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Cosleeping 3 month old

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Does anyone have tips on how to transition a 3 month old from bedsharing to sleeping in an Arms Reach cosleeper?

My 3 month old wont sleep unless she's being held, but I don't sleep well with her in bed with us, and after 3 months of not sleeping, I am exhausted and feeling desperate.

We are ebf and she wakes up 2-3x a night to nurse. After each breastfeeding session I gently place babe into the cosleeper, where she wakes up immediately or after a few minutes. I then nurse her to sleep again and start the process over, until I am crying out of exhaustion and give up and put her in bed with me, because half sleep is better than no sleep.

Please help! I want her in that cosleeper so bad!

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I'm sorry mama,been there. Two years later ds is still in beed with us. We too had a brand new Arm's Reach Cosleeper and around 3 months he refused and continued to refuse. Things did get better though so hugs to you. It is not easy. At 19 months I ended up night weaning and he started to sleep through the night.

I just wanted to send you a hug and a "I understand" message.

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Have you tried swaddling? And I know this breaks safety rules but tummy sleeping worked with both mine... I'm a light sleeper and my babies were big strong frequent waking nursing babies so I felt comfortable breaking this rule. :-/
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I had this probkem with my little one. I would kneel on the bed and sort of hunch over the co-sleeper to nurse while she was in it. This was difficult but it worked for a little while. She eventually rejected the co-sleeper all together and has been in bed with us ever since. I slept with our first daughter so I am comfortable with a family bed. I was really only nervous in the early months because I was so exhausted. It gets easier...ish.
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