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Have been exposed to toxic fumes - advice please

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We had granite countertops installed last week.  One portion of the install was done incorrectly (the workers later confirmed this) and the epoxy was mixed wrong or not added hardener so it did not cure.  We realize farily soon we were dealing with fumes - so we immediately took kids away - they had been away also during install.  Me and the kids stayed away for 3 solid days - came back to a ventialted house where there was minimal smell and only in the kitchen.  Fans blowing etc....

We vented the house - and the smell went to almost nothing however it would build if we would close up again. 


THey came and tried to fix it - the smell is now almost gone but at this point I want the counters ripped off and done correctly as I am afraid of any fumes brewing.  


When me and my husband discovered the wet adhesive and touched it with our fingers - washed off right away with plenty of soap and water .


We have been staying away from the house until we can get a second opinion . At this point - I want to rip them off and start over done correctly.  We might also have to fix cabinets that had been coated with it.  If not replace them.  

Total nightmare. 


The question is - what can I do to help my body heal from this exposure?   Kids do not seem to have any kind of problem.  The few days they slept in the house were upstairs away from kitchen and the whole house was open there were zero smells around them and they had no headaches or any other symptoms. 


I had a slight skin reaction that seems to be gone now - hives like but not as strong.   


What would you recommend to detox? 


If the fumes are gone away would you feel ok living there?   

I am absolutely stressed out by this situation. 

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The company should have a MSDS for the epoxy resin available for their workers, I'd ask them for a copy.  It will list the health hazards and cleanup procedures.


Probably there would have been a slight smell even if they did it right the first time.  And that is also what you can probably expect if you have them do everything over, so I'd recommend just leaving it, unless you have obviously uncured resin that isn't holding things together.


Personally, I wouldn't have any problem living there if the fumes were gone.

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Thank you for your input.  I am going to have a reputable company come by - and give me an honest opinion.  I want to make sure that someone not related to this botched up job that I can trust looks it over and makes sure that things have cured.  I also bought an Austin Air purifier that will be here on Friday.  We are going to stay away from the house until all renovations are over and most likely we will sell the house anyway but you cannot believe the level of stress I have over this.   I work so hard to stay away from ANY chemicals and they botch up the job with chemicals.  I seriously can barely eat or sleep over this.  


So in general if you can't smell it you are safe and would feel ok? 

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