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Banana, that's exactly it. Now that the boobs have settled in a little bit and aren't busting out of my own skin it was gotten sooo much better in the last couple of days. It was really bad when they were super engorged when my milk first came in.

And I actually have my first little bag of milk in the freezer. That never happened with my son. I'm still in shock that nursing is going so well compared to my first...

I won't even attempt to catch up with personals, suffice it to say I am thinking about you all...
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Thankfully I haven't gone out with both boys on my own yet , andDS1 isn't much of a runner,but he has been flat out defiant and whiny. School starts next week and hoping that the transition will be good for him.
Mama: new babe is super squirmy. Seems to crawl right up my chest to my shoulder and then over!
Gisdiva: congrats on the supply! Any special tricks? Or just the second baby phenomenon?
I seemed to have been making enough for babe to gain just shy of an ounce each day last week but the last two nights he is simply not satisfied. Nursing a lot, supplementing using sns, one bottle in the evening and pumping. Not to mention the supplements I'm taking! Truly a number of moments I just want to throw in the towel on BFng.
Another Weigh in next week. Hopefully still going up!
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Yes, second baby phenomenon coupled with an unremarkable blood loss this time around. Even though my platelet count was the same at the end both times, apparently all those extra supplements a nd RRL tea did something after all, I don't know...

I have so been there Jillgayle, kudos to you for everything that you are doing for your baby!
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Jillgayle - hang in there! You're doing great. I used the SNS today, too. It's so stressful worrying about supply! I'm about making it now but really need to increase for what my babies will need in a few weeks, not sure how that's going to happen. Have you ever considered Reglan?  Do you have the book The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk by Diane West and Lisa Marasco? It's LLL recommended. I'm reading it right now. I also made these : http://www.drmomma.org/2010/08/major-milk-makin-lactation-cookies.html


and since I pigged out on them too much today I just made a bowl of oatmeal and added brewer's year and milled flax seed to it (and choc. chips).  You're doing an awesome job.

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Wanted to quick update about my Caspar's poop situation:
Meconium within minutes of birth, meconium day 2. Nothing day 3,4 or 5. Big transitional dark green sticky poop day 6. Small dark green slightly less sticky poop day 7. Nothing day 8 or 9. Have some homeopathic nux vomica 9am day 10. At 5 pm, large wet dark yellow/brown breastmilk poop. Today, day 11, nothing. Hr was born at 8#4, day 2 7#12, day 6 8#2, day 11 8#6
Pretty weird, but midwife, lactation consultant and mama intuition all say just a variation of normal.
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Thanks all!
Edelweiss: I read the west book while pregnant. I think the biggest take away is meant to be accept what you can do, whatever that may be. But I think in practice that is very hard when your popping pills, juggling a baby, mixing formula, pumping etc. etc. all the while trying to stay "relaxed" because stress can effect supply. i am amazed with your strength and perseverance doing it for two!
The supplements I am taking are a combo from the books recs but premixed in pill and tea. I am taking both mothers love special blend with goats rue and angel baby earth mama more milk tea, plus some extra alfalfa.
I have considered pharma too and will talk with the LC about it on Wednesday .
I don't typically eat grains so many of the lactation cookies are out. But I am eating some oatmeal and flax.
Emily: I have read that some days without any pooped is normal. Plus DS 1 has always gone infrequently. Totally healthy and fine, while new babe is going up to 5 times in am afternoon.
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I'm taking the more milk special blend, too. Do you find the tea to be helpful? I read it would take about 9 cups/day but I guess everyone is different, too. I'm not entirely sure the more milk special blend is helping me but I did have a jump in supply when I started pumping 16x/day. Now I'm down to 12 with a power pump session for an hour every morning but it's all just so exhausting, especially since I'm now nursing the boys more. It is very hard to be at peace with formula, especially when a person is educated about the differences between formula and breast milk. I had considered Reglan and would love a drug that would help me but since a big side effect is depression I really can't take it. I think it would be safer for me to not be depressed and somehow make peace with supplementation if we get to that point.

