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Must Have Items - Registry

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I'm a first time Mom and we have nothing for baby.  I'm working on putting together a thoughtful registry for our family/friends who may be gracious enough to buy something for us. 


I want to keep it simple and to the essentials.  I do NOT want a house full of crazy baby stuff that we most likely wont need/use. 


What are those one or two things that you have on your registry or that you've used with previous kiddos that I should consider? 


Few basics that I've already got covered:

  • High Chair (Stokke Tripp Trapp)
  • Car Seat
  • Basic clothes, socks, onesies, jammies, etc.


We are going to cloth diaper as well but haven't decided what I want to put on the registry yet (waiting to do a CD class). 


Any must haves?


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I had this long reply but it disappeared!


That's my baby registry. This is our 5th but we don't have much baby stuff as our youngest is 5 now, so it is like starting over only we know just what we need and want.

Absolute basics are a sling, diapers and washer/dryer. Baby clothes, nothing fancy (you can see on my registry I mostly want lap shoulder shirts). I'll make my own pocket sling.

I love the baby hammock to keep baby safe from little ones frolicking around. This would be true if you had pets, too.

We will likely sidecar a bassinet or crib to make our (very high) bed safer and to add room for stacks of diapers and wipes.

I have used loads of diapering systems but will rely on the old favorite system this time, prefolds and wool.

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Thanks Tabitha!  I have a lot of the same stuff you do!  Do you/have you used Charlie's before for your cloth diapering?  I see some of the reviews are concerned with Charlie's and hard water. 


I added an amber necklace and a baby gate (duh!).




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I have used Charlie's, for two babies and one toddler. Never had a problem, although IME it is always good to use a new detergent for a wash through every couple of months. When I used Charlie's we lived in southern Missouri with some of the nation's hardest water.

I don't have anyone in diapers right now so I am just using Costco Eco detergent.

As for baby gate, this will be my first time with one... Never had stairs! I think I will put two in, me at top and one at bottom. My babies are mobile quick. My daughter was fully walking at 7 mos, my sons 8 mos. so I have to be ready!
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My suggestion would be to keep it simple. Money and gift cards are also great. I found that I had particular ideas about how I would parent or what my baby would like/need that didn't pan out. It's actually best to wait until after baby is born to stock up. We ended up with a lot of things we never or barely used (e.g. A stroller, a pack and play, a baby swing, a bumbo, puree food making accessories - we went striaght to table foods, a crib, rtc.) Even the cloth diapers I purchased didn't work out quite how I planned and our system needing tweaking. If you're into babywearing, carriers are great. You might want to see if there's a local babywearing group as they might have a lending library so you can figure out which types of carriers you like (soft structured, sling, wrap). Gates and outlet covers were the only baby proofing we did.
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While not a necessity, it is really nice to have a comfy glider or rocker if you have the room. Mine got me through many nights of a fussy baby, feedings, sick snuggly days, then toddler nighttime reading before bed. I only took it out of DS's room at age 4, and it will be out of storage again in Feb. Mine was a friend's old glider, so it's worth asking around or putting on a registry. Good luck!
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Here's a list of stuff I discovered I *didn't* need with my son:
- A changing table. The thing about a changing table is you train yourself to *only* change your baby on a changing table, which is silly. Just stock up on flannel receiving blankets, which make terrible swaddled but great changing "pads" and you can lay baby down on your bed or on the floor or wherever to change a diaper.
- Bouncy seat. Sure, it came in handy the first couple of weeks when we needed to put him down and he didn't take kindly to lying on his back, but the swing replaced the bouncy seat very quickly, and the bouncy seat was just another quickly-outgrown thing cluttering the house. And, to be honest, I kind of regret resorting to the swing...but he was a reflux baby and needed upright positioning to help him sleep.
- Crib mobile. Babies can stare at anything and be fascinated. Hang some wind chimes or prisms near a window to give the same stimulation without spending a ton on something you'll have to remove from the crib once he/she is able to stand in the crib.
- Exersaucer. Yeah, it was handy as a baby containment/entertainment device, but a playard stocked with measuring cups, collendars and hand bells can do the same thing. Or you can use your high chair and attach toys with suction cups.
- Bumbo seat. Huge waste of money, something that gets recalled every other year, and I'm now of the belief that unless your little can sit up on his/her own, there's no need to prop him/her up. Let babies go at their own developmental pace.
- Diaper bag. It's just, literally, a pain. Get a well-designed daypack or bike messenger bag instead. As for babywearing, I would love to see a carrier designed that was a hybrid carrier/diaper bag. The only one I've seen is a backpack style that is no good for carrying small infants. An ok solution is getting an Ergo cargo attachment, which is basically a fanny pack that hangs from the bottom of the Ergo carrier...still, doesn't hold much more than an extra disposable diaper, a small wallet and keys.

