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How to get Allergy Testing?

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My son is 5. He is hyper, easily distracted, defiant, and has great difficulty sleeping. He was kicked out of Montessori school after being put in time out daily until he became aggressive and kicked in the teacher's door. As a baby, he had colic, never slept deeply, had a red ring around his anus, green foamy stools sometimes, gained a lot of weight for the first 3 months and then dropped off, and sometimes had a bit of rash on his scalp or rosy cheeks.


At some point we convinced his pediatrician to do an allergy test on him. She took blood and tested for maybe 5 things. I never got the report, but she told us he doesn't have any food allergies. I've mentioned food allergies again, but she looks at me like I'm crazy. I think if I could ask for something more specific, like a particular kind of allergy testing or list of items... she would probably go along with it.


Our kids are on medicaid (peachcare) so we'd prefer something that would be covered. I don't know how often insurance covers this sort of thing. We aren't really in a position to pay a lot out of pocket.

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What you are describing doesn't sound like allergies. Hives, swelling of the face and throat, breathing issues, BP issues, that is all allergy related.  If the kiddo was nursing, you could have had a fore milk/ hind milk imbalance or something else going on to cause the BM issues.  What you are talking about *may* be related to an intolerance but that won't show up on tests that insurance covers. 

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Still, my daughter, as I have mentioned, started having severe and pronounced rages until we eliminated a trigger that didn't show up on her first allergy test.  It was only once we eliminated it did I notice the telltale reddening and slight swelling.  It did (and still does, when we challenge) cause profound mood swings and intense anger.  However, she also had other, obvious and classical allergies before this.


So, while it's true that it might not be an allergy, this type of rage is so intense, I feel for parent's wishing to get a test, especially if it's been a couple years since the last test.  However, it's true, that it is quite possible to come to nothing, and you are left doing challenges at home.  You are still going to do that anyway.  Tests can simply help you start in the best possible place (instead of, say, ditching wheat for rice when it turns out you aren't allergic to wheat but definitely to rice.... oops).  


So, if, after knowing that you are still going to end up doing at-home challenges, you want to see an allergist, I would press her again.  Our allergist was quite understanding when my friend took her son in, with the main trouble being rages.  My friend was at her wit's end.  Her son's test was clear, and the doctor didn't think ill of her because she wanted to know.  Love my dd's allergist.  He totally understands where parents are coming from.

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I have a friend whose child had similar behavior problems until they eliminated foods she was sensitive to.  They had muscle testing done by a chiropractor (applied kinesiology).  Can test for a lot of stuff in their office in a relatively short amount of time and you know the results immediately.  I would get recommendations for chiropractors that do this.  Some chiropractors take insurance and some don't.  If you explain your situation to them, they might be able to work something out with you. 

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