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So fun to hear about everyone's experiences! My baby girl has been moving around a lot for a few weeks now. It's definitely a weird feeling (I can't imagine 2, lilacvioletiris!)  The tough thing for me has been to try to stay calm when I don't feel her moving. She's healthy and fine, but when she's been quiet for a little bit, I can quickly get paranoid.


I'm planning to give birth at a birth center that's about 45 minutes away from home. I've been seeing the midwives there for prenatal care and I really feel good about it. It's directly across the street from a hospital, so if there are any problems, we'll just head over there. I haven't bothered to tour the hospital, but I feel like that might be a good idea, just to be prepared. 


Have any of you started taking birthing classes yet? We started last week and it's a 6 week class. So far it's been good. There's so much I didn't know!

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DH and I start our birth class Sept. 26. I am sure I will learn a lot and hopefully my DH can get some non-traumatic associations with birth. He was subjected to a birth video in 2nd grade that has him scared.
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How are all of you first-timers doing, now that things are getting closer??


My baby has definitely dropped and I've been increasingly uncomfortable. Hard to believe I still have a few weeks to go! I'm feeling like things are going to happen early, but my midwife is not convinced. As a first-timer, I really have no idea what to expect, so I guess I should be listening to the pros!


We did complete the classes and we've hired a doula who will come to the house during early labor and help us decide when to head over to the birth center. I'm feeling much more confident with her support. It'll be great to have someone around who's been through this many times before.

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Nothing happening here yet. We too finished our natural childbirth class and we had our second prenatal meeting with our doula. Our doula will come to our house in early labor too which is good too.  Having someone that has been there will help.  I am pretty confident that I can have a natural vaginal deliver of twins. The boys are head down so that is good.

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Yes! I'm due tomorrow with my first and am so excited but not really nervous about him being here. :joy

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Yeah, I am excited too. Yesterday I was having contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart, went to a prenatal appointment where my blood pressure was "something over 98", and I was sent to L & D triage where I had to sit for several hours to have my blood pressure monitored along with babies heartbeats and my contractions.  Everything stalled out because I could only sit.  I am definitely not going back to the hospital until like the nurse told me, "Your contractions are 5 minutes apart and you can't talk through them" because I want a natural vaginal delivery of twins and not a medically managed medication birth.

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Welcome Mskayco! I think we're all in the same boat--excited, nervous, etc.


  • lilacvioletiris, that's exciting stuff! I know that twins often come early and it's great that your little ones are still hanging in! I'll keep my fingers crossed for an easy, natural birth for you. 

No news here, though I feel so ready to have this baby! On Friday night and yesterday morning, I was having some mild cramping and increased discomfort. I thought for sure something was going to happen. I started panic-nesting, trying to finish every last-minute thing and tie up all loose ends. Went for a long walk to try to keep moving. But, by the afternoon, I had nothing going on. Nothing last night, nothing today. She's still moving around in there, so I know things are fine, but just not ready to take action yet, I guess!


Some more experienced moms have told me, if you're not sure if it's labor, then it's not labor.  I guess I'll know when I know!


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Yeah, yesterday the pool noodles arrived so I could finish side carring the crib to the bed. Woke up t5 some powerful belly clenching contractions. But I sat on my birth ball and they subsided. slept for 2 hours and then another huge belly clencher hit me and woke me up. I am going to get up to eat some breakfast and see if they dissipate again or get organized and regular.
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