - a 3rd child is not excessive if you're healthy and well prepared. 

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Mine went through my uterus and I had to have it surgically removed from my abdomen. Mirenas are bad news.

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Dandy Lion - OMG, thank God you were able to conceive after that.  That's awful but I really believe your story in particular highlights the awful risks associated with coils that no-one talks about when you ask for one to be fitted.

Having said that, some women have no problems and absolutely love their coils but everyone I've ever known who's had one has suffered some problem or other.

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