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Weekly Chat July 29th-Aug 5

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Yay look at me and my on-top-of-le-chat self!

Sorry I didn't catch up with you ladies in the last few days. Things are busy busy busy for us all!

Totally agree with mrsandmrs from last thread about baby stuff. I was grossly overstocked with things I didn't need. I returned or sold most of it and that turned out to be a fun thing to do and get out of the house.

I'm not caught up here because we are in full on car buying drama. We were stupid and went to a dealership at NIGHT to look at the car thinking I'd be gone in the AM. My DH was gungho about it and me not wanting to sit around at home stressing about the mess said sure lets go look at it!!! This last week had been particularly bad with my aweful cold, DHs aloofness, the HOT weather and DDs little attitude to boot I'd just had it and thought WHY NOT?

Bad idea. For one, a 3yo at a dealership? Baaaaad idea. For another, we were rushed into the whole thing because it was late and the dealership was closing. Brought the car home to find some weird problems (think its been in an unreported accident, some strange electrical weirdness) so my DH is really upset and wants to back out of the deal. So do I but not because I don't like the car but because it turned out to be $50 over our max budget. Thinking about the fact that I won't be working soon is scary. Apparently this dealership has a guarantee that I read about which allows returns! I'm amazed by that and hope they will just honor it and not charge us for "restocking" because they decided not to disclose the issues. Pretty shady. Glad we went with a big dealership tho.

We got SO MUCH done today my DH is awesome. We painted ikea furniture with DD (bright pink lol!), cleared out space for the birth tub and did the dishes! I also insisted on Mexican food tonight so I could try their homemade tamales. I bought a dozen that we get to scarf after the baby is born. So happy that I've starting the process of filling my freezer and tamales? What a prefect food for long term freezing and easy eating. wink1.gif

About labor-- I guess I need to xpost this on our labor thread but while I'm here-- were you HB mamas OK with having chux on your main bed? Would it be smart to have a "recovery" bed set up in the nursery (have a twin there instead of crib) and use that to recover? My mattress was around 2k and I would die if I got blood/fluid all over it. I am protecting it with a cover and will put chux too of course but thought hrmm-- maybe sleeping in the girls/nursery room for the first couple nights would be better? I'd also like to labor there since DD is still sleeping in our room and I wouldn't want to wake her if I am laboring at night.

My sister is annoyed that I want DD nearby. She lives 40 mins south (like everyone else in our family!) and thinks DD shouldn't be around for the birth at all. My theory on this is that my sis doesn't want to be around for the birth because HB freaks her out. Totally makes sense considering the girl was birthed at home about 15 miles from me and the midwife I have worked with my moms midwife! Can you feel my eyes rolling? But hey-- she's my helper and DD does very well with her. She's the only person whose ever been able to rock her down for naps. She's great at respecting my wishes and has helped us IMMENSELY over the last 3 years. I appreciate all she's doing especially since my EDD is 2 days from her 2nd year anniversary! They normally take a trip somewhere and can't this year. Any thoughts on this? Maybe I need to just hand her the reins and get over it.
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tilly, besides the dream of MadameXCupcake winning the contest last night I also dreamed that I had to translate phrases from English into French, including: The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain! La pluie en Espagne tombe pour la pluspart dans les plaines. LOL! There's my French contribution to this c(h)at.
Yeah, buying a car shortly before the dealership closes doesn't seem like a good idea. I thought every state had a 24 hour return policy on big purchases like that though. And if it's clear they misrepresented what you were buying then you should easily be able to make a case for that!
Lastly, about the chux: I had read a while back in another thread a comment from a lady who just put a shower curtain underneath her fitted sheet to protect the mattress. You could do both too.
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Tillymonster; I hope you can take that car back, it must be a relief that you should be able to! I am envious of your homebirth, and it's great that your daughter will get to be there for it. I'm sad that my daughter can't be there for the birth since we'll be at the birth centre. You're sounding prepared anyway!


