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What oils/creams/potions are you using??

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I've been using mother's special blend by mountain ocean which has almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin e- it's a liquid and stays greasy for awhile. I also made a potion of shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, rose and lavender oil that's more like a body butter.


despite using these almost daily (at the minimum after every shower... and no i don't shower daily- more like every other day!) I just now at 27 weeks noticed that there are faint red/purple marks appearing on the bottom half of my boobs.... I went from a 34B/C to a 34/D/DD almost overnight in the first trimester so I dont understand why I'm gettting them now 4 months later!!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!


I am on a war to prevent stretch marks. I don't want to hear " they're genetic there's nothing you can do", because my mom is covered in them from 3 children- but she also gained 60 pounds/50/40 with each pregnancy... and I'm gaining far less than that. 


I'm not so much into things like bio oil/palmer's cocoa butter that are commonly advertised because the ingredients list is full of synthetics and chemicals- I'd rather just go to the active ingredients that work to promote skin elasticity- like vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, calendula, almond oil, etc. 


any good yummy body butter recipes or natural product recommendations??? 

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Well to be honest I just use Burt's Bee's. I know it would be better to make my own... And I know Burt's Bee isn't the best and greatest thing out there... but I don't really have the time to make a better one (or even shop for one!). I'm far too obsessive compulsive about how clean my house is right now to stop and take the time to make my own lotion redface.gif though I am interested to see what other people use/make.


Also interested in thoughts on if using a lotion really help that much. Every anecdotal story I have heard says it doesn't really matter (many friends used nothing and didn't get stretch marks, many friends used something and still got stretch marks). Seems like it didn't matter if they used it or not, some got stretch marks and some didn't.

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I don't use anything special. Just my normal body lotions to prevent dry skin all over. This is my fourth pregnancy and I don't have any stretch marks. My mom is covered in them, but I guess I just haven't yet. I'm quite a bit older this time, so I wonder if I will get some this time. I do believe that people either get them or they don't, but certain lotions may help a little. Stretch marks occur at a pretty deep layer of the skin, and lotions alone will not penatrate to that level anyway. I hope everyone has good luck with preventing these stinkers! So worth the outcome though!!!
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For my first DD I made a lotion/cream with sweet almond oil, lanolin, vit E and some yummy smell.  Maybe something else was in it, not sure?  I did end up with stained shirts and ended up having to throw all my sheets out after DD was born (oil stains).  No stretch marks.


For DS I used some of the same cream, but not as faithfully . . . one tiny stretch mark on the side of my boob :)


This time . . . no lotion, nothing.  Too busy and it's just not a priority. When I get out of the pool and I'm itchy (like tonight) I thrown on some Aveeeno hand lotion to calm it down.  No stretch marks so far . . . My mom didn't have any either and I am built just like her in other ways, so I'm guessing in my particular case it's genetic.  I gain a normal amount of weight (30 ish) and eat healthy, I think that helps too!


Good luck :) 

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I'm not having stretch mark trouble at the moment (controlled weight gain FTW, I guess? Or just being chubby to start out with, lol), but I am HARDCORE digging this Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream. My boobs started leaking so early and my nipples already get so dry and flaky and itchy - it sucks. But the EMAB stuff is great - it's safe for breastfeeding as well, and no lanolin if you aren't into using that. I plan on getting the whole range later on - they have a nice baby soap that I'll probably pick up, and a bottom balm that is okay to use with cloth diapers.
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I've been using sweet almond oil since I found out I was pregnant, and so far, so good. I shower daily, and use the oil daily, from my boobs to my knees. I might have one little one on a boob, but I can't tell if it's a faint stretch mark or just a vein lol. Time will tell! My mom had 3 kids and barely got any stretch marks though, so I might have that on my side, who knows. 

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I use mothers special blend on my boobs and belly every day. I use a hemp oil olive oil blend on the rest of me. I'm skeptical about whether it makes a difference beyond helping with the itchies as your skin stretches.

My mom gained 40 to 50lbs every one of her five pregnancies and never got a single stretch mark. My sister never got one in either of her two pregnancy's. I used mothers special blend and cocoa butter religiously and ended up with a bunch around my belly button. My genetics just couldn't stand up to my nearly 10lb baby. Maybe if i hadn't married a lumberjack sized man with huge babies in his family i would still have a my old belly but...well, i love my husband so i can deal with the stretchmarks. They didn't come until DS's growth spurt in the last month or so. I am hoping that I don't get any new ones but I don't really believe I have any control over it. Yeah, they suck and I miss my smooth belly and my old belly button but they've faded a lot and I've gotten pretty used to it.
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I agree Ciga, if I do end up with stretch marks it's not the end of the world! There are much much worse things in life :) 

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