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I am finally inspired to share a smiley picture of my sweet baby, but i cant figure out how. It feels so good to be joyful together smile.gif


there should be a button with a little mountain on it, just click it and it will  let you add a picture

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I found the cute little mountain&sun. But it says imbed an image, & something about url. I only have photos in my gallery on my phone.thats the only way i know how to go to "share page". Oh well its ok, I'll probably push wrong button &end up with a naked picture or something.
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Do the embedded image. That's how toy get it from your phone. The url I'd if you wanted to share a picture from a different website.
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It says some.images fail.to.upload, my phone fails most things, oh well.
I.am.thinking of keeping.smiles in the front of my.mind lately, especially with.this 4am.bedtime i have going on..i.just cant keep.up.unless.i have more time. Baby just wants me in bed &i.finish.up eating&little things, need to.tweek my routine, i was never an organized person.
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Update for anyone who remembers my saga of supplementing and breastfeeding hardships: after 2 infections on my c section insicion, supplementing almost completely with SNS, my body is finally starting to heal and my milk supply is increasing..8 weeks later!! After much stubborn perseverance on my part, my son is now taking in much less formula. He is only on breast at night, and I'm starting to cutout SNS in the day. I am extremely proud of us and amazed that after 8 long weeks my body has finally started to heal enough to up my milk. It's all I've been doing for the last 8 weeks. Anyways, I feel like I want to tell any mama's out there with low milk supply, after birth trauma, to persevere as there is hope to develop a strong breastfeeding relationship. I stubbornly refused bottles unless I had to, stuck to the SNS, domperidone, fenugreek, the whole shabang. So it worked...just took a super long while..and still going. Hopefully I will be able to exclusively breastfeeding eventually.
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That's wonderful, Actiasluna!! I'm so happy for you and baby. You're an incredibly strong mama! Amazing joy.gif
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I'm so happy for you!!! I'm another one struggling with little to no milk and all the crap that goes with it so you give me hope. I'm at 7 weeks today, and just got babe (mostly) off the nipple shield the last few days, and am hoping that now with direct breast stimulation production may happen? Until the LC tells me it's not gonna happen I'm going to keep plugging away. Today has actually been pretty hard in this regard so your post came at a great time. Congratulations on your success and I admire your perseverance.
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Harmonious, I just saw an earlier post of yours about still not having enough milk...keep at it!! Some days are really really hard, i totally know!! My sons birth was really traumatic and I cried ALOT after. With having little milk and supplementing, it was hard not to lose hope. Many days wanting to throw the damn SNS across the room when he would get his little hands tangled in it and being angry with myself that I couldn't just breastfeed. But little by little my milk has increased. I also consulted the la leche league 3hrs away from where i live and am reading a book by them called The womanly art of breastfeeding, as well, which has great stuff.
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Harmonious, do you know for sure that you have no milk or are you just low milk? Because according to la leche and some of the L. consultants I saw, not leaking, not feeling a let down and not being able to get milk into a pump are all NOT indications that there is no milk. im just saying that because all those three was my problem. eight weeks later, i feel let down and i wont use the pump because it just makes me feel hopeless because i cant get a drop into it. You mentioned earlier about colostrum, which you did have? Also, did you say that it was inverted nipples that was your situation?
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