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Too much sleep for baby?

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Our little Pip is almost 4 months old and he sleeps a lot! He is my third child and get this ladies, when he is tired he doesn't want help going to sleep. He wants space. So, if i hold him when he is tired he flips out. If I lay him down in his cosleeper he sucks his hand and immediately falls asleep. The other day I thought it would be nice to take a nap with him and I tried to cuddle in my bed with him and he flipped out. When I left him to sleep on his own, he fell right asleep. It is the strangest thing! My other two were SO hands on as babies and would never go to sleep by themselves. I am not complaining! Anyway, he sleeps most of the day away and sleeps all through the night too. After sleeping the night away, he wakes up long enough to nurse and be changed in the morning and he goes back down. I think he is only awake for a couple (or maybe 3) hours (spread out) during the day. Does this seem strange to you? 


He is alert when he is awake and smiles and coo's, and is discovering his hands. He also loves to go for walks in the sling during the day. If he is awake, he loves being held and talked to. 

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If he is achieving all his milestones I wouldn't be too concerned I don't think. Has he always had similar sleep patterns or is this something which has changed recently? If it was a recent change it might be a growth spurt about to happen. I'd probably keep an eye on his weight to make sure he was still feeding enough.

If he's always been like this then maybe he just has a higher than average sleep need. I'd still keep an eye on weight gain and milestones but I wouldn't be alarmed yet. Alert, not alarmed :-)
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My son was like that.  He liked sleeping with me just fine, but he also could fall asleep easily on his own too.  He started day care at 4 months and he slept through most of the commotion all day. (His caregivers loved that for obvious reasons.)  He's a challenge in other ways, but I feel like I won the lottery with his sleeping habits even now (except that he's a bit of an early riser).  And his sleeping needs are still pretty high.  At five years old, he still *needs* a good nap in the afternoon to be at all pleasant for the rest of the day, which is almost unheard of in my circle of friends.

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He wakes up only for a half hour or 45 minutes at a time during the day. After that amount of time he gets fussy and wants to go back down to sleep. At night he sleeps from about 8 (or earlier) until 7ish only waking to nurse once in the early morning. Normal?

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