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Domperidone is a really good choice if you want a pharmaceutical galactogogue (sp?). None of the concerns of Reglan. If you can find a doc to prescribe it, a compounding pharmacy can make it for you. A lot of moms get theirs from overseas pharmacies. There is a good sticky about it in the breastfeeding forums.

Emily- 2 of my 4 ( I don't know if Julian will follow suit) have been like that. After the mec was out, one pooped every 6-8 and one every 3-4 days. They were totally normal in every other respect for wet diapers, consistent growth, etc. My dh's side of the family has gut issues on his mom's side. I think it just comes from him. Both of those girls who pooped so infrequently as exclusively BFed babies started pooping multiple times a day when they started eating food (and still do). Go figure...
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Mine is not a pooper either once she got past the meconium stage. She sure can flood a diaper though...

If anyone is wanting to try Domperidone, the earlier the better. I took it with my son, it was really the only thing that got me to pump half his milk supply. Otherwise I was pumping barely anything.
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Edelweiss : I don't know what's helping or not. I am taking two to 3 cups of tea per day. I worry about overdosing on the supplements because some can cause side effects for baby, mostly drowsiness. And I don't need a drowsy baby trying to nurse ( well any more than he already is.
What I really need to do is pump! I know that's what the LC is going to say. But we had another marathon cluster feed from about 5-10 pm last night. So I was exhausted and sore. One breast is definitely making more than the other too.
Another site that's recommended is jack Newman's.
I know it can be hard to consider formula when you know the advantages of breastmilk, I think banana suggested to me looking into eats on feets for milk sharing. It's not for us, but maybe a good solution for others. i use natures one formula for supplementing and repeat to myself over and over that any breast milk is good even if its not his full intake:)
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DH doesn't feel comfortable with drugs from an overseas pharmacy...with my borderline supply with DD I did take milk from other women but it was women I knew and trusted, like my sisters and a couple of friends. My LC suggested alimentum but they have no signs of food sensitivity so I don't know why we should go with an elemental/hypoallergenic formula. I emailed her back to clarify.

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I wish there were badges for parenting, like there are in girl guides. I washed my hair while nursing C in the shower today and I think that deserves one.

Edelweiss would have to have a two sided sash for all her nursing ones.

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Originally Posted by LeighPF View Post

I wish there were badges for parenting, like there are in girl guides. I washed my hair while nursing C in the shower today and I think that deserves one.
Edelweiss would have to have a two sided sash for all her nursing ones.

I'm mostly just following along, too sleepy to post much, but seriously: how did you manage that? A sling? The mind reels. Well done! You and Edelweiss definitely deserve badges. In fact, I am going to award badges to everyone; I'm so inspired by you all. love.gif
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Crafty. I nursed her in cradle and poured the shampoo on my head blind. She was fine as long as I kept water from flowing down that breast.
I found that babies are kind of sticky in the shower, as long as you are careful with the sop, so holding them has never been a problem. I did not shower with monkey nd he still will not have one. So I started a t a week with bee.
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Hi everyone. I am not posting very much but following along and thinking of you all. Nat is doing great, still a content baby and easy going, though to be one of 3 sisters she'll have to be! The older two are doing ok. DD1 loves being a big sister again but DD2 is still adjusting. Lots of testing, defiance and such but we were expecting that. She has been taking her frustration out on DD1 though by pestering her and even whacking her a few times so we are trying to figure out how to handle that. I seem to be recovering ok. Yesterday I had some painful cramping and a little bit of bleeding but it is a lot better today. Even emotionally I am doing ok. My placenta should be encapsulated and ready for me by tomorrow or Tuesday which I am looking forward too. DH goes back to work Tuesday and my parents leave on Thursday so I know I am going to need all the extra emotional help I can get when I am on my own with the whole crew for the first time.


LeighPF and Edelweiss - yes, you both need some serious badges for nursing and mothering awesomeness.


emilymegan - my babies have had different poop habits. I think as long as she is wetting enough and gaining and not uncomfortable you should be ok. Nat is my projectile pooper, we need to be really quick with getting the new diaper on! :duck


Jillygayle - I hope you can get your supply up but it is great that you found something to supplement with that you are comfortable with. Would you recommend Nature's One to others? One of my friends had to supplement with her last baby and hopefully she won't have to this time, but if she does I know she would welcome any suggestions.


