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Originally Posted by brookelyn View Post

Hi!  I'm Brooke and I am due April 20th with my third child.  

Hi Brooke! My baby boy is also due April 20th. I also have two daughters who are 7 and 8 years old right now.

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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and this group! I found it while searching something about a hospital I'm looking to give birth at and got excited about the content so joined up!


My name is Erica, I'm expecting my first child on April 10th. 

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Welcome Erica!! smile.gif
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Katie middle of April, 8th pregnancy

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Welcome Katie!!!
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sweetangel, erica & katie welcome!!!


geogator - I wasn't quite sure but am glad I find out. Great you're happy about it, makes the planning process easier!


philo - go the boys!


kamaleialoha - welcome and I'm also due the 20th April with my first,although with a boy. Can't wait.


Had my 25 week midwife appointment yesterday and all going well, although getting much more tired now. Walking the dogs 40 mins a day is not as easy as it used to be!

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Hello Everyone!

I am having my first child, a little girl on April 18th! ~Ashley (realnmyreality)

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Hello everyone!!


I just joined :) My due date is April 30th with our first child and we're having a girl!

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Welcome Ashley and yayforchae! My first baby is a girl, too. It's so much fun! smile.gif
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Hi, I'm Jinhee. It's my first time having a child, and my boy is due on April 7th! Nice to meet everyone here!

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Due end of April.  1st Baby.  Boy.

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I'm Allison, due April 9, 2014 with my second child - a girl. I have an older daughter, Stella, who was born in May 2011.

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Hello all! I'm Claire, and I'm due with babe #1 in the beginning of April :)

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Ooh some new people! Welcome, mamas! I have an older girl too, Allison, born January 2011, and my name is also Alison smile.gif
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So am I!!  Congrats!

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Hi, I'm Irene and I'm due on April 1st with my first baby 

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Welcome :)

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April 26~ 1st

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Im due april 25th with my 12th baby ! My 4th girl smile.gif im very excited, and have also been diagnosed with complete placenta previa. Looking forward to knowing everyone! Congratz to you all!
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Welcome everyone! smile.gif

Orionslight- 12th baby?! My oh my I applaud you! That is so awesome! smile.gif I come from a family of 11 kids and absolutely love it! My husband and I are hoping to be as blest. Would you mind elaborating on their names and ages? (Or just ages if you care about anonymity) wink1.gif. It's just so rare to find double digit families these days and I'm excited to hear more! Welcome! smile.gif
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