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Ok so what's the antidote to the carrier addiction? I just doubled my stash! Ok so I only have two carriers and I'm selling my stretchy wrap on Friday but still... 2 carriers bought in 24 hours. Somebody stop me!
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Don't feel bad skycheat, I have a lot more than you.  Ummm, 8 woven wraps, 5 mei tais, 8 ring slings, and a beco butterfly that I never use (was bought for nannies). 


I'm glad you found a WCMT!  I had one for a while (a Bamberoo), it didn't work out for me, I didn't like the wrap straps on my narrow shoulders, but liked everything else about it.  Most people seem to prefer them to regular MTs though.

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Originally Posted by agilesheltie View Post

Sorry, I can't help with the wrap, but I thought I would give an update about my 6 week check up.

Thanks for all your encouragement and feedback! I was hoping my midwife wouldn't ask but of course it was one of the first things she said! She was horrified, but thankfully not at me getting kicked out! She is going to write a letter to the OB and she said she was very happy that I didn't take off my clothes when I felt uncomfortable. Oh, how I love my midwife!

Caleb has been unable to move his head to one side and has gotten a terrible flat spot, to the point where his ears are uneven, and so she is sending us to a ped. That afternoon though I took him to chiro, (this was the third time) and they got it all sorted out. I can't believe how much happier he is now that he can turn his head both ways! The flat spot is slowly getting better thankfully, I will still have to see what the ped says though.

I had overactive let down with my first, that is so not fun. I don't have it this time for some reason. I dreaded nursing anywhere in public because she would sputter and turn away and everything withing three feet would be soaked. I hope you can get it sorted out


Agile, I'm so glad your MW is supporting you and that your chiro appointment made such a difference for Caleb.


My overactive let down is better this time than last, but that just means 1-2 streams shooting out instead of 5-6 at one time.  My poor babies get bathed in it.  It's very awkward when I am walking around nursing her in the ring sling and my hands are busy (usually holding DS's hand and the dog leash or something like that), and she pops off.  The last time she did it she also managed to pull on my boob with her hand so I had a vertical fountain effect going on while walking in the neighborhood (luckily nobody saw). :W

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Just stopping by - Julia was 1 month old last Thursday.  I weighed her on the home scale at around 11.5 lbs and measured her at 22"  Seems to be growing nicely.  I don't wanna jinx it, but some nights she has been known to go up to 6 hours straight!  Of course when she wakes up, she nurses and then has a huge spitup because of all the milk. :p

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