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Enthusiastic doula in NJ

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Hi Mommies!  I am enthusiastically starting my journey as a doula.  Please check out my website at TheEssentialDoula.com.  I use essential oils in my practice that meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards.  I find the essential oils are a great addition to my services.  Email me at JennForino@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to chat :)

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Congratulations on stepping out as a doula. Good luck with your practice!

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Hi, Welcome to the community of birth workers in NJ.  The NJ Birth Network is a great group of professionals working to improve maternity care in NJ.  There is also a group called Doulas and Desserts that you can find on meetup.com, an Ocean County group, and a few others.  I tried to look up your sire, but it didn't come up. www.TheEssentialDoula.com?



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Congratulations to you! I loved my Doula experience and used one for 2 out of my 3 births! Ra ra Doulas!
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Another doula here, across the border in PA.  There is also a tri-state birth professionals group on Facebook!  :-)

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