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When do we start developing some sort of schedule? Iris is all over the place. I know nighttime stuff is partially me needing to figure out when to snuggle her and when to feed her, but man I'm confused.
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My pediatrician said that around 1month I should start cluster feeding around 6, 8, 10 pm then do a bedtime routine to start training her that nighttime is for sleeping longer. Although the stretches at night won't be too long yet as she's still small (not yet 8 lbs and almost 1 month old) but will get longer as her stomach gets bigger.
I'm curious if anyone had a bedtime routine yet and what it consists of? Songs, etc?
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I don't have a routine but want to suggest Pandora for their lullaby station. We have it on an iPod that is awesome. My husband tucks it in the Moby and walks around the house with it! He also uses a white noise app he got from the App Store. Rain and river noises calm Lila.
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For bed time we go into the bedroom, get clean diaper, pj's on, turn lights off. Seems silly but he seems to know it means bedtime. I posted last night that he slept 7.5 hours the night before then last night he slept 3 then 2.5 and off on all day and we're getting up for school now too. So I'm basically running on fumes greensad.gif
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Same thing here tenk. Last night was terrible. I slept for maybe 10 min
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Ruby sucks at sleep. She seems like she's in pain and spends all night grunting. greensad.gif. She sleeps during the day if she's upright in the wrap or sling only.
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Elliott did the grunting thing all night last night. It was so hard not to jump at every noise he made. 

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I honestly don't remember last night. It was a blur of fussing, nursing, diapers, and more fussing. I do remember looking at the clock and it being 7am, a reasonable time to stop pretending it's night time/sleep time and get up. Tonight seems to be heading in the same direction, with an emotionally needy husband thrown in for effect. Could it be the full moon?
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I was starting to feel good about the waking every 3 hours nighttime rhythm we were getting into, then Clover spent all night grunting and wiggling and fussing and pooping last night, too. She usually sleeps next to me on her side (she started rolling onto her side at 3 days, so I'll go with it), but last night she just seemed to want to be held. But of course not in any position that I could actually get to sleep in. Plus she started shrieking when she'd be eating and then pop off the nipple. She would be the one to pop off but then she would freak out when it wasn't still in her mouth. And so much poop. Epic poop. 

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It's just a mess. All this nighttime business. Mess.
My guy was up for two hours again last night- im right there with you with the grunting and nursing/not nursing/sleeping on chest from 2:30-5:30 and there was a raccoon in the chicken house again and then DH had to go into work early so my darling older children's sweet faces were surrounding me at 6:45 wanting breakfast.

I should clarify who is a mess. It's me. And today a photographer is coming to take pictures of me and the baby. (I'm looking good right about now, I tell you.)

Does anyone else dread the nighttime? It feels like 8 o'clock rolls around and my stomach sinks because the night is so long and hard.
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So glad I'm not the only one with bad nights. Last night, we were fussy but ok until 9 when she projected her entire meal through her mouth and nose all over me, herself, and the sofa. All bets were off after that. She fussed her way from 12-2 (which we spent in the rocking chair$ and again from 430-6. Couldn't even get her to latch on one side--she just fussed. My husband took her from 6-7 so
I could get some sleep. And now, we've been up since 7:15. She ate about 8 minutes then (and spit half up in chunky junk) and 5 now (at 9). I have no idea what's going on.
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Yes! I dread night time. For me it sets in after dinner, as my husband suggests we watch an episode of Dexter from Nexflix, as we did before Lila was here. For him, this time is the same: dinner, watch a show, go to bed. For me, it's a totally new reality: half-watch the show because I'm also watching the clock tick by as I think how soon I will be awake with a baby that seems like she wants to nurse but pops off over and over, then roots and tries sucking on other parts of my breast that are not designed to be sucked on. 


(Does anyone else's baby do this? Lila has started using her legs, which are long enough now when I'm nursing to touch the side of the couch, chair, bed, to push herself forward, propelling her mouth inches from my nipple, then getting frustrated that there is no nipple in her mouth. While it's a little annoying, it's also totally adorable, because as she pushes forward with her legs, she grunts a giant grunt, like she's jumping her hardest.)


I'm TRYING to find the joy in these challenging moments because Lila is our planned only child, and I will never have these moments again. I saw a cute thing on Pinterest the other day that made me cry. (Edit: I cried again while typing it out just now.) Why don't you read it too and see if you cry like me:




"One Day"


One day you will wean from my milk

I will not force you,  I will let you naturally

Decide when you no longer need it.


One day you will no longer need my embrace

To drift off to sleep

But until then, I lay beside you

Because these moments don't keep.


