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Oh man, I hadn't thought of thrush. And maybe that would explain the more pain on my left side, if I have it more there. Ugh. Are there any signs to look for on myself? Hmm, and now I am thinking about how I had 4 rounds of antibiotics during labor for my GBS :( Thanks for the heads up, skycheat... I will look into it!

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Thrush doesn't always have the same signs for everyone. But possibly- itchiness, redness, deep breast pain, pain between feedings, baby has a yeast rash. You can still have thrush even if there are no white patches or other signs on baby.

It can take a few days for babies to start sticking their tongues out. But there isn't any harm in having a LC look at it.

Afm: it seems like Julian has developed some horrid reflux. You can see and hear him regurgitating and sometimes it makes it all the way out. And he screams and arches his back. This is new to me. I've had pukey babies, but never ones in such obvious discomfort. I read that it's common for dairy to be an issue for reflux babies, so I guess I will go totally off and see if it helps. Anyone deal with this before?
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Banana, I'm dealing with the same reflux issues, although I think we've got them better under control now that I've been off dairy for over two weeks. Gus was showing the same symptoms as my DD did when she was Gus age- arching back, high pitched screeching before he spit up, lengthy agitation after a feeding, and LOTS of spit up. I decided to not try and replace dairy products with soy, since I've read that most kiddos with dairy sensitivities at this age are sensitive to soy as well. The coconut milk creamer from Whole Foods is my lifesaver- I really couldn't do this without that creamer in my coffee every day. orngbiggrin.gif Since cutting out dairy, he still spits up a lot, but he seems a lot more content, which is worth it for me. I think I'll stick with it at least until he's 3 or 4 months, then I'll try and add it back in, little by little.
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I've had all reflux babies...  My oldest I didn't medicate (and wish I had - I think it would've helped her).  My second, I had to cut dairy and soy AND medicate.  The combo got her healthy (I knew I had to cut dairy because she had green foamy poo on top of the other symptoms).  My third, I just had to medicate and tummy sleep and he was happy as a clam.  This one, we're approaching that 2 week mark when it seems to start rearing its head and I think we will be 4 for 4, but we'll see...  I can't tell if what I'm seeing is a growth spurt or reflux.  Also her reflux seems to be more the spit and swallow than the straight up spitting like our others were, so I'm not sure if I'm making it up or it's really happening... :/

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I've had pretty good luck with Bio Gaia probiotics for baby with reflux. It's a baby specific strain and seems to make a lot of difference with reflux. I think Gerber bought the company that made it since my preemie, but it's the same thing. Walgreens sells it as Gerber reflux drops and it says Bio Gaia at the top. Worth a try! 

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Calladona- Julian is mostly spit up and swallow too. It looks really uncomfortable.

Askew- thanks! I will look for it.
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Thanks, banana and EA. I can't believe it but I keep forgetting about cutting dairy and I do silly things like accidentally put cow's milk in my tea. Ugh. Green poop is back too greensad.gif I'm not sure if it would be processed foods as I don't really eat any. I will keep that in mind though! I'm still block feeding for 6 hour periods and not feeling like my supply has dropped all that much. MW appt on Wednesday so we'll see what she suggests. I'm going to contact LLL locally too.

DS is also a major regurgitator and swallower. It freaks me out still when he gags on it and he goes silent and his eyes bulge out. Yikes.
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Thanks everyone for the information and support about night sweats and hemorrhoids!  The night sweats are bearable now knowing that my body is still just doing its thing.  The hemorrhoid, well not so much.  But I have found that aloe helps as well; still need to get some mama bottom balm (I really like EMAB products). 


Paula, I have no idea what we are doing for the night... He pees out of every cloth combo I've tried so far.  We have him in disposables at night, which is what we did with DS1 (but that was because we lived in a yurt and it was too cold to change diapers until the frosts broke in late morning).  I'd like to get him into cloth at night, but I've got to make it so that it more convenient for everyone involved!  Maybe after my body feels a little more together? 

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Lots of sympathy for those dealing with issues, reflux, nursing, thrush, night sweats, diaper trouble, and hemorrhoids. DS had fairly minor reflux that went away after I did an elimination diet for a few months. Not sure yet if DD will have reflux. Hope all the issues go away soon for everyone!


Anyone playing with their baby/ies? I've just been using the activity mat and then spend the time with my toddler.

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Catherine sleeps in a fitted, two hemp inserts, and a cover, a Bummis Super brite or an Aristocrat wool soaker. It is big, but gets her through the whole night.
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Anyone else SO TIRED?  I am just wasted all the time.  I wonder if it's iron... or just sleep deprivation.  I had to nap with the baby today (so glad my girls will self-entertain for a little while) and I'm still just so tired.  What I want more than anything is a soda, but we cut those from our house a few weeks ago because we're trying to get more healthy.  I debated making a second pot of coffee, but honestly it doesn't appeal.  I'm craving chips, so I may just have some chips and a pickle and hope it helps. :p


Oh I'm getting the lovely night sweats too - fun!


