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vulvar dermatitis

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Anybody else deal with this?  How did you treat it?


For almost four months I thought I was dealing with a difficult to heal yeast infection.  I went to the doctor and had an actual test and it came back negative for all infection.  So the other option is dermatitis.


I've started removing potential allergans--changed laundry detergent and laundering routine (less detergent, vinegar in the rinse), haven't been using soap down there for months, just read something about potentially being sensitized to bleached toilet paper, so stopped using that (but just yesterday).  All treatment plans seem to include using hydrocortisone for several weeks.  I have started this, but I don't like it--especially for such a long time.  Anyone have anything natural that they've used successfully?


This is one of the most frustrating things that has ever happened to me and I have got to find some way to take care of it. 

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It sounds like you're doing all the right things you can. I don't have an specific advice but thought I'd bump your post up for attention. 


Anyone have any advice to share?

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Are you using pads during your menstrual cycle? I would look into those too. How it clears up soon.
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A few years ago I was plagued by stinging, pain, and general discomfort for months - perhaps similar to your situation OP?  My OB didn't find anything out of the ordinary and I went off to see what I could find to help myself.  


The most helpful things I used were coconut oil and tea tree oil.  I'd use the coconut oil most of the time, and I used either a tea tree ointment (or  tea tree oil directly on one of my fingers if there was a lot of discomfort since it was cooling).  Eventually it went away.  I did try a few other things - primrose oil, grapefruit seed extract, baby diaper or bum ointments I had for the kids, lanolin.  I did use family cloth during the time (less painful).  Depending on your actual symptoms, any of these might help shrug.gif or be worth looking into.   

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Try putting plain whole milk yogurt externally and leave it on while you watch a movie or read a book. If you do this a couple times a day, you may find some relief. It doesn't only work for yeast but other vaginal discomforts as well. 

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Thanks for the ideas, ladies. I have switched to family cloth and am 7 weeks preggo, so no pads for a while. I managed to get significant healing with regular sitz baths and Vaseline application. It's still not completely gone, but it's greatly improved. I've just recently switched to coconut oil, just to give the Vaseline a rest.
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Just in case anyone is searching for this in the future, I told my midwife about this and she said it's a pH issue.  She encouraged me to take probiotics and rinse/douche with Bragg's ACV.  I hadn't been taking my probiotics for a while because of morning sickness, but I started again this week and I can notice a difference.  It's really amazing how important probiotics are to our health!!  Crazy.  Hopefully I'll get my taste back for fermented veggies soon.  I haven't started the ACV yet  mostly out of laziness and a little bit of fear that it will burn, but I should do it.

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