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Pregnant with twins and a 6.5 year old still cosleeping

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Hi there,


I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins and a little worried about what is going to happen after they are born. Our plan was to sidecar two cribs to the bed and to cosleep so that I can easily breastfeed and settle them back in to sleep. Last December my 6 year old starting wanting to sleep in bed with us again after a few years of sleeping on his own. He seemed to really need it and we have a giant california king bed so we let him sleep with us. For the past few months I've been trying to gently transition my son back into his bed, but he's really resistant. I don't feel uncomfortable with him sleeping with us, except when he tries to sleep ON me! :-) I'm just worried about him being able to get good sleep once the babies are born. He's a very light sleeper, so it's definitely going to disrupt him. I'm also worried about him waking the babies up! And I'm overwhelmed/scared of having twins, so I'm kind of dwelling on this.


He's really excited about the new babies and I don't want him to feel like he's being kicked out because of them. My husband says it will work out in the end and we'll figure it out. He's not worried. I am a planner and a worrier, so I guess I'm looking for a little reassurance from a mama who's been through this. Any advice? Should I chill out and just let things take their own course?




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Hey Polarbearfish, your hubby is right, you shouldn't worry about it and it will work out in the end because you'll figure out what is right for you. If you work on transitioning now, before your babies are born, you'll feel better about it and a lot less like you are kicking him out of your bed. If yous choose to allow him in your bed still, while it is likely that the babies will disrupt him being that you said he is a light sleeper, eventually he may just get used to it. For example, we used to live next to a railway and the trains were always flying back and forth and we could always hear them, especially when they were working on it, but eventually I stopped hearing it and slept well and even forgot about it during the day. I have 4 kids, not twins, but we do co-sleep currently with our 9 month old. We managed to get our older kids in their own beds when I was pregnant (with each pregnancy the youngest was very gently transitioned into their own bed and was welcomed into ours whenever needed) but we still wake up many mornings with 6 people and a dog piled onto a queen size bed. I love every minute of it except for when my husband has half of the bed for himself and I'm squeezed between my 9 month old and 3 year old while my 6 and 4 years old's take up all my foot room and the dog is just trying to find one open space to get cozy in. LOL I had no plan last year when I was expecting my son besides the transition of my now 3 year old (then she was 18 months old) into her own bed even though she comes over to our bed every night. It all worked out in the end and this works for us. Whatever works for you will come to you maybe you'll figure something out soon or maybe it'll be when your babe is born, or maybe you'll have an epiphany and it'll come to you when your babies are a couple months old...but it'll all work out. ;-) Seriously. 

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Thanks for the kind words. Somehow hearing it from a mama with 4 kids makes it seem much less stressful. :-)

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