Things that I could not live without:
- Co-sleeper
- Baby carrier (I used the Moby and the Ergo carrier, and plan on getting a ring sling for Nibbler)
- Sleep sheep (or other white noise device)
- swaddling blankets (specifically aiden + anais)
- cheap cloth flats to use as burp cloths/changing pads
- Pocket diapers
- diaper covers, diaper "socks" & hemp inserts for night time
- board books
- Hyland's teething tablets
- infant car seat
- big mirror for back seat
- good backpack for diaper bag
- Pack n Play
- gate-style play yard
- umbrella stroller
- high chair
- blender & containers for homemade baby food
-baby plates & utensils
- lots of bins to store outgrown clothes in (to save for next baby)

Things that I'm planning on getting this time around:
- ring sling
- Moses basket
- diaper sprayer
- 2 diaper pails & wet/dry bags (one for sleeping area, one for main family area)
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I love my mei tai style baby carrier, co-sleeper, obviously car seat (infant is nice for keeping baby warm in Alaska, but my babies are in there as little as possible), good sized swaddling blanket, small manual pump, washable breast pads, my Nose Frida.

This time, I plan to buy a decent swing and update my cloth diaper stash a bit. Oh and get a few Earth Mama Angel Baby things for me postpartum. I am not a boppy or bumbo mom and do Baby Led Weaning with solids. I do have a free changing table that is useful for organizing my eclectic cloth diaper stash and supplies and baby's clothes.

If you say nothing, you will just get tons of clothes at a shower (unless you don't announce the gender). I have spearheaded cloth diaper orders for friends from church. That is lots of fun and really helpful for the mother. I collect money from friends and buy crunchy baby supplies and cloth diapers to fill a gift basket. It helps the mom and those who don't know an AIO from a flat can just pitch in a few dollars. I went to a local diaper store on black Friday and -woohoo! Everyone got happy deals!
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Thanks for starting this thread. I'm a first-time mum as well. So far we've been really lucky getting a bunch of stuff from freecycle. We're the 'crunchy' ones in our group so I'm definitely going to have to think carefully about what to put on the registry or I'll end up with a bunch of stuff we don't want, like the bumbo. 

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It really depends.  I think everyone has their "essentials," but it is honestly hard to know what you will or won't use until after you have the baby.   Even if you plan to cosleep, I think it is nice to have the option of a crib or bassinet in case you consider it isn't for you.  There is so much schlock out there for sale, though, it can get so ridiculous.  The prices are insane.  We bought a lot of stuff off of Craigslist. 


A simple stroller is always a nice thing to have - we have one like this (http://www.amazon.com/Chicco-Ct0-6-Lightweight-Stroller-Topazio/dp/B001OM3YL0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375325128&sr=8-1&keywords=chicco+capri) and it has served us well. 


Some sort of baby carrier -- I like the Ergo carrier - or a Moby wrap or sling for the early newborn days.


A simple toy - My kids always liked this one and played with it from about 3 mos on (http://www.amazon.com/Lamaze-Play-Freddie-Firefly-Along/dp/B000I2Q0F4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375325280&sr=8-1&keywords=freddy+firefly)


We liked this one , too, - http://www.amazon.com/Camden-Rose-1000-Cherry-Rattle/dp/B000VKYBYA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375325350&sr=8-1&keywords=cherry+rattle


Swaddling blankets are very helpful to have.  People seem to like Aden and Anais b/c they are bigger than most.  Haven't tried them personally.


Nursing bras if you are nursing (I highly recommend Bravado)


A breast pump (check with your health insurance, a lot of health plans will pay for these)


baby fingernail clippers


A thermometer


Some bibs


A couple of board books


some baby bowls/spoons

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Oh, and a bathtub !

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I found almost everything useless except a good collection of carriers that I expanded on over the months (started with a soft Moby wrap, added an Ergo, a mei tai, a woven wrap, more buckles, good baby carriers are so awesome!) Oh, and breasts. Cloth diapers. 