I've been a bit quiet on here lately as we've been pretty busy and a thunder storm broke our internet. We were away last weekend for a wedding celebration at a castle, which was amazing! We stayed from Friday until Monday and did a lot of socialising. The place was amazing, and all the guests stayed in various cottages around the estate. But all the excitement and lack of sleep really was a bit much for me, and it took days to get back to normal, and lots of naps! But it was well worth it and my daughter loved it too.


After two months of amazing weather, we've had a week of thunderstorms and heavy rain, which is nice in a way because I'm not melting all the time now! The thunderstorm on Tuesday night was particularly impressive and knocked out our phone and internet lines. I'm hoping the rain doesn't continue for too long as we don't want potato blight again. The whole country had a potato shortage last year due to all the rain.


I finally feel like pregnancy is finally near the end! I only have 5 weeks to go now, although I'm assuming I'll be late again. All we need to do now is fix the cot bed and get a new mattress. Out of curiosity, is it really necessary to replace the mattress for a new baby? Other than that we're prepared, and I got my lovely woven wrap through the post last week, so I can't wait to use it! Oh and last night we watched that film about Ina May Gaskin; well worth a watch if you haven't seen it already. 

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Tilly- your car situation sounds so frustrating. I would take it back. Noticing issues immediately is never a good thing. About your daughter, I think that's a completely personal decision. Don't let your sister bully you into sending your dd away if you want her close. It doesn't mean you don't appreciate all she's done for you. But, also take advantage of her offer if you end up feeling like you don't want dd there.

Hi Dakipode and nettlesoup smile.gif

My week is looking to be super boring. Just like the last 2 weeks. And hopefully the next 3 weeks at least. Lots of laying around. Eating. Watching TV. Maybe some crocheting. A nap or 2. I know I know, it sounds like it would be nice and relaxing. But it gets old. Especially because my dh had to go back to work today and my dd is at my sisters house all day. I have a NST and my DD's 2 year check up Friday which is probably the only time I'll be leaving the house this week. I'm. Bored. It's worth it! I need to repeat this all day long. It's worth it to keep her in there until full term. And she's staying in there until full term, there is no other option little girl.

Anyone have anything exciting goin on I can live vicariously through this week??
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mamamash, you need to find a good Netflix marathon. I just started watching The Vampire Diaries. After 3 years of not being able to make it through the pilot I finally persevered and it's gotten better. I also like to get lots of mindless knitting done during those TV marathons. Plus eventually they get so boring/repetitive that you'll automatically fall asleep for a nap! The Freakonomics podcasts can be very entertaining to listen to as well while crafting. I also enjoy the BBC News Quiz (also podcast) very funny show about current events. Some of it is completely over my head because it refers to local news but most of the topics they cover you'll have heard of and I love that dry British humor!

I am determined to get the fuzzy hoody sewn together this week! My only other important task is getting the quote from the carpet guy so we can get that done before the baby comes!
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I can't keep up with you guys. Sheesh. You even beat me to the new thread, haha.

Baby shower was yesterday. I had four cancellations within two hours of it starting. So annoying. I just wish people would say no from the beginning to save me the food.

Little dude just laid down. I'm going to try to follow suit...
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I'm off to take my nap soon because I got up mega early this AM to sit for my IBCLC exam.  I feel confident that I passed, but I won't find out for certain until October.  I'll be a year older and have a son before that happens!


I went to Costco today and thought of Mothering and all the talk we've had about it.  I forgot one of the best "deals" they have there is a big thing of coconut oil.  I don't cook with it, but I buy it around the holidays and make sugar scrubs for the ladies in my life.  But for those of you that cook with it, it's a bargain compared to the price I saw for the same brand at Target.  I also went to our local Indian market to get some spices, but they don't open until 4pm on Mondays, so I will have to try and go back when I have kids, which is less fun.  :)  Afterwards I was starving and ate two sushi rolls from Publix by myself in the car with the AC running.  I felt pretty gluttinous, but it tasted AMAZING.  I also made plans to go to the beach on Friday.


