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Hi!  I'm Kiersten.  My due date is mid-April.  It's so nice to be able to join this group!  I have 2 girls - ages 4 and 6.  I've enjoyed reading your posts.  Thank you!

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Hi!  I am Niccole.  Just found out we are pregnant with #4 and due 04/14/14!!! We are thrilled.  :)

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Hi! My name is Melanie. Due end of March/beginning of April with #5. Other kids are 2, 4, 8 year old boys & 6 year old girl. smile.gif
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Hey all!!! I'm due April 4, first baby and SO excited!!! Feeling tired but otherwise great :) Excited to share with all of you.


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Oh boy, here we go! My name is Ola, and I'm due on April 8th with baby #2. At least that is what the online calculators say, we'll chat with the midwife and see what she thinks. Feeling normal so far, just a slightly sore lower back and some bloating going on (yuck).


DD is 27 months so this is exactly what we hoped for (little one arriving when she's around 3 y.o.), let's hope our good luck continues! Nice to see you all here.

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I'm in!!! I was here before when having my first little one and I'm back for my 3rd and last baby! The midwife said according to the wheel that I'm due April 13th, but that we'll find out my dates at the first ultrasound. Yeah, I know, but at my age (37) the midwives are required to treat me like I have one foot in the maternity grave. Oh well. That's about it though so I'm happy. Please add me to the list!

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I am due mid April, I am trying not to focus on the due date. I have two other girls 3 and 4. This pregnancy was a big surprise,, but we have adjusted to the idea of having another baby this soon. I am looking forward to my first OB appointment.

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Hello!  I am due April 9 with #3. I have a DD that is 12 and a DS who is 10.  What an amazing adventure this will be. :)

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Hi! I'm due 4/15 with my 3rd! My name is Erica, and I have 2 daughters--age 6 & 2.
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Hi, I'm Catherine & this will be my first baby! 


I'm 37 too. A little scared I'll be pushed into a lot of extra tests for that...


Due April 3!


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Hi, mamas. I'm due with my second on April 8, right before my 40th birthday. If this one is a week late like my first, I won't meet my goal of having my two kids before I'm 40.


My son turned two on June 12.

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Due April 4th with my second (2 under 2! yikes!)

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Due April 4th with my second (2 under 2! yikes!)


BTDT.  Busy and fun.  Congratulations!!  thumb.gif  Actually, I still *am* doing that.   Gaps between my kids are 16 months, 29 months, 22 months, and will be 21m. bouncy.gif

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EDD around April 19th with #2. It feels so much more exciting this time around, and I started recognizing a slew of pregnancy symptoms early on (**crosses fingers for no morning sickness**)

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Hi I'm Darla and due with #2 on April 5th

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Hi! I'm Sara and I'm due in the middle of April with my 2nd. I've spent the last couple years wondering how anyone can handle more than one kid (I'm an only child myself), but I'm really starting to feel like it might be doable. Hopefully those won't be famous last words. I'm so glad to share company with other Moms who've had several kids!

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Hi everyone! I'm Fiona and I'm due April 11th. This will be my third baby, I have a DD who is 9 and a DS who is 6.
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I think I'm due April 23rd, but I'm telling people Spring 2014, because we are UP/UCers. smile.gif This will be baby #4 for me!
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Hi mamas! I'm pregnant with #2, due the first week of April. DS was born December 2011. I was part of such a lovely MDC DDC then (still a very active group!), that I was thinking I don't really want another DDC. But I just met my midwife today, and I'm so full of excitement for this new pregnancy, well, it's good to have a place to share that!

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