Things we DID NOT use:

Baby bathtub. Babies like to be on mother's chest where temperature is naturally regulated and heartbeat is soothing and milk is flowing. Best bedtime ritual ever. Mama and baby in a lavender oil bath. 

Baby socks. Impossible! Useless! Great as finger puppets in the middle of the night when completely insane and sleep deprived and trying to wake spouse. 

Crib. Great for torturing yourself with trying to get baby to sleep in it. Great for holding clean clothes.

Bassinet. See Crib. 

Baby nail clippers. Impossible to use on baby fingers! Easier to just bite off nails with my teeth honestly. 

Breast pump. Didn't listen to The Womanly Art. Gave myself oversupply. Major, major suckage. (har har) WOrried constantly about how much was pumping for no reason. 

Stroller. He hated it. Wanted to be on mama's chest. Baby carriers trumped fancy expensive stroller, sold it after a year and three uses. 

Bibs. They catch nothing. You're still going to wash that shirt. 

Diaper bag. Any nice comfy large bag will do; leather totes wipe easily, canvas is very washable. After a few months I didn't really see the point in toting all that stuff with me anyway, left it in the car. 


Things I will get this time: 

EXTRA SHEETS FOR MY BED. Plus those nice reusable waterproof pads (Amazon has them, great for homebirths) so when the breasts and the mama and the baby all leak at 2am, no big deal. 

MORE CARRIERS. Because, really, can you ever have too many? A woven wrap for the newborn this time instead of a stretchy. Plus what I still have from my 3 year old. 

Baby hammock. Making my own. 

Wool covers. Bulletproof.

Baby shirts. Onesies are ridiculous. 

Bidet. Because every birthing mother deserves one!

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The Nose Frida is a great addition to the list. Thanks. Would have never used it as a first time mom.

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Wow - Nose Frida - never heard of it. Interesting! Might have to get one of those...


I agree with what most people are suggesting for you. I really think for the 'big ticket' items like strollers, swings and cribs, you should wait a bit to see what will work for you. Our kids HATED the top of the line swing we bought. I've owned a total of 6 strollers, trying to find the right one. Nice. I wanted to co-sleep so badly, and tried it with each one, but our mattress is in awful shape (baby rolls to the middle and/or against one of us) so we always used the bassinet, right next to the bed. 


I disagree about the diaper bag comments, though. This may be a bit pricey (but if someone else is gifting it ...) I LOVE Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags! They are worth checking out! I have the Be All and the BeTween, but am planning on getting the BFF this time around. They last a long time, are machine washable, have LOTS of thoughtful organization/pockets just to name a few fave features. And they hold their value if you want to re-sell on craigslist or something. 


Also, I swear by these bibs (for mealtimes). This is the toddler size (which my kids usually wear up to 2.5) but they also have a baby sized version, too. 


And THE must have for us? This lambskin for sleeping on. It instantly creates 'bed/home' for my babies/kids no matter where we actually are (the floor at a relative's house, in the car, on a plane). You can read up on the benefits of sleeping on wool (warm in winter, cool in summer, etc). My 4 y/o still sleeps with hers and I'm sure my 6 y/o would too if I hadn't ruined it with the wrong detergent. Grr..


BTW you are SO SMART for asking advice. We bought and were given tons of stuff we didn't need and rarely used ... but at least we never got a wipes warmer LOL

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I second the reusable waterproof pads if you plan on co-sleeping. We have a couple of them and they've saved our mattress and our sanity in the middle of the night.
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Like others said, different people's list of must-haves are going to vary. We didn't use the baby bath much (mom insisted we have it, I didn't really see the need) and I don't even plan on getting it out of storage for the next one, but I would have occasionally used a Bumbo if we had one (didn't want to drop $40 on something we'd only use for a month, though, and I never found anyone who would lend us one). My husband spent $$ on a Baby Bullet and we used it maybe twice--we just went straight to soft solids rather than doing many purees. We had a baby food grinder and it sucked. We never got a diaper bag and now we just use whatever bag happens to be appropriate to the occasion. Never liked the wrap carrier and will probably sell it. Johnny Jump Up didn't get much use. 


