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Anyone started producing it or leaking it yet?  I've kept checking because I've essentially been dry nursing for a while (or at least I think I have) and my son asked for more milk a couple weeks ago.  I checked and didn't see anything.  Today I checked in the shower and I have squeezable colostrum even after he nurses.  He's going to be so happy.  

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My breasts have been leaking for about 2 months now - well, one has been leaking, the other has been just a tiny bit on the nipple that gets all crusty. (It better catch up, damnit! lol) At first it was totally just clear liquid, but I think it's more colostrum now - when I sleep in a black camisole and I leak that night, the stains are whitish.

It doesn't leak in the daytime yet, which is funny - only ever at night. It usually starts if I cuddle with my husband, and the funny thing is, the breast that is the leaky one is the one that's next to him with the way we lay in bed. Maybe we should switch sides to get the other one going? :P

HawaiianBlessing - that's great that your son will be happy, but will he still be happy soon when he has to share? Heehee. I'm sure you'll make enough for everyone. smile.gif
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No leaking yet for me. DS3 seems to be weaning himself (he hasn't nursed in about a week, which I have mixed feelings about) so I don't know if I'll start noticing it now that he's not drinking it? I never leaked much in any of my pregnancies, though, so maybe I'm just not going to notice it.
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I started leaking at...maybe 20 weeks? It's just a tiny bit. It normally happens when I'm home and not wearing a bra, I think my shirt rubbing on it must stimulate it. And TMI, but I tried squeezing some out once and a little was coming out. I also find dried colostrum on my nipples sometimes. I'm 27 weeks btw.


When I googled it I learned that we start producing colostrum around 14 weeks, so leaking even sooner would still be normal. I'm a weirdo, but I was a little excited when I first noticed leaking. This is my first pregnancy and my boobs have always been a "dormant" body part and now they do something!

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Haha! That's so funny CLplus!!

None here yet. One time I thought maybe they had because I found flake type stuff in my bra, but I tried to get some out and nothing came. Lol. TMI, but my husband would definitely know with as much time as he spends with my boobs/nipples. Haha!
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I've definitely started leaking/producing here at 29 weeks. I'll join the TMI bandwagon here with the fact that I probably wouldn't have realized it if it weren't for DH. He was pretty excited...I'll leave it at that
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Yeah... my husband seems just a LITTLE too interested in asking me which boob it is that's started leaking already and which one needs, um, "encouragement", as he puts it. I tried to explain that it's not that one ISN'T working, it's just that one is an overachiever. But apparently, it's still some kind of challenge situation to get the other one to go. Yay? Lol.
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my boobs starting making colostrum at 16 weeks... they don't really leak though but the nipples always have flaky stuff on them. fun. My husband finds it fascinating.

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You ladies are brave.  I didn't want DH to do anything with my boobs my first pregnancy.  They were sore and now that I'm nursing, they are even more off limits.  Last thing I want is to be fondled after being sucked on and picked at after putting DS to bed.  I guess it's not so bad now that he only nurses in the morning, before naps and sleep and when his feelers get hurt. Poor guy (DH) .  He's such a boob man.  I blame it on his mom.  He was BF'd till 4 or 5.  


I could have been producing longer but don't really know because of the nursing.  I'm an over producer and donated milk my last time around.  I'm hoping to be able to do it again but with tandem nursing, I have no idea how it will go.  Only time will tell.



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I'm not having any spontaneous leaking. I just gave a squeeze of the girls and the right one produced a tiny drop, but the left one didn't.

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I'm not leaking at all yet. I do the squeeze test pretty often to check lol

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