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Late, unexplained bleeding?

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I'm 14 weeks and started spotting last week. I over did it with some friends visting and was told to take it easy.

It turned into full blown bleeding last Friday night and I was due to fly to Nova Scotia on Monday so I went in to see the on-call OB. She couldn't find a reason for the bleeding and the heartbeat was strong so she said I should be fine if I go easy.

She said my trip should be fine as well, and the bleeding stopped so I went ahead.

Tuesday, after a busy but not particularly strenuous day, I bled -- A LOT.

I called on my way home on Wednesday and they scheduled me to come in Thursday morning.

Again -- no identifyable cause. Ultrasound showed no hemorrhage, placenta was fine, baby was active.

There were some pockets of blood, but other than that -- nada.

I'm on pelvic rest until I have no bleeding for two weeks and was ordered to take it easy -- for real ths time.

Try couldn't find anything wrong, which is all I'm taking out of this.

Anyone else been through this? I never spotted in my first pregnancy.
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I have, and its been way stressful. I didn't have any spotting the first seven weeks other than implantation bleeding at the very start (mistook that bleeding for a super light period due to new, apparently super ineffective, birth control pills). Then I had some brown spotting that I thought was going to be a miscarriage in my eighth week. It stopped, and returned about a week later. I had an ultrasound that showed everything was normal.


I have had brown spotting off and on, but one morning during my 12th week I woke up to fairly heavy pinkish-red-brown blood. It actually was enough to require I wear a pad. Before it was on TP only. I headed to the hospital but my midwife called while I was on the way, so i went to her office instead and she found the heartbeat with a doppler and made me an appointment with a specialist. Because it was a holiday week they were really full and I had a long wait. Three days before I went to the specialist, I awoke in the middle of the night having to pee. I made it about halfway across my bedroom before I felt warmth running all down my legs and feet. I actually said aloud, "what the fuck?" and turned on the bathroom light to find myself covered in bright red/pink blood. At least a cup of it. I was sure that was it, I didn't want to wake my boyfriend up and tried to clean myself up as best I could. It took me a while to even remember what to do (where I keep the towels, how to operate the shower). I just stood there in shock. Finally cleaned myself up and went to lay on the couch, and try to figure out what to do because I had orientation for a new job that morning and I felt sure this was a miscarriage.


I skipped out on orientation, went back to my midwife, and she found a heartbeat right away. I was amazed, although I should add here I had no cramping and there were no clots (at first, as it slowed down it began to clot) so I wasn't sure what was going on except I had lost a lot of blood.


I was sure I had a subchorionic hemorrhage, but the specialist saw no evidence of it. I am not convinced it wasn't one though, and perhaps it bled out, or he overlooked it because it was the 5th of July, and already way past 5:30 when I was even taken in and he saw me all of two minutes and 41 seconds! Either way, I have no definite explanation for this bleeding, but I pretty much live in terror of it happening again.


Right now I'm 16w3d and haven't had any bleeding for about a week, but I pretty much expect it will return. Honestly, this bleeding has kept me from bonding with this baby because even though everything has been okay so far, there is a part of me going, whats the point? :( It's rough.

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Pamela and RainbowAdvaya, you're both in my thoughts!  I don't have any ideas, but that sounds so stressful and concerning.  hug2.gif

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I had a subchorionic hem. in 06.  I had miscarried in sept at about 11 weeks and never stopped bleeding, just enough for a pad or 2 a day.  I split with my ex  in mid nov and a month later I came home from work and began bleeding horribly.  Like an idiot I sat there through the night changing overnight sized pads every 15 min or so, with clots bigger than softballs.  I was still bleeding profusely the next day and my bf drug me to the hospital.  I thought maybe I had a retained the sept miscarriage and it was just flushing out.  They did a vag us in the emergency room and low and behold I'm 8 weeks pregnant.  Baby seemed just fine even though I was bleeding more than I thought was possible for humans to do and live.  I had Zero idea I was pregnant as I had never ceased bleeding.  They told me it was unlikely that the baby would make it and that it would probably spontaneously abort itself.  3 weeks later I began bleeding severely again.  This time when I went to the er I needed blood transfusions....but the baby was still doing fine.  I continued to bleed horribly and a week later I had an abortion.  I was getting so weak I could barely move, and this was with 5 kids 10 and under to chase about.

It was a horrible experience which was made worse by the botched job they did, first, they sent me home with the wrong meds, instead of an anti-hemorrhagic they sent me home with the morning after pill...luckily my bf who was in her right mind, unlike me, read the package before I took it and went and exchanged it, but it very well could have killed me.  A week later I began hemorrhaging again and returned to the clinic, they did see me right away but while I'm all nitroused up I could hear the dr talking to himself and saying stuff like, I really don't need this today...why are you bleeding so much...basically muttering, forgetting that I could hear him.  I think I had my first and only panic attack at that time.  I thought the nitrous was killing me and ripped off the mask and sat up all crazylike.  The nurse held me down so he could finish.  It was traumatizing in every way.

I ran into him at a restaurant I worked at like 6 months later.  I told him I know him, and he said "I'm not a very good person to know"  at least he was honest.  I told him about the nurse staff giving me the wrong meds and that I feel like he almost killed me.  He seemed empathetic and when he paid his bill tipped me $50, lol as if that could make me feel better ?!?


Anyways, not putting this up to scare you, I've heard of many many many women who had bleeding with their babies being absolutely fine.  Mine may even have made it, baby seemed to be tolerating the bleed well, but my mentality at that time said it was the baby or me.  Not fair to leave my kids motherless.   I've struggled with this for a long time and wasn't even sure if I could conceive again after.  This one was surprising to us both but I found I couldn't relax nearly as much with this one as with my previous.  We didn't tell anyone until about 2 weeks ago, around 12 weeks.

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nolamama123, that is a very sad story :( I'm sorry you experienced that. From what I know of subchorionic hemorrhage, both from my midwifery texts (previous midwifery student here) and from online support groups, your experience was extreme. My midwife has a client who bled cups of blood her entire pregnancy and had a perfectly fine baby. With subchorionic hemorrhages, all bets are off concerning miscarriage. It's remarkable how much we can bleed and the baby be perfectly fine.

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It certainly seemed like a very extreme situation to me. By far the most physically extreme thing I've ever gone through. I asked them at the ER how much blood I could lose and stay alive, his response was, "You'd be surprised".  With that kind of flip attitude and lack of responsible answer it's no small wonder that I have so little faith in the medical system.  


But the power of the human body is Amazing.

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After bleeding for another week I finally got an answer this morning. 


Mine's just a low lying placenta, which the doctor expects to resolve on its own. 



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Great news, Pamela!!!!!
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