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I want to buy stuff already!

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Stop me from buying diapers! Need that money to move....need that money to move....need that money to move...
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Put 5.00 in your savings account every time you stop yourself from buying diapers! Make a game out of it somehow. I used to follow a coupon blog where the lady put money in the family's Disney trip account whenever she didn't spend her full grocery budget or eating out budget or whatever. That way you are rewarding yourself for resisting temptation. Otherwise the temptation is much more satisfying, so it's going to win eventually!

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I hear ya. I jist bought a little newborn sized Marvel fitted. Sooo bad!
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Originally Posted by Selissa View Post

I hear ya. I jist bought a little newborn sized Marvel fitted. Sooo bad!

A Marvel? smile.gif please explain?
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Oh and... If you are very desperate to get something for baby... Do what I did.. I got a coupon code WTE for free nursing pillows from NursingPillows.com, and a nursing cover from Uddercovers.com anddddd there are free breast pads at this site too, and last but not least a free sling from Sevenslings.com. They are sister sites I believe, so the code is the same for all! Shipping is around 12 each, but soooooo worth it!
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It's Avengers/X-men ie Marvel
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Originally Posted by Selissa View Post

It's Avengers/X-men ie Marvel
This is what I thought you meant!!!! Do you have a link? We are very big Marvel fans here smile.gif it's embarrassing to say how obsessed we are... Lol
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I did buy some Aden and Anais blankets (those lovely thin muslin "swaddle" blankets that are so versatile) for myself since I was buying some for my sister a couple weeks ago.  She is quite a minimalist but just had her 5th baby a few days ago :)  They are so soft and nice.  I can't think of anything we NEED though.  This is the 4th baby in 6 years lol 

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those darn dipes are soooooo tempting, aren't they? *sigh* I have a very decent stash, BUT a dear friend of mine is a cloth diaper consultant.... and it's so hard, knowing she has access to EVERYTHING I might want for this little one.


It is really way to soon to start buying stuff, I know this... BUT! I waannnna.



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Ashlee, your family sounds like mine....my 4th was born just after my oldest started kindergarten. smile.gif
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Yep!  My oldest is 5.5 right now.  He'll be starting Kindergarten this Fall...well, we're homeschooling, but you get the idea :) 

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So annoying!

I'm trying to make a registry because that's almost as good as shopping and someone else might pay for it!.... I need some diaper inserts. And a car seat. And that's really all.



Sigh. There is no satisfaction in "Yeah, these are about $4 and I need about 25 of them."

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I love Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. We have 4 that are getting a bit worn. So I planned to buy this baby a new set.

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And yet another sister site to the above:


Free pouch like sling at sevenslings.com promo code FUN9 - pretty patterns- like this sling addict needs another one lol~


Free car seat cover (I don't think I would want one of these) at carseatcanopy.com promo code FUN9

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Yes!  My youngest is 7, so I only have a few baby things on hand (a few fave dipes) and some clothing.  There are soooooo many cute dipes now!!  Oh my goodness!   I am waiting until after the first tri though to start buying anything!!

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I told my family I was pregnant and my little (hahah, not-so-little --- ages 23 and 25) sisters went OVER THE MOON in delight. They bought me a onesie covered in pictures of vegetables that says "Home Grown." 


aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhh!!! SO glad I have sisters to do things like that for me!

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This is my first and I don't any baby stuff at all. I sort of don't even know where to begin. Luckily, my partner has two kids from a previous relationship and has preferences for certain types of cloth diapers and what not. I'm on a tight budget right now, but I think it would be a nice to have one token thing that I can set on my desk just so I can look at it and remind myself that yep, this is happening. I'm not sure what the item will be. Something inexpensive, but more glamorous than a diaper. Booties? I've also decided to not get any ultrasounds and therefore, I'll have to use my intuition about what the gender will be. My gut tells me girl, but I'm not sure enough to start buying a bunch of pink stuff (not that I would anyway!). I'm rambling now.. just thought I'd chime in.

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I won an ebay auction for some used prefolds yesterday! My first purchase! I'm waiting for our ultrasound to buy most other things because I want to do gender-specific (first time I get to do that)!
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a friend had a big ole' thrift sale and in the last half hour I showed up and went through the table of baby clothes (all boy) and got a bunch of freebies - she was gonna take everything to salvation army afterwards. she also had a bunch of handmade baby wipes and I got a couple dozen really cute wipes. my intuition (or maybe just preference) is that this baby is a girl, so I may not get any use out of the boy stuff, but I enjoy adding to my baby related stash. It's gonna be a big job to sort through all the stuff I have out in the garage, but I intend to resale some of it as well, or at least have it ready to go when the baby is born... I have lots more boy stuff than girl stuff, but really newborns don't need all that much clothes, especially when they arrive in the end of March in Georgia. Winter clothes here is pretty much useless.

BUT, I really need to add some dipes to the stash and I WANT a good structured carrier, i've got ring sling and couple wraps... and come to think of it, i have both fabric and instructions on sewing a Mei Tei... maybe it's time to break out the sewing machine.



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