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Hmm, good to know about the shower thing.  My closest friends are very practical-minded and I've made my registry known, so maybe that will help.  I'd so much rather everyone go in together to get me the nice carseat than get a million bibs! I did realize, though, that toys and clothes would be plentiful and didn't even take those into consideration when we were planning out how to afford a baby lol.

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I'm using a website, http://www.mysecondhandbaby.com/, which I love! If I don't have specific preferences, I can ask for something general. If it's something specific I want, I can post the link to the item. I can encourage friends and family to shop at thrift stores and take advantage of hand-me-downs for just about everything.


The few things that I want new are: careseat/stroller, breast pump, and video baby monitor. Everything else is pretty generic. As time gets closer to my shower, I may refine my list a bit, but for now I'm really happy with using this website.

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Here's my sort of wish list:




I really don't need much, not even everything here.  I need some more clothes and probably some more newborn sized diapers, and that is about it.  But it is fun looking at everyone else's lists!


Roisin the common recommendation for a booster is 4 years and 40 pounds at  minimum.  It is about maturity in addition to size, so generally a 2 or 3 year old can't remember to stay straight in their seatbelt, no leaning, no slouching, no moving the belt, even if the seat fits them.  Lida's recommendation is a good one.  A forward facing harness to booster seat for the older one and pass on the convertible to the new baby (as long as it is one with low enough slots for a newborn).  Then, when the baby outgrows the convertible, if the older still needs a booster, you can buy a cheap no back booster, and pass it on down.  :-)  I'm slightly obsessed with all things car seats.  ;-)

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I've pretty much only gotten practical things at my showers. And diapers! The diaper raffle is the best thing ever.

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My sister and my aunt just gave me a giant collection of stuff - mostly clothes - and a mom of twin boys gave me 2 Bumbos with little white trays that attach to them because her boys were past using them and they were taking up space. I am hoping my showers are more on the practical side without 50 baby bibs!

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Haha, since we found out its a boy, I've been purging all our stuff and man, I have 20 bibs at least, and I remember getting rid of 20 when I was pregnant with DD2, because its not something we use (not the cloth ones). Luckily, most of them were passed onto me. As sad as it makes me to give away my little girl clothes, it is nice to be able to clear out my basement and hopefully I will find a mam who needs this stuff. I was fortunate to be gifted a lot of clothes, and I'm hoping to pay it forward. Oh, and another mom just offered me all her boy things orngbiggrin.gif
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Subbing to get some ideas of what to put on my list. At our company we have a tradition of collecting money and buying a gift for whoever has a new baby. With DD, I tipped off my coworker about my Amazon list and they ended up getting us almost most of it!


Right now the only things I can think of to put on my wishlist are boy clothes and a baby monitor. I can't think of anything else at the moment. We were very minimalist with DD (all I bought myself were some clothes, a car seat and a bed). The rest of the things we either received as gifts or ordered them from Amazon as needed.


Speaking of baby monitors, any recommendations? We didn't need one with DD because our place was so small. I took a look the other day and so many options (so tired of making small decisions...)

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Since I don't have much to purchase for the baby, I have found most everything at used kids' stores- cosleeper, monitor, diaper stuff, hats, socks, clothes, bouncer.  We have a good one in town and I'm so so grateful.  I always shop there first for all my kids! I go a few times a month and wander around, looking at all my kids' sizes in clothes and shoes; I find most all of their clothes there.  And I sell there too so often have money in my account.  

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Good for you, Jenny! I do the same thing...only I haven't got to selling much yet!! A friend just offered to pass on all her boy stuff to me, so that's one thing off my list!
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I'm waiting til I move to start buying stuff because I know there's a good kid's consignment store right by our new house, but I plan to buy everything we need for this baby second hand. You only use most of the stuff a few months anyway, and I'm cheap, lol! I've been scanning Craigslist for stuff too. DPs sister is giving us all the bottles she had (her DS turned 1 in March) and a lady I work with had a girl last December and is giving us some clothes. The only new stuff we have is the clothes I have been making for her (from my disturbingly large fabric hoard!) and anything other people want to buy us. 


And anything I can get at World Market for $25! For some reason one of my sister's gave us a gift card to there with a "congratulations on the new baby" card. It's a nice thought and I appreciate the gesture but I'm pretty everything in the store is the stuff you have to put up when you have young kids in the house.

