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Please recommend a vacuum for me

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Hello ladies,


I thought this might be a good place to ask for vacuum recommendations, because mothers of large families would get a lot of use out of their vacuums. I've always used Oreck because that's what my mother had when I was growing up and that's what she bought for me after I got married. But now that my Oreck canister vacuum is in pieces and we're thinking buying a new vacuum might be better than trying to fix it by buying new parts, I'm willing to try a different brand. My husband and I are hoping to spend less than $100 (that's an understatement) and hoping to buy online.



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The Hoover Wind Tunnel is pretty good and has some good reviews on Amazon - 2168 reviews total. 

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We love our Shark Navigator. I believe it was $130 at Costco (including the instant rebate), but it's well worth it.
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I have had two Hoovers and did not like them at all.  I seem to be hard on vacuums, although our house currently has very few rugs.  My hubby is not a fix-it kind of guy, so I ended up taking them to a vacuum store for repairs that often cost almost as much as a new vacuum.  I would not recommend a Hoover.

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I'm sure I'm way over in left field on this one but we use a Shop-Vac for our 1 story home. Lots of floor space and lots of crud that's too big for a normal vacuum to pick up. Napkins, toy stuffing, broken pencils/crayons, left overs......Sheepish.gif


They're inexpensive, easy to roll around but it's all behind you instead of in your pushing arm, they've also got HUGE capacity's if you don't want to change the tank for a month.. I've found the shop-vac to be infinitely easier to maneuver under tables and in tight spots you can take off the nozzle and just have an open wand.


Plus if you ever get a big spill your covered on that end too.thumb.gif



Online link for ya if you're anywhere close to my  left field....lol.gif

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Dysons are worth it, imo.  Costco has them for cheaper, but they're still over $250 probably.  We bought one with crossed fingers and it's been awesome.  Every other one I've owned has really just not worked, especially on hardwood.

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Thank you mataji4, but my husband said $100 is the limit.


Thank you, BumkinsMum! That's in our price range.

(Never mind, he says he "wouldn't spend any money at Home Depot".)

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I got a hoover windtunnel that was around 100 bucks (89? I think?) and really like it a lot. does the job. :)

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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post

The Hoover Wind Tunnel is pretty good and has some good reviews on Amazon - 2168 reviews total. 

I guess I should read! this is what we got... and I compared it to the more expensive ones... it is super powerful, and works really well. I've had it for 3 months and still works really well. I got the protection plan just in case it totally breaks or something, but it is pretty solid.

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I love my Kirby. It sucks up everything & has a million attachements for the most random jobs; though we've only ever used the carpet shampooer,  That's if you buy it brand new, which we did when we had disposable income & 1 child. The Kirby w/out attachements is worth it in my opinion, you can get them in your price range on used on craigslist, find a jewel at a yardsale or get a rebuild. Even one that's 25 years old is a very heavy duty cleaner. They're made in America, made of metal in this day & age & don't die. I've found several used for around $100.00 since I've spent the full price ($1600ishbawling.gif)

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I second the Kirby suggestion. Yes, they are expensive, yes they work fabulously. I had someone's cast away Kirby for years. When it finally broke, my dear MIL bought me a new one. LOVE it.
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Bumpkins, I'm close to your field. We use a mini shop vac after supper in the dining room & the wood stove every morning in the winter. Husband got it after the siphoning out trick only mostly worked on the birthtub after our second baby. It's $80.00 w/out the battery.

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Thank you everyone for your advice. My in-laws lent us their old (30 years, a little older than me) stand up push vacuum since they have a central vacuum in their house. When they need it back, or we move and it's time for us to buy one of our own, I will come back to read more about the vacuums you recommended.

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I have a shark and I LOVE it!!  I can vaccuum the carpet and the kitchen!  I also can see all that I suck up so I can save the army guys!  I have also clogged it numerous times but it's so easy to unclog!  I thought I broke it, but I just needed to clean a part which took about 5 min.  I have had this about 4 years, 3 moves and 4 children!  I will never buy another brand!

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