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Tylenol causes autism theory???

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My DH is new to the whole autism thing and came across some article linking autism to Tylenol use. I had never heard this one before. To me it sounds kinda hoax-y but who knows...anyone heard this before?
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I have heard the same "theory". After doing lots of reading, I think it's another one of those "well, I took Tylenol while I was pregnant (or gave Tylenol to my baby, etc) so that must be the explanation for my kiddo's issues." While I'm not saying it's not a possibility, I think it's another reductionist explanation for a complex situation. I also know of a Momma who has a babe on the spectrum who has never so much as had a bottle of Tylenol in her home.
I do think it is possible that since Tylenol is a potent liver toxin that it may cause problems in kiddos who are predisposed. But, like anything else when trying to figure out an enigma, how do we know which kiddos are predisposed?.....
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I know Tylenol shuts down glutathione production that is part of liver detox. Impaired liver detox is a huge problem for ASD kids and those following DAN! biomedical are urged not to use Tylenol to treat pain/fevers for this reason as it can bring on a regression or impede the recovery process. Blocked liver detox pathways increase the toxins in the bloodstream that another child with efficient pathways might easily excrete. 


I think that Tylenol theoretically might be more problematic in ASD prone kids because of their inefficient livers. Is it the initial cause of the liver damage? I doubt it, mainly because its timing on the market doesn't coincide with the epidemic increase in autism rates, but it may be a factor combined with other things. ASD kids have high rates of jaundice and for me that is one red flag that would cause me to be gentle to the liver and avoid Tylenol in infancy as well as any other liver toxins. 

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Thanks! I wish I'd known that about the jaundiced long time ago... Better late than never. I guess
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I think it might be ONE of the factors from hundreds.

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There is no "one" cause of autism - there are many!


Tylenol is a bad drug.  We are a no tylenol house.  Also linked to asthma.


Lowers glutathione.  Not good for anyone, especially not good for kids on the spectrum or predisposed to being on the spectrum


Dr Bob Sears also says not to give this around vaccines - I don't remember the details but it's in one of his books.

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The first strong study has been published finding that prolonged prenatal exposure to acetaminophen was associated with severe neurodevelopmental outcomes (all autism like) in 3 year olds. 





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I used to take Tylenol every once in a while for cramps or migraines, but I mainly used Aleve or Advil. Something went very wrong during my son's c-section and I had all sorts of odd drug reactions (facial swelling, major agitation and restless leg like symptoms, trouble breathing and feeling odd...panicky, leg swelling, lost more blood than normal, had major bruising in abdomen area, major pain...an aversion to ever having another child due to this horrible experience, unable to get out of bed without assistance for two months....depression due to my lack of abilities...unable to breastfeed and bond with baby...an overall bad birth experience). At my six week check-up, they put me on birth control pills to curb non-stop "bleeding". Once I started getting a normal period again, I tried to take Advil/Aleve for cramps and had a major allergic reaction to it. I thought I just got bit by a spider/bee and that was why my face was swelling up... I figured out that it was tied to my period/pain killers after a couple of months. So, unfortunately, the only OTC pain killers I can take are Tylenol, unless I go prescription. I react strangely to some of the prescription drugs too, but on Tylenol I do OK. I take it VERY sparingly. I have to have a major migraine to go near it. I mostly give generic Motrin to the kids....but very rarely as well (injury or high fever). My daughter has major stomach issues so I will use Tylenol for her at times before Advil. 

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I came across this theory elsewhere and posed the same question: What if neurological deficits are caused by illness/disease during pregnancy that women happen to be using Tylenol for?
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