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That sounds like a terrible experience, agile :( I would have flipped out...I can't imagine it is mandatory? I would fight that....seems like bullying to me. I'm sorry.


I had 2nd degree tearing with both my births and it was never suggested I have a follow up exam. I did have a pap at 6 weeks after this pregnancy though. I had a home birth with my DD but with my DS was with a midwife and an OB in a hospital.

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Originally Posted by GISDiva View Post

Going for one month check up today, so we will see what the Dr says too..

Sh!t. She hasn't gained weight. None. So much for trusting my body. My heart just sank when I saw the scale. Back to pumping and obsessing and staring down that can of formula, wondering when we break down and open it. Fantastic.
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I don't have much to say except hug.gifagilesheltie. You were certainly well within your right to refuse that exam; I can't believe they asked you to leave! I am so, so sorry. I just don't understand how these doctors just treat every woman as part of the birth machine, faceless and without dignity. That is awful for you, too, coffee.

GISDiva, I'm sorry for the bad news. Is Clara exactly the same weight, not up or down? What did your doctor say? I'm so sorry for this scary news, but I hope you will keep trusting your body. Its wisdom is ancient. hug.gif
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Oh no GISdiva! That's tough. hug.gif
I wish I could help
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Sorry to hear about your appointments agile and coffee, that is really disrespectful treatment. :hug 


I had two small tears that required stitching, my CNM had me schedule 3-week and 6-week postpartum appointments (which they do for everyone).  At the 3 week they checked my weight and bp, took a urine sample (not sure for what) and a fingerprick to check iron levels, then they did have me take my pants off and she checked how the tears were healing and checked my pelvic floor and ab muscles.  The 6 week was the same without the urine and iron tests.


GISDiva, sorry to hear about the weight report.  I would recommend seeing a lactation consultant, also mother's milk tea, oatmeal, etc. for your supply.  Is it possible baby has a tongue tie or lip tie?

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Sorry agile about the appt. I'm glad you just walked out. I don't imagine it was actually mandatory as much as it's routine and they're probably very not used to people refusing.


coffee - so sorry about the retained placenta and upcoming d&c. I'm sure it's good they caught it, though since I think that can cause problems with milk supply and also infection risk as far as I understand.


GIS - I agree with Paula, have you seen a LC yet? How is baby's latch? Ugh, sorry you have to go through all the pumping and worrying about formula. I'm right with you as we burn through our freezer stash and my supply will not increase for anything.


I had 3 and 6 week post partum appts to check on my incision. It's good I did, too because I had a little infection on the side of my incision which cleared up by 6 weeks with using antibiotic ointment and washing it with soap and water but it did hurt and my NP examined it the first time. At 6 weeks I did have  a pelvic exam as well.


AFM - Now all 3 kids have colds as of Monday a.m. so not a whole lot of sleep going on around here. Not that there was before. I asked my one friend if I could hire her daughter who is a freshman in college to help us out a  few hrs a week just with laundry, dishes,stuff like that. It's totally unlike me to pay somebody to do something since I'm very very frugal but I am drowning and my parents gave us some $ as an anniversary gift this summer and I think it would be a good use of it especially while I'm having to pump so much.

Still no change in supply with the dom. Arg. None. I just flucuate between 32-38 oz/day, like I have for the last 5 weeks. We have 1-2 weeks left of frozen milk to supplement with and then it's onto formula.  Trying to be OK with that but I have to feed them and they need to keep growing.

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Oh my gosh everyone.... what a tidal wave of troubles. 


Agile and coffee, I am so sorry to hear that your "care providers" don't seem to care so much.  It seems reasonable that they would want to check you out (because there are so many women who are unsure of their bodies and western medicine is based in fear, or the idea that we are intrinsically broken in one way or another), but that doesn't mean that you should have to get an exam or be treated like a number.  And coffee, good luck with the D&C.  Be gentle on yourself afterward.


GIS, You also said that she isn't pooping much/at all right now as well?  That means she is maximizing everything she's getting right?  What did the doc say?  How is she otherwise?


Edelweiss, Is there anything else that is linked to milk supply (i.e. fatigue, stress, exercise, etc)?  Maybe something that will be alleviated with help you get from your friend's daughter?  That sure would be nice.  Still hoping for the best!


Hugs to all of you with colds (sterile virtual hugs), I hope you all feel well soon!  But speaking of that...  what do you guys think of DS1 getting chicken pox now with DS2 being 4 weeks old?  I can't decide if it is a good idea or not.  I am going to consult the midwives tomorrow, and FP if need be, but would like any advice from mamas who have been there or have entertained the idea themselves.


Also, with the milk sharing... Edelweiss, did HMFHB on FB seem okay?  Do you have any advice with regards to that?  After reading about all of the troubles some of you ladies are going through with supply, I would like to donate milk, but don't know how to go about it.  Advice on that would be very welcome as well!



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Mama505 - I think stress and exhaustion are my biggest set backs. I sleep 3 hrs max a night and might get an hr nap. It's totally hurting me but I can't sleep more and still pump so this is where I'm at. I could pump more but that would mean nursing less and that was really driving me crazy so I nurse 5x/day and pump8-9x. Hopefully when the boys get better at milk removal they help my supply but truly they can get a good meal if I'm really full. Every day I hope the dom will help and my supply will pick up but so far nope.  Oh if you want to donate milk just find your state's HMHB FB page and post that you have some to give. Moms will comment on your post that they want it for their baby and then arrange for a place/time for them to pick it up from you. I had my dad pick  the milk since it was closer to where they live but you'll probably get a lot of ladies requesting as soon as they see your post and you just have to decide who to message. I think my lady messaged me first because I said I have twins. HMHB is Eats on Feets' new name. I think it's the largest informal milk sharing site. You can also go the formal milk bank route and then your milk will be pasturized and mostly be used be premature babies in NICU which is also a huge need. When we were in NICU we had to buy banked milk because the hospital didn't get enough banked milk for babies that were late preterm, just the very early preterm babies were priority.