GISDiva - in the big giant RRL thread I saw a number of people post that they think RRL tea helped them with blood loss so you may be right. I think RRL tea is amazing stuff myself.

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Leigh - thank you, you are awesome for nursing in the shower. I wouldn't have even imagined. I don't even want a badge, I just want a great supply and babies who latch on awesomely and remove milk and gain great. Phew. Hopefully soon.


Crunchy - glad you're feeling better today and in a good place emotionally.


I'm just pumping like a mad woman. I re-set my alarm for an hr later during my sleep and then the next time I turned it off and instead of just lying in bed another minute like I meant to fell asleep for another 30 so I went about 4 hrs between pumping and nursing during the night. It felt great but has me worried. My milk is behind for the day. My LC said I need to sleep and 3-4 hrs is fine if that's when the boys are waking up. The deal is I typically set my alarm for every 3 hrs but they wake up on their own. If I wake them then they're sleepy and don't really want to nurse or drink much from a bottle but if I don't wake them, I'll be in the middle of a pumping session when one wakes up! but my little guy got 54 ccs this morning from me and didn't need anything afterward. I was pretty excited since that's a new record for him. It was also when I was extremely full, though and then pumped another 4.5 oz ( typically get 1-2 oz). So tired and sleep is so awesome but I don't want to mess up my supply by not pumping but don't want to be so worn down I can't produce either. So overwhelming.


My LC recommends alimentum for formula supplement since it is corn-free and less likely to irritate a baby's digestive system than milk or soy based formulas. I hope we don't have to use it but I will be thawing my sister's milk tonight or tomorrow since they're already 3 oz ahead of me today.

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Crunchy: so hard when extra help is over, but I have to say DS1 is better behaved when its just his parents around, and even better when it's just one of us- since that is what he is used to.
Re: formula- natures one is the right choice for us. They did come under fire last year when arsenic was found in rice and the main carbohydrate in their product us rice. After a lot of research and angst, I decided that the companies response to criticism and questioning of safety was sufficient when I compared the amount of man made ingredients/ chemicals in the other formulas. Plus, price point is reasonable although still more expensive then some of the mass manufactured formulas.

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I have such a splitting headache and a sore boob. Good thing Clara was extra hungry tonight, she did a good job working both sides. A hot washcloth and early bedtime for me...hope everyone is well!
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Ok I'm going crazy here. Things were just fine until three nights or so ago. Now Callie will not latch at night to save her life. She's awake and hungry, rooting/crying/screaming, then she will pop on and off the nipple, never getting a good latch and barely drinking any milk. My breasts are full and leaking and she is getting soaked by milk but not drinking. This is from about midnight until we get up in the morning. I try and try and try and after about 45-60 minutes, I break down and pump and give her a bottle. I HATE doing it. I EPd for DD1 for 10 weeks before we transitioned to nursing so pumping really triggers my insecurity and depression. It's the only way she'll drink and be satisfied and sleep though. During the day she latches well and we have great feeds. What the hell?! We're healing from thrush and she did refuse to latch for a while there but that was day and night. I'm even considering teething: her top gums in the front look white, like a tooth is trying to break through buy its tough to know with the gentian violet.

Thanks for letting me vent. DD1 is just coming off an awful viral infection where her mouth was covered in sores and her gums were swollen and bleeding so I REALLY need some drama free days. I need a hug... WAHHHH!
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I'm sorry skycheat - do you think maybe a nipple shield would help? I've read if they aren't latching well to not try more than 10 minutes because they get more disorganized and it's just frustrating for mom and baby. I'm glad she's nursing well during the day. Hang in there. I hope you have somebody nearby to give you  a real hug. DH asked how I was the other day and I started crying and telling him all my woes and he gave me a hug. probably made me cry more but at least he was being nice.

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