Last bit of good news, DD2 has been in speech therapy for all of 7 weeks and we have a transition meeting in August to move her into the school system for therapy.  I was feeling really torn about this (we're a homeschooling family and "having" to take a DD somewhere is a bit inconvenient right now) and our current speech therapist thinks DD2 has made so much progress that she won't qualify, which we see as a blessing!  She was always a bit borderline, but she's made HUGE amounts of progress lately (from ~20 words to around ~75 words now with 2 and 3 word sentences).

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Dakipode I'm an excellent Netflix marathoner haha. I just caught up on Parks & Rec (actually on Hulu Plus), I've been watching The Killing, the next show in my line up is Orange is the new Black which is a Netflix original I have been hearing lots of good things about. Maybe I'll add vampire diaries to my list. I watched a few episodes of the first season when it started on TV and just couldn't commit myself. It was a bit cheesy for my taste, but everyone I know loves it. I should really give it another chance. When I get tired of having to engage in a show I fall back on Grey's Anatomy. I can rewatch those episodes over and over. I love dry British humor too, I should start listening to podcasts. I can't seem to find the motivation to crochet anything other than edges to a burp cloth.

Sorry about the baby shower CDsmom. Did you at least get some good things?

Aidenn how old is your DD2? That's awesome she's made such great progress! We were Sam's Club members and really only used it for diapers and formula for a few months (so hoping I don't have the same milk supply issues this go around!). We rarely bought food because it was just dh and I eating and bulk just didnt work out for us. Even now with dd1 being 2 and actually eating food it's still probably not worth it. But if we do join a big store again I think I'd want to join Costco this time.
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MamaMash- I totally laughed at your comment about falling back on Grey's episodes,because I do exactly the same thing.  It's always nice because once I make it through 9 seasons, season 1 is fresh again...lol.  YouTube, Hulu and Netflix seems to all have their own webshows now-IDK if you've seen any of them, but they might be something else to look into to pass the time-which hopefully will be short and you can come off bedrest til it's time for Violet to be born.


aidenn- Glad to hear the testing went well. Just from the info you've shared here, I would be shocked if you didn't pass.  And you're right about the coconut oil at Costco.  We use it for everything from cooking to first aid.  It will make me sad when one day they discover it's actually horrible for you (like so many things end up being) and makes you grow an eyeball on the back of your neck or something.  It just amazes me all the uses it has.  I love it.  That's great your DD is making such progress, it would be awesome if you could avoid any more dealing with the public school-since that's your preference. We're putting my girls in private school this year (thank heavens for scholarships and grandparents!!), after planning to homeschool.  This year the private school is ideal to me, they went there for preschool years ago and I loved the school. We homeschooled until XH and I divorced and we put the girls in public school-which for me was 2 years of every reason I never wanted to put my kids in the public school system. When I told my oldest she was going back to the private school, she was so excited she started crying. It really solidified the fact that we had made the right choice for now. In a few months when she's fussing about getting out of bed so early, I will remind her of her excitement and enthusiasm.  lol


dakipode-I totally appreciate what you said about the carseats in the old thread.  That's why I love talking stuff like that online-there are so many viewpoints to hear and have to help make a decision. We have finally (I think) decided to go with the Britax, but in a lighter fabric. Since she'll probably only be in the infant seat for a few months before I bump my son up to a bigger seat and give her his convertible, the fact that we LOVE the B agile stroller from Britax ended up being a major factor.  