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Diva- how long ago was her last weight check? How much do you think the giant poop she just took would have increased her weight by if she had been weighed the day before?

Sheltie- i think it's not necessary at all to have a 6wk pelvic exam, unless you want a pap smear. If you're healing fine, and you feel fine, your tear is most likely healed. Get a mirror or have DH look if your wondering about it.

Coffee- that's kind of nuts. Have you had any symptoms that would have led you to believe you had retained a piece? They believed your placenta was intact after your birth? Or is it a piece of membrane?
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I have milk on HM4HB and EOF right now (for my state, they are still separate facebook groups). I have finally gotten into a good morning routine of pumping in the morning while I facebook and the kids watch their AM all ready TV show. C has a good early morning nap so it works well.


My midwife warned me way ahead of time that they will do a pelvic at the 6 weeks but I would not one from any office that is not respectful and can't tell me specifically why. My two week check up was at home and was more of a check in since I was feeling so well.


C is pooping less than once a week and they are darker, more orangey.

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Thank you all for the virtual hugs. smile.gif

So yesterday my midwife hooked me up with an LC that came to our house and looked things over. Latch was good, weight was already up a couple of ounces because I had given her some extra in a bottle that I had pumped. We talked pump strategy and breast compressions. She said to pump 3times a day to see how that goes, but since my husband was unexpectedly at home this week, I took the opportunity to pump more than that. Today I am already seeing a difference in how many bug gulps I hear during the day, usually they were only reserved for overnight when I was obviously more full. I have also been more vigilant in waking her up for feedings, I got a little lazy about that.

So I am feeling hopeful today. This is not my first low supply rodeo, so I was already eating oatmeal and taking more milk plus tincture as a precautionary measure. As an insurance policy I ordered Domperidone today as well.

I was also rewarded with some really great smiles today. I tried to get a picture of them, this is the closest I could catch. I think she is worth the extra work, don't you? wink1.gif
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super cute! So glad you're seeing progress already GIS diva!


I'm still waiting for the dom to do its side effect of milk production. I have all the other s/e.


My babies have their 2 month check ups tomorrow. They're still with low grade fevers and congested, spitting up like crazy. We're definitely staying isolated next week.

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GISDiva: what a gorgeous baby!

My LC diagnosed our troubles as overactive letdown which is complicated by me being unable to feel when my milk lets down. She initially suggested hand expressing but later suggested nursing while reclining. That has alleviated most of the problems and appeals to my laziness.

I'm going to give my dr a call in the morning. My headaches have gone from bad to worse. I'd be off the ibuprofen if it weren't for them.
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Cardigan, I love laid back nursing. I have oversupply and it really helps with the early trouble baby has. Plus a great and informative name.
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GISDiva and Cardigan, glad to hear the LC's have been helping.  I also have overactive letdown but I certainly do feel it, it is momentarily quite painful.  And in addition, this time around letting down makes my leftover shingles nerve pain sting for quite some time after.


Edelweiss - hope everyone feels better soon!  We have all been under the weather here too.  DS seems to have been the worse, but DD and I did get sick with a cold too.  So thankful for the antibodies in my milk.

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The antibodies in my milk make me feel like I'm doing something for my babies! They're improving. I hope they're completely well by Monday and then my sister will stop by Wednesday if we're all  better. They spit up so much this past week during their colds. It wasn't so bad today so I'm hoping that means they're on the mend. I had a horribly low milk production day Friday and a little better Sat but still low. I think I didn't eat enough. It's hard because I'm trying to lose weight but I guess I can't cut too far back.  Still no real effect from the Dom.

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Has anyone tried/used/had a didy tai carrier? It's a wrap conversion mei tai I'm thinking of ordering and would love feedback smile.gif
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Sorry, I can't help with the wrap, but I thought I would give an update about my 6 week check up.

Thanks for all your encouragement and feedback! I was hoping my midwife wouldn't ask but of course it was one of the first things she said! She was horrified, but thankfully not at me getting kicked out! She is going to write a letter to the OB and she said she was very happy that I didn't take off my clothes when I felt uncomfortable. Oh, how I love my midwife!

Caleb has been unable to move his head to one side and has gotten a terrible flat spot, to the point where his ears are uneven, and so she is sending us to a ped. That afternoon though I took him to chiro, (this was the third time) and they got it all sorted out. I can't believe how much happier he is now that he can turn his head both ways! The flat spot is slowly getting better thankfully, I will still have to see what the ped says though.

I had overactive let down with my first, that is so not fun. I don't have it this time for some reason. I dreaded nursing anywhere in public because she would sputter and turn away and everything withing three feet would be soaked. I hope you can get it sorted out

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Skycheat, we have a Maya sling, a wrap (not a Moby, but basically the same thing), an Ergo, and an OLD SCHOOL frame pack (handed down again and again from like 1942 -not really!).  These have all served us well throughout the ages and stages.  What is the combo conversion you are asking about?  What's the draw, I mean?

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Essentially it's a mei tai made of a woven wrap so it functions like a mei tai but is soft and super comfy like a wrap. Most important for me, the shoulder straps are single layer and super wide so the weight feels like wearing a wrap. I tried a carrier of this type and it was a dream! I found a used one for a great price and can't wait to try it!
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