I wish I was as motivated as you ladies are to CD, but I have no energy for that.  I can barely keep up with my regular laundry.  Sposies all the time here...

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Tired here too Calladona! The bane of my existence is the breast pump. I abhor pumping - just SO over it! Callie is not latching/nursing properly and after a few minutes of getting my nipples ground on her gums, I give in and go the bottle route. What kills me is that she had a great suck and a decent latch before the thrush and gentian violet induced ulcerations. Now it's all messed up and I'm tied to the pump. I can't pack up and leave the house for 6 hours with the girls so my 2.5 year old can get exercise and entertainment elsewhere. No. It's tons of tv for the toddler, cone boobs for me and crankiness for baby because I'm paranoid about over feeding her. Ugh.
Thursday I have my final MW appt, my counselling appt and an appt with my fabulous LC. I hope this will all be a distant - unpleasant - memory soon!
Big hugs to all mamas and babies dealing with issues. I think it's high time we all felt better so we could focus on enjoying our families.
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Me too on the exhaustion. My little guy was up a lot last night spitting up on me and then I was so tired and didn't have my contacts in (I can't see for anything without them) so I put on an AIO and didn't fasten it tight enough so soon enough I felt this nice warm liquid coming through his swaddle blanket while he was spitting on me. I think I might have slept an hr between pumping and bottle feeding and burping.


skycheat- I hear you on the pump hating. I hope things get better soon for both of us.


I'm liking the pumping just 9-10x day vs 12 and just pumping after they feed except setting my alarm during the night. I'm getting to nurse them 5-6x/day this way . Since I'm using the homemade SNS I can't tandem nurse and mess with the tubing so I've been nursing them separately. My LC really wants me to TN but I just can't until they get better. They continue to make slow, inconsistent progress. They'll be 42 weeks GA tomorrow, 6.5 weeks  old now.

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Edelweiss- I think it's great that your breastfeeding more. I'm glad you finding your new routine more enjoyable.

Sky- is she not latching at all now?

I read up on the probiotic that Askew reccomended and I decided I needed to get it immediately. I could not find the biogaia drops or the gerber drops anywhere! And I live in a Fairly naturally/alt med minded place. We've got probiotics everywhere around here :/ So I ended up buying some of the strain that is in the drops in capsule form. I'm going to take them every other day and I' m giving him a bit to suck off my finger and will do that everyday. I started this afternoon. It could be a coincidence, but tonight has been great so far. He didn't get all fussy in the evening. He's chilled out and sleeping!
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Banana, she latches super shallow, doesn't transfer milk and pops off. I'm trying to keep from getting hurt so I can have good sensation for thurs when we go to see the LC. She's not even taking the whole nipple, much less any areola. When by some miracle she does latch well, she slips off after at most a minute. It's so frustrating!!
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Sky - definitely keep yourself from pain. How are you offering her your breast? I had to really be shown how to do it and I thought I knew since I already nursed DD 39 mos! But apparently I was trying to give my babies my nipple instead of the underside of my areola. It's not as easy as all of that of course since they need to open very wide. I hope the LC appt goes well. One of my babies does not like to open big at all and I end up getting hurt when he gets the tip of my nipple. I hate it and it's hard when you want to love nursing but it's just hard.

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I've had pretty good luck with Bio Gaia probiotics for baby with reflux. It's a baby specific strain and seems to make a lot of difference with reflux. I think Gerber bought the company that made it since my preemie, but it's the same thing. Walgreens sells it as Gerber reflux drops and it says Bio Gaia at the top. Worth a try! 

L is a very calm baby (no colic, thank goodness! I went through that h*** with Dd1), but she does seem awfully gassy. Its only side effect is that she strains and grunts trying to get it out. I got some of the Gerber drops today. I'm hoping that the probiotics will help her pass the gas more easily. She also doesn't like laying on her back. I'm not sure why since it only started at 2 weeks, but I think it could be gas related.
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Edelweiss, I do the boob sandwich. It's TOTALLY possible that I'm not doing it right despite nursing DD1 to 2. I'll survive until Thursday and go from there. Every child is different and the LC I'm seeing is great so I think we'll get through it. More power to you, hon - to think you're dealing with this in double dose! You're amazing!
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We have gas here too! Don't know if its because of the little formula I'm giving (2oz per day maybe) or something I'm eating. But after reading this thread and going to LC today, I decided to give babe some probiotics (flora baby) that we use we DS. Seems happier already? And burped well after feed. Also going try to cut down on dairy and take my own probiotics.
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I, too, thought that I knew what I was doing with nursing until the LC came over!  She gave us lots of good tips for nursing newbies comfortably and effectively.  I am just so used to being a buffet for a 3 1/2yo who knows what he wants and how to get it.  :p  Have you guys tried the trick where you (lightly, of course) tug on his chin/bottom lip after he is on to get him to open wider and flange out his lips a little?  That seems to work well for us when everyone is frustrated and hungry/bursting and getting impatient.


DS2 is pretty gassy as well.  Do you guys think probiotics would help with that?  And for me or for him?

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