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What crafts are you making for your new little one?

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I know a lot of us on here are pretty crafty.  I am interested to hear what projects you are working on for baby?  I am currently knitting this sweater for my sweet little girl. It says its a boy sweater but I think it could work for a girl too.  I'll post pics once its complete.



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I am crafty in theory, though not so much in reality--artistic but don't do much w/it, and all I can knit are scarves. That little sweater is so sweet, though!

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If I was trying to knit that sweater I know it would take me a lot longer than 5 hours lol.  The kid may be at senior prom before I'd be done.

I haven't made anything yet but I'm sure I'll make a few quilts with my girls as I get farther along.  Once I know what we are having I'll probably make some cute clothes and I'm sure I'll tie dye a ton of the white onesies, the better to hide stains with.

I'm also thinking about making a collage of me being pregnant with my others and baby pics/growing older pics of them with room to include this one after they are born.


I love that so many women here are crafty.  I'd rather hear about things to make than things to buy.


Also, not for the baby but plan on making most if not all of my maternity pants.  I saw some cute and very simple ways to take normal shirts and make them maternity style too and will probably try out a few.

I hate mat clothes and always have.   They are always so weird to me I just can't bring myself to wear them.  Gotta make my own.  

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Kellyshea- That is very cute and will work for a girl too! Of course my little girl wears super hero clothes sometimes (my DH is big into them lol.) 



I haven't started making anything yet but my mom and I will be making a quilt.  We aren't finding out the sex of the baby so decided to do everything in a minty green color. smile.gif  I saw these scarves/nursing covers on Etsy that I want to try to make. It just looks like a nice light weight scarf but unwrap it once and it covers! I can only sew not really knit or anything, even though I'd love to learn. Interested to hear what else everyone is making! 

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That sweater is super cute.  My friend made it for her little boy and it's adorable on him.  I think it does knit up pretty fast because it's top-down.  But I haven't tried it, it would probably take me all fall!


I knitted a hat so far, but it's a bit of a cheat because I actually made it for someone else not thinking that a newborn-size winter hat is not really appropriate for a summer baby!  The hat is light blue and dark blue stripes so I guess I better have a boy.


I would like to be much more crafty, but I don't have a sewing machine so I'm limited to knitting and crocheting.  I would like to work on some photo/art projects with DS this summer and fall for his bedroom.  Hang some pictures of him with various family members in home-made frames.  We are so far from family, but I really want him to know his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and feel close to them.

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super sweet sweater! I think it will work great for a girl.


I won't start crafting until November in all likelihood as the Farm is just to busy until then, but I will be looking and planning!


I would love to make another of these (made on for my first - but had the help of my Grandmother back then...) http://www.sarahmontie.com/Hooded%20baby%20sweater%20with%20back%20zipper.pdf


also some wool pants from old sweaters as I loved the split crotch ones I made for my second son.

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Those are cute! I cannot crochet or knit...yet. My projects are thread and needle related. :) All I have made thus far is reusable nursing pads (very excited about these!) and serged some fabric for basic 'receiving' blankets. I'm planning to stitch my own nursing pillow and will probably make my own baby bedding -- though I plan to snuggle with babe/cosleep as long as it works with our family. It would be good to have a mattress cover for the cradle though.

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Rebekah7- I can only sew as well. I can crochet a tiny bit but only straight-ish lines hahaha. You made reusable nursing pads?!?!? Do you have to use a certain type of material??? This I am interested in making! I bought some cloth nursing pads while nursing my DD but can't seem to find more than one.... eyesroll.gif Did you have a pattern or anything? 

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Reusable nursing pads are definitely something else I want to make.  The ones I have from my first nursing experience leaked through really badly.  I would only wear them at home.  I couldn't wear them out.  When you make your own do any of you add a waterproof-type material to the back so they won't leak through?  Anyone else have this issue with the reusable pads? Or am I just super leaky??