CDsMom- That's a bummer about the shower and the food.  IDK what it is with people and replying and not replying and cancelling last minute these days. 


nettlesoup-I personally wouldn't replace the mattress unless it's really worn down and in obvious need of replacing.  Mine never was because we rarely used the crib, but I still can see that a crib mattress would get so broken down that it would be unusable for another child. I do know some people like to get a new mattress for a baby, but that also usually because older kids keep their baby mattress and move it over to a toddler sized bed-which I've never done.


tilly-That sucks about the car.  I agree end of the day is not the best time to car shop. After being burnt in the past, I will not ever make a big purchase like that without sleeping on it.  I have learned the pushier a salesperson is, and the more urgently they try to make you decide, the higher the chance that it's not really a good deal.  They don't want you to have time to shop around or actually think about what you're getting into. When salespeople know it's a good deal, they're usually much more relaxed because they know if you do your homework, you'll be back. When I was planning a home birth 4 years ago, online I found a whole breakdown of how to make your bed for a HB to protect your bed.  Essentially you make your bed as normal, then lay a larger than the bed plastic drop cloth or sheet (like a cheapy throw away plastic painting tarp) over it, then make your bed with sheets that are either throw away, or can be bleached/peroxide washed incase of stains.  Then after the birth, you just remove everything from the plastic sheet up, and ta-da! A fresh clean bed to recover in.  If you're worried about the bed from post partum bleeding, I strongly encourage you to use depends or other adult diaper style protection-they won't leak and have great coverage.  Since you can sew, you could even make cloth versions.  You can also get cloth chux-style pads to sleep on-then you can wash and reuse them-they're also great for kiddo beds once you're through with them, and especially when they still may have accidents at night. I use them under me in bed the last couple weeks of pregnancy, just incase my water breaks in bed.  


And since I know everyone is just dying to know how the great car seat hunt of 2013 is going- I think we've settled on a Britax B-safe seat and the B-agile stroller-but we may wait on the stroller since I didn't even plan to get one in the first place but now DF is adamant we need one. Target has the black on sale for $134.99, but BuyBuyBaby has the sandstone (greyish-tan), which is DF's favorite for $179.99, and we have a 20% off coupon. So I told DF he can decide which to get and if we get the stroller now (which would be nice but not necessary)-I have done exhaustive research and was up later than I should have been pouring over the internets for input and checking sale against sale for the most economical way to buy, and I. AM. DONE.  lol


I almost forgot-today kicks off the great rocker/recliner/glider search of 2013.  Just shoot me now. lol

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MamaMash - DD2 is nearly 2.5 years old now.  She was eligible for early intervention services when we took her for evaluation in late May/early June because she was still using "eh" to talk (like, for everything, just a wild variety of tones and the syllable "eh"!) and not really trying to elaborate on words she had or pick up any new words.  So, she's gone from that to now picking up around 3 new words per week since Verbal Explosion 2013 happened about 2 weeks ago.  While she still doesn't say "I Love You", she has her own way where she now says "Mommy happy, me happy" (and she recently learned to say her sister's name which was a huge step) so it just brings tears to my eyes when she says that to me.  I'm sure I look like a total goober pushing my shopping cart through Target and misting up at the babbling of a 2 year old, but we just felt stuck before the EI/speech services on how to help her.


thefreckledmama - Check with store policies, but I have recently been hearing that our local Buy Buy Baby has been price matching, not only other local stores, but Amazon prices as well.  Someone on one of my local mom support groups just bought her travel system there and they price-matched Amazon (before sales tax).  Also, I am SO GLAD that private school is working out for you and I hope that continues to be a morning motivator for the oldest!


nettlesoup - I wouldn't worry about a new mattress unless the old one has that "soggy bread slice" feel to it where it sinks in the middle.  If your DD never used it beyond babyhood, then you're good, IMO.

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thefreckledmama I'm glad someone else understands the Grey's obsession! My dh thinks I'm crazy. But really once you get through all the seasons and wait a couple weeks you can start again and it's all fresh. I'm glad the great car seat hunt of 2013 is almost officially over. Good luck with the great rocker/glider/recliner search of 2013!

nettlesoup I also wouldn't worry about a new mattress. We had to buy a new one but only because dd1 is using her crib mattress in her toddler bed.