One day you won't strive 

For my attention as much

So for today, my eyes are

On you.


One day you won't want me to carry you

But for today, I will carry you

Because that is what I know is right.


One day you will leave my side and go out on your own

But until then I will stay by you.


One day I will grow old and my memory will fade

And on that day, my beautiful child, please show me this picture

If I ever forget

You are worth every pinch, every stretch mark, every scar

Every single moment that I have dedicated to you

One day.


(I did not write this, it is credited to Amanda N.)

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Ok, so for the past week or so Mason has been doing this popping on and off thing. just like what you guys are describing screaming bloody murder because there is no nipple, but then popping right back off as soon as the nipples back in his mouth. but he has been doing it all day long. we went to the doctor today and he has an ear infection. she said it hurts him to lay flat and suck and that is why he's screaming when he's eating. now we have to figure out how to nurse sitting up. this can also be why does not want to be held any other positions than over the shoulder, and why he doesn't want to be put down (laying flat).
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We had a major improvement in our sleep so I thought I'd pass along a little hope! Eleanor is 7.5 weeks now, and at 6 weeks her midwife suggested we start doing what they call a 'dream feed.' You can google it, but basically it's a feed that she sleeps through. What we do is that I go to bed early--like 8 pm!--in another room, and my partner puts her down. Then he wakes up after a couple hours (or stays up) and gives her a bottle that (I pump earlier) while she sleeps. She usually barely stirs, drinks it up, and proceeds to sleep another three or four hours. So I've gotten 6 hours of sleep by then, and he's gotten a few, then we switch, and I take the shift from 2 am on and he sleeps a good long stretch before he goes to work. I guess you'd need to have a partner on board and be able to do a bottle, but it has SAVED us. We were so tired from being up every 2-3 hours and now we easily get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a piece at night. I sure miss snuggling with him, but right now the ability for us both to get through our days and not drop from exhaustion is important. I have read that you can do a dream feed by breast as well, which is nice in that you don't have to get them up, burped, changed, and back to sleep. Saves so much time!


And I will say too that E is starting to sleep longer stretches. Sometimes 4 hours, even 6 hours, occasionally, at night. She really since 6 weeks has 'gotten' the whole nighttime concept, especially with our new bedtime routine (bath, swaddle, song, rock, put in bed). She also goes back to sleep much quicker at night. This whole deal has been paired with the idea that the more she sleeps during the day the better she will sleep at night, another thing our midwife said. SO TRUE. So I have been trying to teach her to sleep longer stretches (she loves to catnap) by wearing her through long naps. My mom is here right now and she will push E around or wear her through the longer naps too. And if she sleeps well during the day she does great at night. 


A few weeks ago she was up every 2 hours all night long. I read all your comments and that was JUST where we were a couple weeks ago... So this is a HUGE improvement. I wasn't sure how we were going to keep functioning but it has gotten so much better! I know sleep is a changing thing and I am sure it won't always be like this, but I feel so much more confident in our ability to help her learn to sleep longer now. 

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Thanks for sharing, midsummer. Our babe is also I think picking up on night vs day, which is awesome.

What you said about more sleep in the day = better sleep at night caught my attention though. It seems counterintuitive, unless a baby is just wildly overtired.
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It's totally counterintuitive. I was getting all this advice to 'keep the baby up during the day' to tire her out, but my midwife disagreed, and for us it really makes a big difference. It's as if she gets too tired to sleep well or something. But getting her to have good sleep in the day makes for such a better night, at least for us. Weird, right? 

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The better they sleep during the day, the better they sleep at night=totally true! Even my toddlers sleep better at night if they have a good nap and an early bedtime!

I've ne'er understood why people say to try and keep babies awake during the day.
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The better they sleep during the day, the better they sleep at night=totally true! Even my toddlers sleep better at night if they have a good nap and an early bedtime!

I've ne'er understood why people say to try and keep babies awake during the day.

Absolutely 100% true - even for me. I get to a place where I'm exhausted but too wired to sleep. Not getting enough rest is a form of stress and we fall asleep best when we're relaxed. When my 2.5 year old is rested, she drifts off to sleep. When she misses her nap (sadly napping only happens in the car now :-/ ) she fights and cries and tantrums despite my best efforts to soothe her and she passes out. The only time I'd consider keeping a child up during the day in hopes of better sleep is that awkward time when they're dropping naps and even that has often backfired for me. Babies? No way!
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I agree!! Better day sleep = better night sleep
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Y'all are giving me hope for tonight. My little booger has been sleeping ALL day.
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