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I can't stand the books "On the Day You Were Born" and "The Night You Were Born." Many moms traumatized by the birth experience also hate those books. I count myself in with them but also don't like the inflated sense of self-worth that the books seem to promote. It also feels like I'm lying to my child. Not even Prince George got that welcome like the books describe. I got the difference between figurative and literal and those books are way too figurative for me...

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I'm not a fan of Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch! My little one started his "Noooo!" phase right around the time he was gifted this book. Coincidence? I think not!

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I don't like the dinosaur books, can't think of the exact names but its a series like, "How does a Dinosaur go to Bed" and stuff like that. My kid can go to bed any damn way he wants and we don't need dinosaurs telling us how!! Okay maybe I'm a little over board LOL!

I used to be friends with this rough looking biker dude and I will never forget his girlfriend telling me that he stumbled across "The Giving Tree" and sat down to read it. He then broke into tears!!! I really like that book.

Oh and I hate the Llama Llama books. Pushing their mainstream agenda on my child! Once again, I'm going overboard LOL.
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Originally Posted by csteely View Post


Love Beatrix Potter (but I'm a biologist so I love the predator-prey depictions, ahem).

I'm actually a biologist as well. Don't know why I hate the Beatrix Potter books, but I do.

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Dora books! It really doesn't help that they appeal to kids at the same age where they like to read the same book over and over.

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Anything Dora or Diego is absolutely torture to read. 

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Personally, the Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog books (originals) make me nuts.  Never liked them, even as a kid.  Berenstain Bears, and Critter books - oh-so-annoying!  Seuss books are fine, but I only ever read them once a day.  Disney versions of any classic fairy tales have never set foot in my house.  The Magic Tree House makes me gag - I find them quite patronizing of kids.

So, to end positively, what did I enjoy sharing with my kids?  K. Y. Craft's books, Sleeping Beauty by Mercer and Marianna Meyer, P. J. Lynch's books,  The Full Belly Bowl by Jim Aylesworth, pretty much anything by Jan Brett, Piggie Pie, Custard the Dragon, The Root Children (almost any version), any Elsa Beskow books, Wild Child, Winter Waits, Spring's Sprung.....and so many others, I could go on-and-on for pages.  So really, I don't think my children have suffered much for the books I've omitted.  :D

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I'm with you on the Disney books. I wouldn't necessarily mind that they are Disney, but they're SOOO badly written I can't stand to read them aloud.

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I don't like any Seuss books. Too many made up words and nonsense. I won't let my beginner reader try to read them out loud because the words are so screwy.

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I really love "I Love You Forever."  A little weird, yes, but the mother/son love is so sweet.  I try to think of it as being more figurative than literal.

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Originally Posted by kbluspiro View Post

I'm with you on the Disney books. I wouldn't necessarily mind that they are Disney, but they're SOOO badly written I can't stand to read them aloud.

I hate those Disney  books. I call them movie books and the kids know that I will never read them to them.  If I want the story I will just watch the movie.  Ugg they are ghastly.

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I hate the "David" books and Skippyjon Jones books. I ordered both in school mass market paperback when we were going to be overseas for an extended period and I hadn't seen either in person. They are not at all to my taste, and the David books are terribly "bratty". My in-laws have purchased some dull, preachy ones that I also didn't care for such as one about "filling your bucket" and the Lois Ehlert leaf books. *yawn*  But then they also found the enchanting baby wombat book, so it is a mixed bag. ;)


We love the Llama Llama books, especially the Llama, Llama Misses Mama book because it was very appropriate for us when my DD was adjusting to preschool. I don't find the Red Pajama book all that problematic even though we have a different parenting style (co-sleeping). *shrug* It is refreshing to occasionally see examples of co-sleeping families in readings, but unfortunately I mostly only see those in our Japanese language picture books! :) We also enjoy the Dinosaur books. However our favorites, for an unusual one, include "a lot of otters"- something about the fantasy of the story and the artwork just weaves a spell for us, and i love the connection between child and mother depicted. We also like "where the wild things are" and "goodnight moon." My daughter adores the Corduroy books as well.

We read Seuss because my daughter enjoys it, but it is something of a chore.

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Disney books. Anything Disney. Especially Cars or Princesses.

Anything about Dora too. DEATH TO DORA.


Ping the Duck. Horrible, nasty book that normalizes corporal punishment.


I agree with the Llama Llama books being a reinforcement of "mainstream" ideas too, and not only that but an ego-stroke for mainstream moms. Icky.


Fancy Nancy and her even more stereotyped and shallow cousin Pinkalicious. Gahhhh.


Peter Rabbit.


Little House series. HATE those books and hated them as a kid.

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If Dora is found dead we will all know who the main suspect is...

We have some crappy book about The Lion King and my son LOVES it. Why is this stuff published and my great American novel languishes on my computer???? LOL
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Cant stand creepy "Love you Forever"......I also dislike the controlling tone of "The Runaway Bunny" Margaret Wise Brown

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Originally Posted by Dela View Post


Anything about Dora too. DEATH TO DORA.


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UGH. The Little Critter books - every single one of them. They are pointless! One starts out "I was so mad" then ends with "I will be mad again tomorrow." Well, great idea - let's teach kids to not LET GO and resolve anger issues.


And I am so with you on Green Eggs and Ham. Easy read, just rolls off the tongue, but so many underlying issues...


(btw LOVE this thread!!!)

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Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. No good reason. It just bugs me.
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Originally Posted by heatherlyb View Post

I don't think you should view The Giving Tree as analogous to human relationships. It's quite clearly about man's exploitation of nature, which gives and gives and gives, until there's nothing left. I LOVE that book, even though it makes me cry every time.

I hate anything by Richard Scarry, and the Berenstain Bears annoy me to no end. Every Disney "book" (aka, profit/brand extender) should be burned.

Originally Posted by kbluspiro View Post

I'm with you on the Disney books. I wouldn't necessarily mind that they are Disney, but they're SOOO badly written I can't stand to read them aloud.

They are definitely profit/brand extenders, and awful. Any of those books based on licensed characters are like that. Most of the time they don't even credit the "author" on the cover, because they're not someone's art that they put thought and love into, they're slick crap to sell more product. We were soooooooo happy to return a princess ANTHOLOGY to the library last week. It was torture.

My dad and stepmom have no idea how to look for interesting children's books, and therefore always buy what they consider classics: Beatrix Potter, Disney or Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss. None of these things resonate with me anymore, though I liked them as a kid.
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I do like The giving tree, it shows giving gives mostly happiness, taking gives mostly discontentness.


I don't like most our dutch children's books sad to say. Almost every book has the moral of children that have to listen or else, children are naughty and/or stupid everything goes wrong in almost every book. It is hard to search for nice childrens books. Therefore I tend to buy a lot of english books, she learns english at the same time. :)


Also I don't like marketing books, like Dora etc.

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