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Planning to pack the hospital bag (for those birthing in the hospital)

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Anyone else gathering ideas on what to put in their hospital bag yet?  I'm setting aside a few things as I find them...

I'll update this list as I think of them.


for labor:

extra set of headphones

ultima replenisher packs to add to water

phone charger

camera charger

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i've been looking for a thread like this one! 


one thing i took from my birthing class; definitely pack lip balm. apparently your lips can get very dry during labor. i got new lip balm just for this purpose.


i'd like to pack my hospital bag soon.. although my doula is supposed to help with that in September, but i'm anxious or something that i might go into labor before that.

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We're planning on a home birth, but I do have a backup hospital bag already packed and ready to go just in case it becomes necessary.


- 2 outfits for baby, including socks and hat

- 2 receiving blankets

- 2 diapers, 2 diaper cover

- Olive oil (to put a bit on baby's bum to make meconium easier to get off the diapers)

- 2 depends

- Outfit for mom to wear when coming back, change of shirt for dad

- 2 outfits / variations for laboring in

- Toiletries for mom

- 2 plastic bags to throw up in in the car


If I were planning on birthing anywhere other than home, I would probably add the following:

- Birth ball

- Bag of snacks: bananas, energy bars, granola, fruit, isotonic drinks

- Bag of other birth and comfort related stuff: bathis suits for mom and dad if there's a tub, music and music playing device, maybe a few electric candles, etc

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Well I have my husbands stuff planned XD


- His change of cloths

- His hygiene products ( toothbrush, deodorant, comb etc. nothing to extravagant, just some stuff he will want anyway )

- Snack for him ( crackers, bag of his favorite trail mix )

- Gum

- Water bottle container ( so he can refill it when ever he wants )

- Camera ( he's the one be doing the picture taking if any with family afterwords)



As for me I haven't really made a list yet. I just know I'll want to remember my EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel. Its been great for work outs and feels really good on the neck on hot days. Might come in handy during labor.

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Here is my list: Hospital bag Docs Picture ID Pre-registration paperwork List of medications Birth plan Toiletries Glasses / contact lenses Lip balm/lip gloss/chapstick Shampoo Body lotion / body oils Hairbrush Mirror Hair ties / hair clips, etc. Deodorant for him and her Toothbrush for him and her Clothing Labor/delivery gown Gown, Pj's, comfy clothes Bootie socks or Slippers Going home/change clothes for him and her Misc Your own pillow or pillow cases Snacks - granola bars, water bottle, etc. Phone/Ipod/laptop/e-reader/chargers Spare change Baby Two onesies NB and 0-3 mo or shirts Going home outfit Matching outfit for big brother Receiving blanket/swaddle blanket Special blanket or baby item for pictures Gifts for sibling exchange.
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ok, ladies, I'll join you here now that it looks like I'm switching from planned home to plan hospital birth!


I'm glad to find this thread, because I'm pretty bad at getting organized and this helps.


baby outfit (2?)

prefold diapers (10-20)  (AAAhhH!  I still need to buy prefolds)

diaper covers (5)

wetbag for diapers

phone chargers


baby blanket (2?)

outfit for me (2)




surely I'm forgetting something.

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