I WOH so couldn't get along without my breast pump, and for next time I know that using it ONCE for the initial engorgement is not going to wreck my breastfeeding experience! Also I had scads of cloth breast pads and they were awesome. We used the heck out of bibs from about 4-6 months particularly, since she was drooling all the time, and it was either change bib 8x/day or change shirt 8x/day. The idea of biting baby's fingernails wigs me out and we definitely got some mileage out of the clippers (next time I'll bring them to the hospital!) I like onesies instead of shirts so they don't ride up. 


All I really need for this next baby is... hmm. If we don't get daughter out of the crib-turned-toddler-bed and into a big-kid bed, we need a crib or bassinet or something (I'll probably try to borrow one), and some seasonally-appropriate clothes in small sizes, since daughter was born in June and we don't have any winter newborn clothes. I might consider getting a better bouncy seat, ours doesn't have good supports and was useless after 2 months, and sometimes it was really nice to be able to park her there. Other than that we don't need a whole lot. We have a complete supply of BumGenius and every diapering thing I can think of. 

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Erigeron - we have a bumbo we got 2 years ago before they put straps on them. It's currently being used as a doll seat because once I put my daughter in it while I took a shower. She was sitting in it on the floor and the shower curtain was partially open. She pushed her hips up and forward and fell out of it. She wasn't injured, but I was shaken. We never used it again. I don't think they're safe, personally.

I 'm also a fan of baby nail clippers and onesies until they walk.

In terms of a high chairs, this was also impacted by our parenting decisions. We did baby led solids (skipping puréed food) and so it was really important to us that she ate with us at the table. Thus, we selected a booster seat with a tray. Also, to keep DD from chocking, it was important that it didn't tilt back as many high chairs do. I found it very difficult to explain to get family on board with our plans. People often wanted to buy us what worked for them assuming it would work for us too, even when we asked them not to.
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The Bumbo thing -- I never understood it, really.  There is a reason why babies do not sit up before a certain age.  And, I strongly feel, they shouldn't.  I'm a big fan of floor time, you can never do enough.  All of the various seats and swings and contraptions you can put them in can do more harm because they won't develop the right muscles needed to develop.  I wish someone had stressed that to me when I was a first time mom.

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My daughter went through a phase from about 4 1/2-6 1/2 months where she couldn't sit up but didn't want to lie down. She had outgrown the bouncy chair. She had to be held or sat on our laps or worn tons and tons... and it was just so hard on our backs. I wanted a Bumbo to park her in sometimes just to give our spines a break! I do agree that the various contraptions shouldn't be overused, but I also think that 10 minutes in a contraption a couple of times a day is not going to wreck a kid's development; the real hazard is in leaving them there for long periods of time. I can also appreciate the utility of the Exersaucer sort of thing for somewhere to stash a mobile baby for a minute while you take dinner out of the oven, or pee, or put the dogs in the back yard, or do something else where you would like them out from underfoot for a little bit. 


I wouldn't load up on gadgets or use them all day, but I do think they have their uses. 

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About tiny nails, a LLL leader taught me with my first to use tiny curved scissors, and I don't use anything else until they're much older- even my 6yo gets the scissors. Very precise and never too short.

I'm against contraptions and won't deny it, especially plastic ones. That said, I do love a baby hammock for slipping a sleeping baby right from the sling so I can bathe or cook. I milked cows with Rome in a baby hammock. We put hooks up in the house and the milking stall for the hammock so I could walk him out there, bucket in my other hand. Now that's a handy contraption! Ours was from Nova Natural and we passed it on. I hope to buy another just like it.

With regard to waiting to see how your parenting plays out, I strongly discourage that when it comes to breastfeeding, cloth diapering and cosleeping. These are not things our culture smiles upon or supports us in, and especially if this is your first time doing things this way I would encourage you not to sell yourself short by having disposables on hand, or formula, or a crib 'in case cosleeping isn't for you'. IME these choices take dedication. They will almost certainly work. Don't doubt! Surround yourself with supportive people and learn all you can. Looking back I still remember how uncertain I felt with my first. I'll never forget putting his first diaper on. It took two of us for a few days to wrangle that snappi and Velcro cover. And breastfeeding! Luckily I had been to a LLL meeting beforehand and had their phone numbers. Cosleeping was the only thing that went off without a hitch. We've slept with them all and had different arrangements each time, (this time a sidecar will be necessary to add space) I'm so grateful to be seasoned in my choices (although I am sure this baby will offer its share of surprises!) but I'm also envious of you new moms who get to do it all for the very first time.
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