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"My achin' back" chiropractic advice please!

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So my back is a little wonky, not too bad I'd guess, but typical falls/accidents/poor posture kind of "off".  I have been seeing a chiropractor for about a month now and my sixth visit is tomorrow.  I wasn't in any real pain initially, but since starting to see her I hurt!  She specializes in pregnant women and little ones.  DS was stuck for forever in me, so I thought that working with a chiro to make sure he is positioned correctly and that I am in line enough to let him through sounded like a good idea.  It still (theoretically) sounds like a good idea to me!  But over the past couple of weeks I have developed debilitating pains that shoot through my tendons/ligaments (from up in the ilium to about halfway down my thighs, either inside and outside but not at the same time).  They cripple me, like I nearly fall over and probably would if they lasted more than a second, and then I am fine and can walk and walk and walk.  Otherwise, structurally, I feel great!  I feel more aligned than I have in years. 


What I would like to know is this.. Is this just part of an overall healing or realigning process?  Has this happened to anyone else?  Is anyone else currently experiencing this without chiropractic treatments, or despite them as I am?  Do you guys think that it is related more to where I am in this pregnancy and how I am carrying than chiropractic treatments?  Whatever else you have to add would be great to hear!


*I will be talking with my chiropractor about this at my appt tomorrow, but wanted to get some external thoughts and advice as well. 


Thanks y'all!

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Ow! I'm so sorry you're having more pain than when you started. :-( I am no expert, but it seems like something that shouldn't happen. I've been seeing a chiro for about 2 months now- and when I started I was in a lot of pain in my lower back. Within 3 or 4 visits, I was pain-free and I continue to be. I hope you get some idea of what's going on at your next visit!
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I would definitely mention it to the chiro but I know for me, a lot of my aches and pains change throughout pregnancy. I saw a chiro for my awful sciatic pain and I usually felt better for a day or two. Then it got worse, and then it got better since the baby has dropped. So I think it could definitely be how the baby is positioned or just one of those pregnancy thing. Still, talk to you chiro about it and maybe she can figure out what is causing it.

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Sounds normal to me for late pregnancy - baby is down low, pressing funny on your spine/etc and you're just going to get a lot of random shooting pains.  I know that I get more RLP when baby is in the right position - unfair, but true.  Hang in there! I am convinced the chiro helps my baby's positions so I have really effective, short labors.

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