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More Waldorf Homeschool Questions

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I am going to be homeschooling my two 4 years olds and almost 7 year old for the first time. I know that I want to use a waldorf approach. I am wondering about placement for my first grader. She was in conventional private school last year. I can tell she is not integrated into body fully as she is sensory seeking. She is also diagnosed as anorexic based on the fact that she doesn't eat "enough" to gain enough weight. I also believe this is sensory and will be having her evaluated for spd. My question is if I should repeat kindergarten using waldorf education to establish a new kind of rhythm/learning or if she would be better to continue to first grade curriculum which introduce more "academic" activities. She loves school and likes to write numbers etc. Last question is if I should invest in a curriculum OR spend my money on story/song books and supplies (ie recorder)? I have about $600 TOTAL for everything. We already have natural bark blocks, some felted gnomes and roving, and playsilks. I also have 7 times the sun, tales of tiptoes lightly, you are your child's first teacher, and a waldorf crafting book...can't remember the name.

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If she is almost 7 she should be in grade 1. You can do lots of outdoor time, bread making, crafting, etc to continue to help her organize herself. Grade one begins recorders / flute so you could get that and I think with your budget you could do both curriculum and supplies. You can buy used curriculums online to help your budget stretch.
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Thanks I appreciate the feedback.  I am looking into used curriculu and if I can't find one i will probably order through Waldorf Essentials. I am trying to put together a Mercurius co-op so that I can get a discount on a pentatonic flute.

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Are you on the yahoo curriculum supplies group? I would be Interrested in a coop if one is offered.
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I would buy little seasonal packets (with stories, crafts and songs) and sort of make your own curriculum, giving her time to adjust to not being in more conventional schooling and transitioning (gently) to Waldorf. Spend your money on fabulous craft supplies, some great picture books (or stories to play like Sparkle Stories) and look on Pinterest for ideas and do a DIY rhythm for the first year. 

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She should be in first grade, and it will still be very gentle.  There will still be a lot of things you can do with movement to help her come into her body.  Waldorf first grade is very active!  I don't think you need to spend much money on a first grade curriculum.  I would put more of it toward supplies.  Here is a link to some Waldorf teacher training manuals from East Africa that have lots of movement oriented things to help with first grade academics:  http://www.entwicklungshilfe3.de/?id=786 .  I got lots of great ideas there to supplement my dd's first grade this past year.

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