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Is anyone showing much yet?

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Not me. I think it's all just gut from eating more (hungry all the time!), though I did break out the belly band yesterday for work pants (jeans still fit). At 15 weeks, I'm *finally* starting to feel a bit more belly-ish, though I didn't show for real with DD until at least around 6 months (long torso).


Anyone want to start a belly pic thread? Not that I have anything to contribute!

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I'm starting to pop out a little bit, mostly just look thicker than normal, but even though it isn't sticking out too much it is sitting super high, just under my belly button.  I'm 14 weeks tomorrow.  I take my belly shots on thursdays, since that is my week flip.  Weeks 10-12 really zero difference but the 13 week one has a little more.    I've taken the last 3 in the same outfit so I can make a flipbook when I am all done.

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I feel like my belly has started to really pop out already. At first I just looked fat and maybe still do but it is rounding out (not that I'm skinny to begin with). I feel like I look how I did at six months with my DD and I'm only 17 weeks (well almost.... in 2 days.) Even my t-shirts that were baggy are now tight on my belly. I haven't been taking belly pics.... 

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I mostly look thick, but I am showing.  An acquaintance who isn't quite a friend said she suspected I was pregnant when DH told her yesterday.  I'm 16 weeks this week.  I have a belly picture from last week when I went swimming with some friends, but it's not really thread-starting worthy.  I can try to get something nicer tomorrow.  It's a little awful that we don't have a belly thread yet.  I can't be the only one showing!

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This my 12 week photo.  The 11 week and 10 week are equally unimpressive.  I think my belt makes me look a little bigger?

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Wrong  place...sorry.  Thought I was starting a new thread.

  I'll try this again.

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Welp, maybe I'm showing more than I thought. It's so hard to tell when I feel just kind of fat. Today though DH said, "I think you're starting to show," and I said "Well, I feel like it's just a big gut," and he said "If it's just a big gut, it's the biggest gut you've ever had," which sounds weird, but in the context was sweet--he meant, "Nope, not just fat and you look good to me!"

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