aidenn was her delay pretty obvious? I don't *think* my dd has a delay, but I'm also not 100% sure she doesn't. My most recent experience with toddler speech is my now 6 year old nieces and they were talking in full sentences by the time they were my DD's age. No joke, they were crazy advanced in speech. Also, my closest friend has a dd who is 7 weeks younger than my dd and talks a ton more. She's using 2-5 word sentences frequently. She knows and uses people's names. Attempts to repeat almost everything you ask her to. My dd isn't really using 2 word combos yet. She does know mommy, daddy, papa and uses them frequently. She follows instructions and understands everything we say. She does have quite a few words and uses them all the time. She just turned 2 on 7/11 so maybe the 2 year old speech explosion just hasn't hit her yet? I would say she has at least 50+ words that she uses. A few don't sound like what she is trying to say (namming=vacuuming for example). Maybe I've just been exposed to kids who are advanced in speech and my dd is normal..? I'm probably worrying about nothing.
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Posted in the old thread before realizing we have a new one orngbiggrin.gif


Originally Posted by mrsandmrs View Post

chispita, what goes into a transfer bag? what kind of stuff are you missing? diapers are important, but don't let everyone guilt you into a bunch of stuff you don't know if you want or need yet. people can be so dramatic about preparing for baby. you are still going to have access to target, baby stores, and amazon prime after baby arrives and you figure out more what your family's rhythm is like. i figure anything we desperately need that we find we're missing, we can probably come up with relatively quickly in the year 2013 in western civilization. i always think of this passage from that Dan Savage book The Kid, where the social worker tells them they can get everything the baby REALLY NEEDS on the way home from picking it up. going shopping with over eager grandparents doesnt sound like the worst thing in the world, though. 

The same as a hospital bag, just lighter on the snacks / entertainment.


Agreed that a baby doesn't really NEED all that much, but I was feeling pretty clueless about a lot of things, on top of which we are missing stuff. For example, I sort of assumed that if you put one of those sleeper footie pajama type things on a baby, you didn't put anything under (other than a diaper and cover) - I would have never thought that you might want to put a onesie before that as a first layer. In fact, I don't think we have any small sized onesies.


We also don't have baby blankets (of any type), or any sort of baby toilettries. To be fair, we didn't really plan to start going through out ToGet-ToBuy list exhaustively till around this time, but now I'm suddenly feeling very stressed out about it.


But yeah, going shopping with first time grandparents does not sound that bad, I just hope I don't end up with too much unnecessary stuff just because they now think I now nothing about babies (which is sort of true anyway).


Oh, one last thing that my mother said that really surprised me - we mentioned using a diaper service, and she was concerned about hygiene and sanitation .... is this even a concern with someone else washing your soiled cloth diapers? It sounds like it shouldn't be, but it's not something I've actually thought about.....

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Wedding ring got retired. It's starting to get a little tight so I wanted to take it off while I still could. It lasted a lot longer this time. I had to take it off in my seventh month last time.
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I now declare the Great Car Seat Search of 2013-FINISHED!! Yahoo!!!!

The Great Rocker/Glider/Recliner Search of 2013 has been called before it ever started on account of MIL saying she's getting me the one from Costco which I sit in every time we go (which is more often than I'd like to admit)-God bless that dear, sweet woman.

Now I'm mostly down to little odds and ends to purchase and lots of washing and sorting.
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Weren't we supposed to find out the winner of the Baby Shower Games today?
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aidenn, glad to hear your DD2 is doing well with speech therapy! And I'd love to hear how your exam turned out, definitely keep us posted.

mamamash, we just finished "Orange..." on Netflix. It was alright. It starts out funny but it gets darker as the season goes on. Now, after a multiple year break, we decided to watch the rest of Breaking Bad, we only ever watched season 1. It's fun to see all the city's landmarks, that was also half the reason we watched In Plain Sight. Our new governer didn't renew the film credits though so less shows are coming to/staying in NM.

freckledmama: YAY! I've got two similar boxes sitting in the garage. We're in no hurry to put stuff together.

chispita: I don't plan on using a diaper service but I would assume they use pretty industrial cleaning methods, especially if they're not giving you the same diapers back every time (some do, i.e. it's "your" stash). Good luck with the shopping trip!

cdsmom, I switch between my wedding ring and my grandmother's ring depending on the day. Lately my fingers have been less swollen again, I'm not sure what affects it. Do you wear anything else in its place?

tilly, any news about the car?
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Tilly- just make your bed up the way someone above, can't remember who described. Using the plastic layer ( we use shower curtain liners) in between the nice sheets on the bottom and the old sheets in top. I bought my top sheets at a local second hand store.

