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With my daughter she never wet a diaper until she was 4 days old and didn't have a nice soaking wet one until 6 days and all her poop was just meconium so we did have a true problem. It sounds like things are really going pretty well for you.  I am renting a baby sensitive Medela scale right now and sometimes it's discouraging when they get very little but I still want to know what they are getting. Try not to stress; it isn't going to help. Just do lots of skin to skin time and nurse whenever you can.

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Holy sore nipples. Thinking she has just a bit of tongue tie. Will have to wait until Monday to get it checked for sure I guess, although the midwife will look again tomorrow...
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Ugh, no fun, GISDiva! Hoping you can get some relief from the sore nipples soon.
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Sorry about the sore nipples. Mine are quite sore too. Do you have lanolin?

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GISdiva, keep thrush in mind. I hope it isn't the case but it was for me and I completely forgot about it. Just keep it in mind, especially if the soreness ever radiates to more of the breast.
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GIS, how many days postpartum are you? Less than 3 or 4, right? I feel like my nipples were really sore the first week, then a little less the next. Now at 2w5d, I have no pain- so maybe your nipples are just getting used to breastfeeding again? I hope it's not thrush or tongue tie.

I've just completed day 1 of going dairy-free. Gus has been spitting up a TON, arching his back, screaming, and is really hard to soothe after a feeding. My DD had a lot of reflux with similar symptoms, and when I cut out dairy with her it eased up. I bought some coconut milk creamer for my coffee and made some almond milk for cereal, but it will be hard to avoid all the cheese that's in our fridge!!
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Midwife checkup today confirmed she has a very classic tongue tie, so off to the doctor we go tomorrow to get it clipped. Hopefully that takes care of the toe curling latch!
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Glad you got an answer, GISDiva, I hope the clipping solves it for you. 


Coffeebean, good luck with the diet.  I stayed gluten-free this time (I am already dairy- and soy-free for my allergies) because my DS had similar issues, so far so good with DD.  I hope cutting out dairy does the trick for him!

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Glad to hear you got answers, gisdiva. Good to catch early, too. Tongue tie can be long term painful nursing sometimes.

Only looked back a couple posts, sorry not more personals. Hope everyone is enjoying their babies and sleeping some.

I am 1w pp today, and got a heavier flow back yesterday, after brown bleeding, feeling good and moving around too much. I'm of pain pills now, and can feel the soreness in my bones. That big head...
Baby is finally named: Caspar
He is slow to eliminate his meconium, but we've fixed a terrible latch and he is gaining weight. The pills made me not notice he was nipple nursing for the first 4 days, and his birth was making him very uncomfortable until he saw the chiro. They say 3rd babies are notorious for being"something new" for mamas, and that was definitely my experience!
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Ugh, EVERYBODY has thrush!!! Me, baby, and my 2.5 year old. Please tell me there's something out there that works better than nystatin :-/
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Sorry to jump in without getting caught up first. Day 4 here and still finding our feet with #3. Just wondering if anyone has any hot tips on staying fresh down there when I'm not supposed to use soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc. near my stitches. Water just isn't cutting it...
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Skycheat- I find that coconut oil mixed with really good refrigerated probiotics made into a paste and smeared on kills yeast for me. Edible too... Good luck!

ea77- I'm feeling the same with my 3rd! Maybe you could dab some arnica oil after bathing? Not sure if there is a way to be fresh at this point!
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Emily - Funny you should mention it, because I was just googling arnica products. The cream says not to put it on broken skin. Will do some more searching for an oil.
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Ea look for a postpartum herb bath and put in in the peri bottle
Skycheat there is nystatin resistant yeast. Lots of crunchy things, but also diflucan.

I seem to be the odd one. Apart from her size C is being so easy, making me think this third kid business is easy. Though juggling back to school is proving fun.

I am back in bed. I feel good, overdo it, bleed bright red after no bleeding on quiet days, and get cramps. Luckily in laws are here so they can cook and play with the bigs.
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EA, I used the bottom spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby, not sure if it is available in Oz though. http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/postpartum-recovery

Skycheat, maybe try some gentian violet too?
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Well, Dr. wasn't as impressed with the amount of tongue tie she saw, but she clipped a bit just to humor us. wink1.gif She thought it might have more to do with her receeding chin (inherited from DH for the record) making it hard for her to stick her lip out properly. So, we'll have to work on that...somehow...

Sorry you're dealing with yeast still skycheat. greensad.gif

Regarding that not so fresh feeling, I made my own concoction for my peri bottle, steeping some lavender, comfrey, and calendula.
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EA77, what about a warm bubble bath? I was not told not to use soap near stitches (I had some this time and last time). I didn't use anything with any perfume, just some nice glycerin bubble bath with rosemary and lavender in it (brand I use is called Deep Steep and I order from Amazon). I took at least one warm to hot bath each day postpartum for the first couple weeks. It kept me feeling fresh (along with peri bottle) and also helped with pain and exhaustion. You might also try magnesium flakes. Not only do they help soothe aches and pains, calm nerves, etc, but they're a vital mineral most people are at least somewhat deficient in and they naturally deodorize your body. I also ordered the Earth Mama Angel Baby postpartum bottom balm. It had peppermint EO or something in it (and some herbs). I mostly used it on my hemorrhoids, but it felt (and smelled) miraculous on my pained lady parts!

Skycheat,so sorry for the continued thrush! You might try Dr. Jack Newman's all-purpose nipple ointment (google it for ingredients/recipe). You will need a prescription to get it made up at a compounding pharmacy, but most any family practitioner or pediatrician will be happy to do so and I've heard it's amazing. As somegirl suggested, there's also gentian violet, but you may want to save that for last resort. Besides being a ridiculous staining mess, it may also contain trace amounts of mercury. It will clear it up though and there are various web sites about how to administer it cleanly and safely. Good luck to you! What a horrible ordeal!
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Thank you ladies for the thrush tips. Going in to see the MW on Wednesday and she mentioned GV last week so I think we're gonna take the messy plunge :-/. Quick question: should we stay home to avoid spreading the thrush? I was hoping to do some play dates for DD1 but is a thrushy toddler a walking biohazard? It's easy to contain thrush while out with a newborn but the 2.5 year old is a wildcard. I obviously wouldn't let her share cups and food but she does touch her mouth a lot ...
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Skycheat: I had annoying athletes foot for a few weeks and then a yeast infection. Dr prescribed one pill of diflucan and within 24 hrs both were gone. It seemed like big guns, but it was nice to quickly feel better.
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I had to take diflucan during this PG twice. I hated taking it but they wanted to get rid of my yeast that wouldn't go away with rx creams. It still didn't do it and I would always come back positive for yeast. Finally my OB said it didn't make a difference in PG/ wasn't dangerous to the babies and it wasn't really bothering me. It went away after birth. But yes that is a strong pill and it should clear it up if your MW or MD will give it to you.

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