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My 6 year old builds the weirdest stuff

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I just found an empty plastic juice bottle stuffed with tissue paper, apparently some water (?) was poured on top and all this was finished with an eraser on top inside the bottle.  I am always finding spoons taped to..... anything really.  I need to take up stock in 3M because I go through so much.  Lots of dental floss.  Sometimes when I ask him what he is creating he can't answer.  Other times he is trying to build something you don't really build.  An example escapes me at the moment.  I try not to squelch but I do when he is using a material he should not or doing something dangerous like trying to tape our bath mat to the stairs.  He couldn't tell me exactly why he was doing this.  When I explained how we couldn't do this because one could trip and fall down the stairs, I found him several minutes later trying to tape a bed sheet to the stairs.  I had to be more specific that we couldn't attach anything to the stairs.  Anyway........ can I harness this trait for the good??  Any thoughts

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Thoughts?  My nearly 7yo daughter is/was exactly like this, and I've posted about it frequently (not in any one thread, unfortunately).  


I think the good is harnessed.  He'll figure out what acceptable and what isn't bit by bit.  Mine has.  Mostly.

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I feel like I need to supply him with erector sets and the like but we have lots of building materials.  Tinker toys, legos, wooden blocks and many others of which I don't know the proper name.  He seems to prefer trying to make things out of household materials.  


On a related note.....he has always loved to dress up but I don't know if he enjoys flying around with his superman cape (one I made for him out of fleece) or drawing, coloring, cutting out and taping this homemade armor to his body because he is Iron Man.  


I can appreciate his creativity, albeit weird.  Is this the mind of a young mechanic? Abstract artist? Inventor? Architect? Engineer?  Or just a goofy kid??  Maybe I just show him some of this stuff and see if he latches on to anything in particular.  He is only 6.  He has time to find his way.  I am just praying for patience...... I found a spoon in the milk jug tonight.  Guess who??  I am just so relieved it was a spoon and not one of his toys or something really gross.


Thank you, sweet silver, it feels good knowing that I am not alone.

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My almost 6y.o. is like this too and has been for a couple years.  She likes to put paper in bottles, fold napkins and tissue up in weird ways and wrap it around things...luckily she's not doing anything dangerous or inappropriate like putting things into our food or drinks, so I don't know what I'd do if she did.  


I find that blankets, scarves, clothing and paper are her favorite tools for sure.  Also crayons and pencils...and they are not used as crayons or pencils.  I guess if there's something you really don't want him to have access without your guidance you can move it but other than that I'm not really sure.  

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All the things you mentioned were well-received with dd2.  Just don't have any expectations as to how things are used orngtongue.gif.  DD2 would have strung up the erector set bolts onto the string she always collected to stretch between shelf and toy house with scotch tape for her Risk pieces, if I hadn't insisted things stay together as a set (a rare request--and rare compliance as she never balked about that one).  But she did and does love building sets, though she most often builds crazy stuff of her own creation (and sense of logic) than follow instructions or make something specific and recognizable.


For fun, I would plant things around the house instead of throwing them away, and almost without fail, she would figure out some way to play with them.  (A spray cap top became the "egg" she would stuff paper dolls into to pip, just about anything long and stringy became leashes, twist ties were collected, she even had games for plastic shards for cryin'outloud.)


Baby blocks are still being used weekly.  She has a crazy, wild imagination that is a joy to watch in action.  And, yes, painful at the same time... but in the end, I chose giving her freedom to create and the household chaos that comes with it rather than prioritizing order.


ETA: It took a long time to keep laying the ground rules for both my girls (no cutting the cat's hair, etc. etc. etc.), and they still occasionally need reminding, but they both still have free access to scissors and yarn and paper and tools that is the stuff of their endless creations.


Oh, and scotch tape.  Can't forget the scotch tape.

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