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I never had a huge problem with leaking as long as the pads were absorbent. Those dinky cotton Gerber ones didn't work for me. My favorites were actually given to me by the hospital--big, made of nice thick layers of flannel, and had a dart in them for shaping. I wish I knew what brand/manufacturer they were. Making your own is a great idea!

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That's almost exactly what I made, Blanca78! I used flannel, 4 layers and yep, I put a dart in each layer. I serged the edges. (Very thankful for the belated birthday gift from my SO - a serger.) You could always zig zag stitch the edges, but I like the smoother/cleaner look of the serger. I did not use a waterproof backing. I debated, read a lot of takes on it, and I decided with my sensitive skin, I need them to be as breatheable as possible. Some people do use one layer of PUL.

I'd be up for making some reusable nursing pads for others. Or maybe we can trade goodies. smile.gif
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I was thinking of making some fitted diapers, I'm still unsure if I want to go the fitted newborn route or prefolds. I think I will be making some nursing pads, I will be making mine out of bamboo and possibly a layer of zorb, I'm not one to leak much. Other then that I think I might want to make a fleece bear hat and a poncho for baby to wear in the car seat and one for baby to wear in the carrier.

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I wish I could sew better! I would love to make diapers. Might have to try anyways since I got rid of ALL of ours after my first m/c last year. We ec'd our last 2 but still used the cloth as a cover more than as a fulltime diaper. Will be needing some for sure!


I found some cute knitted pants patterns the last few days. I am linking them here to share and so I can find them come November :)










sewing pant patterns





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After I find out the gender, I'm going to scour Pinterest and crafy sites for making fun things. I've got some ideas for stuffed animals I'd like to sew.  I wish I crochetted better or knew how to (effectively) knit, but I'm afraid I won't quite make it that far before this little one arrives!  I do cloth wipes and recycled wool soakers and pants often for friends, so I will definately be getting out the sewing machine soon.  I also would like to do a quilt and some wool baby slippers... so fun!

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So we haven't been active on here for awhile so I thought I would post! I went out with my mom earlier today to get material for a baby quilt to make together. I am pretty excited about it! I think we are going to start working on it next week and I will have to post a picture of the finished project! 

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I want to join in!  I have made most of my maternity clothes this time because everything they sell is too short for some reason.  I am still working on a skirt for myself- hoping to finish that tomorrow.  As far as baby things go....  I really need a couple of boppy covers.  both of mine (both the pillows and all my covers) are gross....  of course the pillows have gone through 5 babies and I don't remember when I made covers- but a couple babies ago...  I also love those swaddling blankets that have holes for the carseat straps...  never had one but I want to try one. And a chevron and minkee blanket with a satin ruffle.  I should also finish the sweater I started for the baby and fix the button band on the last sweater I made for dd2 for this baby...  our puppy got ahold of it and did a bit of damage and it is too lovely to not use....


kellyshea- you are not alone on the leaking thing.  I have slowed down as the babies have come and have found the only thing that works for me is wool.  I love the Lanacare pads. I have been known to completely flood a drs exam room with milk....  the wool works the best....

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I've crocheted a cute little turban beanie, one of those striped stocking caps good for a photo prop, and I'm going to make rainbow stacking bowls and a baby blanket. With a deployed husband, I have a ton of spare time.
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Thought I would bump this up to see if anyone has been making anything.


I ended up making the sweater KellyShea linked to in the very first post, in green. It was actually super fast.  I think it's more of a 0-3 size so it will be large if baby is DS size and will fit if I have a normal sized baby!  I also have a blue striped hat and one (!) matching blue striped legging.  I really need to make either a green hat or another gender neutral color.


I'd like to make some nursing pads with a little PUL lining - I also leak a lot and for a long time and I soak through the wool ones I have in about 2 seconds.


I'd also like to make a small patchwork blanket, but I don't know if I will have time and I'd like it to be made up of upcycled clothes, which means I have to go through our clothes and pull stuff out.  So, we'll see...

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cwill here is my one and only item made  -  a green hat :)


so many plans and that is how they will stay - plans :)


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