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Weekly chat thread July 27th-August 3rd

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I have a week left until my Dad gets here and can help me hold down the fort. I am counting the days.


We are having a cool wave here in Chicago. I wore yoga pants to the zoo today, which was wonderful as they are the only bottoms left that really fit comfortably. It was a good trip energy wise, kids wise, everything really. Spohie the Giraffe (great toy) has convinced Bee that all giraffes say "Squeek".

Except that Iggy was super quiet and I spent the first half poking her trying to get some good wiggles. I got a few, but she is still being pretty quiet.


I realized last night in bed that labour is not off in the distant future, but soon, perhaps quite soon. Not looking forward to the painful part so much. And now that everything is ready, organized, and labeled, that is getting harder to forget about. On the other hand, not being pregnant sounds really nice. I should really get the kids bags packed.

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So much action around here! Really reminded me that the end of this pregnancy is right around the corner.
37+1 for me today, having intermittent contractions all week. Had my MW appt today, as I predicted she was not into doing an internal because just so unreliable as a predictor. Great news is I tested GBS negative. Never thought I'd be so excited about lab work! So thrilled that I won't need an IV or antibiotics.
Most of the to do list done, just need to order some last minute small items. Feeling really ready to go.
Anyone else working up to due date? What's your plan if labor starts at work?
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I finished most of my list yesterday - got the kid's bag packed (it's not much of a bag - just some clothes/diapers for the little man, DD2's EpiPen, and a short instruction sheet - my labors are fast and DH will go back and get the kids ASAP after baby is born.  If it's overnight, they will be staying here and the sitter will come stay with them).


Alls I have left is tagging for the consignment sale (which I just heard may not be happening after all), some sewing projects, cleaning house, putting stuff in the car just in case, and just a few little things that don't really matter....


Had another series of contractions tonight when a storm rolled through.  We are due for storms tonight and tomorrow too.  Watching my body the next day or two and may call my mom to come early if things truly seem to be ramping up (and not just from the storms).


I am now REALLY anxiously awaiting my GBS results - hoping they'll be in on Monday...


Oh, 36w today, so of course I'd like baby girl to hold off another week at least anyway....

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Sorry to vent, but here goes...


When Pregnancy Strikes…

Pregnancy hormones + really bad sleep last night + found out this week my father has cancer (we're not close, but still…) + husband has been working/traveling heaps lately + running out of "to do" items and facing just the realities of birth and baby + being totally over this GD diet (following it voluntarily and haven't gained weight in 14 weeks) and wanting some effing (sorry!) sweets + the only physical signs of advancing pregnancy being a growing belly (I realise I'm lucky, but there was so much more uncomfortable build-up with my first two that helped it all seem more real) = having a rough day. 
This baby is coming, and I'm so excited about it, but I need a minute to just process and wrap my head around this baby. I've been so busy with baby "to do" lists and birthday planning (my son, myself, my daughter, and my husband all this month) and committee work for my son's pre-school and government paperwork and warranty claims and information nights for the public schools my son may attend next year, and… I just need a break. A day to myself. A day to spend sitting on my birth ball and getting this baby to drop (it's still floating really high, hence the lack of discomfort). A day when somebody looks after me rather than me looking after everybody else. A day to realise that I can and will birth this baby, and I can and will get through those difficult first several weeks.
I'm just overwhelmed and not yet in the right head space for baby. The milestones keep ticking by, and they're just not feeling real. Anybody else have their mind not quite in the right place yet? Anybody else feeling exhausted just by the everyday realities of life? Anybody else ready in some ways and totally not ready in others? Anybody else feel like they just need a little extra looking after these days?
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[Can't edit original post.]

Or maybe it's that I'm too ready and just haven't had the opportunity to enjoy getting there. :/ This is our last and I wanted to savor it all, and instead I feel like I've been strapped to a freight train (admittedly a freight train driven by me).
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Big hugs EA77. Pregnancy is so hard. Is there anyway you CAN get away for a couple hours to yourself?
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EA77 - I totally understand. I am exhausted by everyday stuff and I don't have nearly as much to do as you listed. Still, the thought of cleaning up yet another mess makes me want to cry! On the one hand I know babe could be here quite soon but on the other hand I just haven't wrapped my head around the reality of having 3 littles to take care of instead of just two. Especially when at this point I feel completely incompetent taking care of the two I already have! I am sorry about your father, I certainly hope it's treatable. I think you should just DEMAND a day off to yourself. Learn to say NO. You need some time to yourself and you should take it. Call friends or family, bug DH if you have to to take the kids and just breathe.


Jillygayle - I worked with my first two and both bosses (male) were TERRIFIED of me going into labor at work and sent me to work from home before that could happen, lol.