Mamamash- I know bedrest is no fun and must actually be truly nerve racking. I hope you find something interesting to pass the time.

Life here is crazy still!! 36 week Home birth visit tomorrow!!!!! We have to have everything ready by then. All supplies, snacks, baby gear, clothes etc. on top of that we are actually delivering at our midwives house so we will be going for the home visit with all our gear in tow to her place. That's Tuesday.

Wednesday we move!!! Well stage one of our move. Thursday we tidy our new place a bit and prep for Friday.....

Friday is my DD2's 5th birthday party at the beach!!!! OMGoodness!!!

I'm trying to take one day at a time but wow am I busy!!
We close on our house Aug 12 so after we move to our new place with everything we can actually fit we have to go back to our old place and figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff. Busy busy busy!!!!

Mamamash- after I reread my post I some part of me wishes I was on bedrest wink1.gif
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I don't, but I wear my ring on a necklace so it's still on me.
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chispita - I had friends who used a diaper service in Washington DC and they were always commenting about what high-powered industrial cleaning methods the service must have had after realizing how dirty diapers get and how sparkling clean they looked when they received clean ones.


I've also got to start pulling together supplies for the baby.  We are having my (big) baby shower in 3 weeks (I've already had a small one at work and small one with friends before we left El Salvador, but this is the one where we are expecting bigger dollar items).  And I keep telling myself I will wait till the shower to see what else we need.  But I worry a little that will be cutting it close (I'll be 36 weeks).  My mom is so excited to be a grandmother though, that I just mentioned receiving blankets as an example of things on the list of stuff we needed and when I got home from taking DP to his English class, she had gone out and bought three.


I've been doing a pretty good job of sticking to a healthy diet.  No sugar and no refined flours.  It's hard, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize.

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Originally Posted by letniaLynne View Post

Tilly- just make your bed up the way someone above, can't remember who described. Using the plastic layer ( we use shower curtain liners) in between the nice sheets on the bottom and the old sheets in top. I bought my top sheets at a local second hand store.

Mamamash- I know bedrest is no fun and must actually be truly nerve racking. I hope you find something interesting to pass the time.

Life here is crazy still!! 36 week Home birth visit tomorrow!!!!! We have to have everything ready by then. All supplies, snacks, baby gear, clothes etc. on top of that we are actually delivering at our midwives house so we will be going for the home visit with all our gear in tow to her place. That's Tuesday.

Wednesday we move!!! Well stage one of our move. Thursday we tidy our new place a bit and prep for Friday.....

Friday is my DD2's 5th birthday party at the beach!!!! OMGoodness!!!

I'm trying to take one day at a time but wow am I busy!!
We close on our house Aug 12 so after we move to our new place with everything we can actually fit we have to go back to our old place and figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff. Busy busy busy!!!!

Mamamash- after I reread my post I some part of me wishes I was on bedrest wink1.gif


I know I was thinking the same thing about Mamamash. Then again, I would go INSANE on bedrest. Totally insane. I'm feeling intense pain every time I walk anywhere. LIKE SERIOUSLY BODY? I have to walk. Can't skip that. It's really important for labor and gee, my general health? This girl is sitting so effing low (scuse me but omg I can't stand the pressure down there!) and I have to pee 5 minutes after I pee. I'm only 31 weeks. I'm gaining a POUND a week right now (eeeek!) and WOW letniaLynne is moving and having a home birth. What? I envy you mama, you are a trooper! You sound like you have it under control.