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Mine so far. This is Baby #4 but a few things have gotten worn out. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/139JZ07161OB4/ref=topnav_lists_2

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I will also need to purchase a convertible carseat for my 2 year old so he can continue to rear-face (500x safer!!!!) and his convertible seat will pass on to Baby Zephyr. Please everyone, do NOT use booster for young kids- they are meant for kids big enough and MATURE enough for them which is typically around 5-6 years old!

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My kids didn't move to a booster until they were about 5...before then they weren't mature enough to keep the belt across their chest and would unbuckle themselves for fun (learned that with my first).  The Radian is a fantastic seat; it's a convertible but they can stay in it until they move to a booster, it's tall, narrow, well enough padded and seems comfortable.  That's the one I recommend.  The Britax convertibles are cushy and nice but they sit really high so harder for kids to get into in my van; and they are bulky to move if you need to.

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Semi-on topic.  I noticed a bunch of us are using Amazon wish lists.  Amazon has a baby registry feature (make a registry and then move the items in your wishlist, into the registry), if you buy anything off your registry within 30 days of your due date (I believe) they will give you an extra 10% off.  Seems to me like a good way to get a discount on things that are often not discounted much (like some of those nice strollers).  Also, I imagine you could fudge the date, if you really wanted to buy stuff sooner ;-)  I think the big outfits (babies r us and similar) do something like this as well, but their prices are not generally as good as Amazon's to begin with.

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Thanks for the tip, Court.  Here's mine- http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=wish_list

I had fun staying up late doing that, to sounds of husband making a new floor in the kitchen.

I wonder, do any of you have any suggestions about how to share this with family and friends?  I won't be having a shower or anything, but people like my mom, mother in law, friends will give us some kind of baby gift...but I don't want to send an email that comes off as presumptuous, as if I expect gifts, because I don't.  But since baby is due around Christmas, I'd rather get a stroller or wrap than a soup pot or something! ; )  Also my birthday is right before Thanksgiving, and would rather get baby gifts then too! 

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Jenny, the accepted practice for getting that kind of information around is to tell your mother, and MIL, "I created a registry of all the baby stuff we are planning to buy. Just in case anyone asks you about buying us a gift, you can give them this link."

I actually had moved all of our want items to a registry on Amazon, but then I realized the wish lists are more flexible. You can add items that are just text, not links to anything specific, which is good for me because there are some things I haven't picked out yet but don't want to forget.
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I have an amazon registry that is set to private for now--mostly because I cant make up my mind with what I want and am constantly editing it. Since they too discount 10% anything that is left unpurchased, I have added even household items on there that I want (like natural laundry detergent, twin bed and mattress, towels, etc). I figured it is stuff I need and will end up purchasing anyways, so why not get an extra % off if I can.

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while we are talking % off, Fred Meyer sends you a 10% off coupon when your baby born, good for 3 months, on almost anything in the store.

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Originally Posted by Taryn237 View Post


Is it awful I'm hoping someone throws me a sprinkle?  I've thrown several for second babies and this is my fourth and I've never had anything after my initial baby shower my first pregnancy.


Seriously, every baby needs a shower.  A real shower.  With a cute cake and blessings all around.  The whole second-babies-don't-need-one is blah humbug!  If I lived near you, I'd throw you one myself :) Its about the special person growing inside you! They are special! They will get thier own birthday party, surely they count now too!  Seriously.

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I completely agree about every baby deserves a shower! Not just to celebrate the baby, but to celebrate and support the mama and papa, too!  (I prefer co-ed showers so the whole family can be there.) 


I am hoping we get one this time around. I am pretty sure a co-worker plans to throw one for me, but as for a family/firends shower, no one has mentioned it yet. For DS, we had the shower after his birth so that all the family could meet him, too. It worked out well. We live a few hours from lots of  family, so if they are going to make the drive might as well as have a baby to cuddle with. I imagine the same thing will happen again, so I wouldn't expect to hear about it until closer to Dec.


Thanks for the tip Eric's Mama about the Amazon baby registry. We used Amazon for DS's registry, and I had no idea. DH and I had agreed that  we really don't need to make a registry since folks didn't use it last time. (They pretty much buy what they want to buy.) But if it means we can get 10% off, we might as well create the registry for the few things we know we will need/want.

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