Me- really uncomfortable these days. I am pretty sure baby has dropped which has helped with the sciatic pain  a little but the pressure and my hips just ache so much, especially by the evening. I have been having more frequent and stronger BHs too. I was also up most of the night with DD1 who had an earache. Not sure if it is an ear infection as she felt better today but definitely need to keep an eye on it. Neither of my DDs have slept well lately and I am sooo tired on top of the normal really big and pregnant fatigue. For some reason (maybe being so tired?) I was not hungry at all today. I had to force myself to eat, especially dinner. No appetite at all which is very unusual for me.The one exception today was that I discovered Milky Way bites that come in a resealable package and no wrappers...DANGEROUS for this pregnant lady, I have been popping those things like popcorn lately.bag.gif

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My little office is all male except for me, they are all terrified too. Lol... We were joking about my water breaking all over the test chair I have at my desk, I'm trying a new model out so it isn't even mine, which made us laugh. (Probably only funny to someone that works in a cube farm...)

I don't really have a plan, I guess I have to drive myself home while DH gets DS from day care. That's really the only option I have. Really hoping labor starts at home like it did last time...or that I least get some clear signs that things are getting serious. Last time my water broke without any warning whatsoever...
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EA, I hope you can spare some time for yourself soon, that is a lot to have on your plate!
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hug.gif EA77. I hope you can take se time for yourself. Any chance of getting DH to take the kids for a day by yourself or getting a sitter? I hope you can find some peace. Pregnancy is as much about mental stamina as physical.

Re: Sophie the Giraffe- I got ours out last week and thought it was just a different color than the ones they make currently. Umm, no it was just filthy! And I am a total clean freak! I scrubbed Sophie with a scouring pad and soap and warm water for about a half hour before releasing her back to the toy wild. Happy to report she is a normal giraffe color again. smile.gif

When my water broke yesterday, I was totally stunned. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact I was a 42 week gestator and all the signs I was having were cruel
Tricks of the universe. With DS, I was so much post-dates and dehydrated because of castor oil eyesroll.gif and he was so large that when my water broke, I felt the pop, but no fluid came out until delivery. Yesterday I was napping andI just felt a whoosh of warmth and then stood up and instantly soaked my underwear. I changed them, got a towel, and walking down the back door stairs to the car, I soaked that pair of underwear and my dress. It just kept whooshing out! Same once I got to the hospital. I can see why people get nervous about it breaking in public- it was a lot! It is funny how nervous water breakage makes men though. My husband, not having seen this with our DS either, immediately got panicky. His solution: "Do you want me to run and get you a Starbucks?" Umm, no? Ha. As we say in the South, bless his little heart!
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HAHA crafty, your husband's reaction just caused a laugh that almost broke MY water! 

I love how we all await our birth stories, then we have them, and how infrequently they resemble our imaginings.

So happy for you that you can tell yours...and at term, not postdates! Hooray!

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Priceless reaction from your DH, Crafty!


Trying desperately to get things done around here, but I can't seem to keep track of all my little lists of tasks. sigh. I did manage to remember some little last minute baby purchases though, so I wasn't blundering around the store trying to figure it out.

Mentioned to DH yesterday that I couldn't believe it was already 36w, and asked when he thought I'd go into labor. I'm kind of hoping around 38w. He said he thought 40, but would be happy to donate some prostaglandins to my cause! rolleyes.gif

I think walking around a bit more will do the trick, though.

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Thanks for the support, guys. I know we've all got our lists of things to do and other things going on in life that are difficult to manage along with the physical and emotional strains of pregnancy. I just needed to slow down a bit and take a breath. I screamed like a crazy woman (so hard I even wet my pants a little - yowza!) at my husband when he got home and "supervised" the kids tidying up the playroom by piling up all the toys in a heap. I fled the room and tucked myself into bed. DH sent the kids in to ask what they could all do to be helpful (I'd earlier asked DH if he could offer to take just one job off me a day to lighten my load), which was lovely. I think DH finally understands that the solution to me being stressed is not to tell me not to do things on my list, but to help me do them. smile.gif So I calmed down and am feeling much more sane today. I even did a craft project with the kids this morning, which I haven't done in a few months. :/ Thanks again, y'all. I hope you're all getting the support and breaks that you need as well.
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I'm new here, so not sure if this is really the place to post about this... but I just got my GBS results and I'm positive greensad.gif I was negative with my first so I was really not even thinking I would be positive (I know your status can change over time, but still, I just assumed). Anyway, now I am bummed and a little stressed about the whole antibiotic thing... ugh. And I know not everyone does the antibiotic route, but I think I probably will.... sigh.