I'm still confused about whether I *want* to labor in my bedroom. I guess I could just prepare all beds in the house the way you lovely ladies described. But that's a lot of stinky, sweat-inducing vinyl and I am not using the protective cover right now (I should be, what if my water breaks!) because I get SO freaking hot with it on there. Anything else I can do? Should I just line the bed like last minute? What would that even be? LOL. I keep going around and around over this.


Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

Wedding ring got retired. It's starting to get a little tight so I wanted to take it off while I still could. It lasted a lot longer this time. I had to take it off in my seventh month last time.

Ha! Mines' been retired since about November 2009. Yeah. You'd THINK DH would have re-sized it for a birthday or something. I keep telling him my fingers are also never going to be *that* skinny again apparently, unless by some miracle my thyroid helps with weight loss, pretty sure that wont happen. Maybe though! I should try and be positive lol.


chispita— I'm pretty sure there is a diaper cleaning association or set of regulations put in place that all diaper services have to abide by, atleast here in CA. Or they are required to use a professional laundering service that follows the strictest guidelines on sanitation and do not mix your babies diapers with another babies diapers when laundering. This is what I was told when I used a service for DD1. And it was awesome, if I could afford it, I'd be doing it FOR SURE!


freckledmama-- yay the Britax won! I like that brand so far. My convertible seat is HUGE. I am going to giggle every time I put a tiny little newborn in it, provided she wont scream bloody murder when I do so. I say skip the glider (or get a cheapy old one and reupholster it!) and get a hugely over-sized and comfy recliner rocker. I've been living in mine. Oh and random funny, every time I read your username I start singing in my head... "5 little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious bugs!" I sang it as freckled for the longest time. Starfall.com corrected me. Hahaha. 


dakipode-- how do you stay on top of our stuff here, you are so organized! The drama that is car buying. Luckily, autonation took the Prius we bought back no questions asked. It was sooooo strange to even be able to do that, and so nice. The thing wasn't even inspected and came onto the lot THE SAME DAY we bought it. The manager admitted it and gave us our money back. We are now thinking we'll look much more carefully and will try for a car that's newer. I told DH he better figure it out as I will NOT be doing this with DD and a newborn. :) I like Honda Civic Hybrids too! Do they really save gas and last longer is the question? I loooooved driving a truck and we had one when DD was a baby, so for the price we could buy one. They are horrible gas hogs though, in general. We have a Honda CRV that I love and find it so easy to get in and out of with a kid, so I'm really torn on the whole thing.


DH is sick again-- just got the same cold I am still healing from. I thought I was getting an ear infection for crying out loud. It's really cruel to watch him take ibuprofen and nasal spray while I was feeling guilty over ONE Tylenol so I could get to sleep. UGH being pregnant sucks when it comes to that. I don't like cold meds at all, but it's hard to not be able to take *anything* if a bad cold comes on. DH was so sweet the last few weeks (because my not-usually-needy-at-all super NEEDY pregnant self got on his case) and is really on top of it. Our sex life sucks, but he's reading the stupid babycenter "Your pregnancy week-by-week" emails and is talking to my belly alot. I finally got him to admit that he's just not "into" pregos. Mostly, at the stage where the belly is basketball shaped. I totally get it though it pisses me off. He didn't care when I was overweight and treated me the same when I lost weight. So, I like to purposely get in his way with the belly just to get him to laugh about it. It's huge right now. I have to hunch over to do dishes or the baby freaks out.


And who was it talking on the name thread about personality in the womb? It's so true! DD hated when ppl touched my belly, she'd even shy away from my hand, would startle in the womb (not kidding) if there was a loud noise, didn't KICK like this one does. I put my hand on my belly to feel the rolling (which ugh feels SO weird as low as it is) and baby seems to like it. She kicks for DH much more then DD1 did, for sure. I am now going to say she's much more active than DD NOW then she was in the beginning! Love the feeling and hate that it keeps me awake... speaking of... better get my butt to bed!

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