Thanks for the space to vent! DH is not being terribly supportive, and as usual has the attitude of "no point in worrying about something you can't do anything about".

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Sorry to hear that, emcol. hug.gif Your DH doesn't realize that for a pregnant lady, it's one more thing to worry about and sweat over when you're preparing for labor and it's already kind of a worry and sweat-fest. I am sorry you had this disappointing news; I think we can all sympathize with that. greensad.gif

EA77, glad you're getting into a food place. It frustrates me endlessly when DH suggests that I just not do items on my task list I'm stressing over when he could easily help me check them off. Hope things continue to look up for you!
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Thanks, Crafty. That's exactly it. Men! wink1.gif And how do you still have time for us when you've got a newborn?! wink1.gif

Emcol - Many women are positive at some point in pregnancy, but that doesn't mean they'll be positive at the time of birth, which is why some carers (like mine) don't do the test at all; they just look for signs of it at labor and treat it then. There is the issue of needing to get the antibiotics into your system enough hours in advance of the birth, though, so it's a bit of a risk, especially if you labor quickly or go into hospital late. But I do believe there are ways you can treat GBS naturally at home in advance of the birth to change your status. You'd have to google that one.
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My husband too. It finally clicked (my yelling it at him may have helped) that we are having a home birth at some point in the next two weeks (or a little later) and I am 38 weeks pregnant. So while taking the kids out is nice, what I really need is someone else to bend over and pick the fracking stuff up off the floor.


Of course, what did we do this weekend, in the nice cool weather. The zoo, he took the kids to the park, we went out to dinner and a long grocery shop. And a little picking up and carrying things upstairs.


I have been so good at the to do list and now with the last few things, I just don't want to. I have done the fun stuff and just can't get motivated to get the last few done. Even though they are all small jobs (except the freezer cooking, which frankly, my Mum can do when she gets here).

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Originally Posted by LeighPF View Post

 So while taking the kids out is nice, what I really need is someone else to bend over and pick the fracking stuff up off the floor.


OMG, THIS!!! My DH also tells me all the time to just "let it go". But you can't just leave spilled chocolate milk all over the floor, the clothes do need washed occasionally and it would be nice to not give birth in a filthy house!


Crafty - CONGRATS! I can't believe how many babies we have already. DH's comment is priceless, funny how clueless they become in those situations.


Skycheat- Congrats to you too! Callista is gorgeous.


emcol - have you heard of the Hibiclens treatment for GBS? I have heard it is quite effective and may help you avoid antibiotics.


mamapigeon - lol about DH. My DH is also a willing volunteer to that cause as well.lol.gif I just feel so huge, achy and awkward the very thought of DTD is comical to me right now.


We had a nice day here. It was only 85 today which is so much more pleasant than it usually is down south this time of year. I managed to take the girls to a playground and do a very short walk around the nature trail where they saw 3 kinds of butterflies, some mushrooms they haven't seen before and pretty blue dragonflies. I definitely needed a nap afterwards but I was so glad I was up to getting them outside and doing something fun. Baby is still feeling pretty low and at times the pressure is a bit intense but I guess that's a good thing at this point right?


They head to their Granna's on Tuesday and I hate to say it but I am so thankful. The house is a wreck and I feel like I can't possibly keep up. I really need to find a way to teach them to clean up more after themselves. There are craft supplies, books, and toys strewn about daily, food left out, crumbs and spills all the time. Between that, the dog and cat and getting their snacks and meals I am just DONE and exhausted. I was about to finally get to the kitchen tonight and DD2 ended up gagging during a coughing fit and barfing all over my bedroom floor which made me just start crying. Even though we otherwise had a good day I was just so fed up with the mess at that point. I know other moms whose homes seem immaculate compared to mine all the time and I have no earthly idea how that is possible!

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Weird/scary thing happened to me tonight- it was after we put DD down for the night, and I was sitting in the living room with my sister in law and DH. I got extremely dizzy and nauseous and had to lie down on the floor for a while. When I sat up they both said I looked really pale. I texted my doula to see what she thought, and she offered to come by and take my blood pressure. 118/82, pretty normal, so we chalked it up to dehydration and perhaps working too hard today getting things done around the house. I had some coconut water and regular water and now the dizziness is gone, just still nauseous. Now I'm really hoping I don't go into labor tonight. I don't want to feel this crappy while laboring also! Has anyone experienced this in late pregnancy? It was so odd because of how quickly it came on. I'm totally exhausted now as a result.
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No idea, Coffee, but I'm glad you got it checked out. At the least, I'd take it as a sign that your body needs you to slow down and get more rest in advance of the birth. And keep eating small, healthy meals/snacks regularly and keep up with water.
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