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Queer Conceptions: August 2013

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With all the kids getting back to school in August and September lets make some spring babies in our spare time!
Please put your updates in BOLD.

GRADUATES: Please click here to share how you got your BFP!

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Fmorris28 BFPChart2.gif
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Waiting to Know... Braving the 2ww fingersx.gif
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LADIES, Let meeh know if I have everyone in the right places and if you're not I'll get you moved asap!

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Thanks for starting the new thread fmorris!
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Originally Posted by jam51212 View Post

AFM – My BFP was short lived. I took the test FMU yesterday and then started to spot in the afternoon. Nothing in the evening or this morning but I have started to stop again today. Looks like AF is just around the corner  Kind of wishing I wouldn’t have taken that HPT after all so I wouldn’t have gotten our hopes up. I guess not we just have to change our focus to trying next month. Unfortunately DW will be out of town the whole week I should O so I will be flying it solo or taking a month off. I think I would rather do it alone than not at all but they’re both emotional choices. So unfair everything we have to go through just to have a child we all want so deeply.

I'm so sorry, jam... Any chance it's implantation bleeding? Hugs to you & your DP.
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Thanks for the shiny new thread fmorris

jam I am so sorry!
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fmorris thanks for the thread-  hope it'll be lucky for lots of us as didn't graduate anyone last month greensad.gif


jam really sorry to hear that - it's trying to balance between waiting & impatience I find xx


lovestreet - great you managed to insem this cycle after all and great news about gay marriage!! Your mayor sounds very supportive which makes a difference. FX for you.


sandie - you asked the question on swimmers, right? as soon as we get a BFP we'll order some to store for DW to have a go in a year or so. Not going to yet just in case we need to change donors for some reason & he currently has enough we can afford to do that.


AFM good night's sleep last night & feel a lot better. Today is just hanging around waiting for tomorrow & hoping the little eggies have divided into 2 cells as they were supposed to. I'm slightly concerned they want to transfer tomorrow which is only 48 hours after the 'plucking' (aspiration) as I want to wait as long as possible but I'm not sure they do transfsers on the weekend. If that's the case I'll definitely transfer 3 as the chance of it working is pretty low. 12 days until my book launch & 40th! eeeeek.


WE NEED A BFP LADIES!!!!  grouphug.gif

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Thanks for the thread, fmorris! It sounds like you definitely have your window covered!

Sandie- congrats on the wedding! And nothing like getting pregnant on your honeymoon weekend to make it official, right? I would suggest doing what Liz is doing- get pregnant and then buy sibling vials if it is important to you. We we t through four donor changes before one worked, and I am so glad we didn't feel like we had to stick with the first guy. Most active donors seem to have high numbers at the bank while they are still donating, so I feel like mos people have at least a couple months after getting their bfp to buy more. It depends on your particular donor, of course.

Jenny--this is my first! smile.gif. Last time it was nine months from the first iui til successful ivf. I'm hoping this round goes more quickly. Your situation with your DP sounds hard to me. I'm glad she is being supportive, though, and I hope that actually having the baby seals the deal for her about parenting.

Liz--sorry about the pain and bleeding. greensad.gif but thrilled about an even dozen! That's great! Would you tell people at your party if (when) you get your bfp? I am a big blabber mouth--there is no way I could keep it quiet!

Jam--I am so sorry about the spotting. I forget, are you taking progesterone supplements? Have you called your doctor? There probably isn't anything they can do, but maybe that would help? This whole process definitely sucks.

Mama--I hope you don't need to get to ivf! Would you be happier doing the reciprocal ivf than carrying? It's got to be so emotional making the decision to switch after you already have invested so much in carrying. Fingers crossed for you!
Love street--ha! The first thin I thought when you said the parts didn't seal was electrical tape! Oh, lesbians. So glad things fell into place for you, and I loved reading about the weddings. You know, maternity bridal is really taking off these days... wink1.gif

Red rock- that is a long cycle! I think if you just retire to your room for the evening she probably wouldn't guess that you had a tank of sperm hidden in the closet...

AFM things are carrying on. It's 8dpo, and I am still feeling lots of very light cramping, which is unusual for me. It it hard to know how being pregnant this early would feel, since last time it was a 5 day blast, and i was on lots of support drugs, so im optimistic, but wouldnt be surprised if im wrong, either. Last night DP had a thought and asked me to check something-she was right. Our insem this cycle was on the 2year anniversary of the day we did our successful transfer last time. Which means that if I am preggo this baby will be due on DD's birthday.
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Granite - I guess I assumed it was too late for that and too close to AF? I will know for sure tomorrow!

Fmorris - thanks for the new thread! And hopefully it brings you luck!!!

Lovestreet - that is great news all around! I'm glad it worked out for you. And how exciting to be living in Minnesota at a time like this!

Liz - glad to hear you're feeling better! FX that they have split and are behaving properly smile.gif

Pretty - I did start progesterone injections last Friday which was 7dpo. I haven't called my doctor because I just assumed it was AF making her entrance. I have my official pregnancy test tomorrow so I will officially know then. How exciting that you inseminated on your anniversary! That must be luck!
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jam: I'm so sorry.  :-(  I hope your test tomorrow proves differently!


morris: Thanks for the new thread!



lovestreet:  Yay! Glad you managed to do the insem!



So, have any of you signed up for the compassionate care program through the manufacturer of Gonal-F and Ovidrel and Cetrotide?  Well, my doctor's office told me about it today, because I'm going to need a lot more of the injectibles than I have available to me.  Folks -- I qualified for 75% off the cash price of the meds!!  I can hardly believe it! (It just goes to show you how overpriced they are.)


To qualify you need to have a yearly income less than 62,000. USD according to my doc.  Last year, my income was just under 40k USD and I qualified for 75% off.  They also offer a 50% off -- it's all income based and you have to prove it with w-2 or 1040ez or 1099 etc.  I faxed the paperwork this morning and received an email today that I qualified.


More information is available here:




and the application is here:  http://fertilitylifelines.com/sites/default/files/combinedcompassionatecareforms_0.pdf

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Hi all,


With some shyness and trepidation, I'd like to join the Queer Conceptions thread... I'm a 2010 graduate here: my daughter E was born in 2011. I was also pregnant once before, but had to terminate that pregnancy  for a neural tube defect. Both of those conceptions happened at home, on the first try! But we now have a limited number of vials from our (anonymous) donor, plus I'm not able to chart with any regularity due to random toddler wakings, so we're doing an unmedicated monitored IUI cycle through an RE. I'd love some support as we navigate this new process.


Right now, I'm waiting to O. I had baseline U/S monitoring on CD2, and will have another monitoring U/S on CD11 (Saturday); from there, I guess I'll be waiting on an OPK+ and/or other signs of O (I don't always get a reliable OPK, hence the monitoring). Sperm's in the mail today...


Looking forward to getting to know you all a little bit, and hoping we all have short stays here before moving to the Queer Pregnancy thread.



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jam- fingers crossed that it's just implantation bleeding making its way out. Good luck on your test!

prettyisa- yeah, it's a bit strange to think of moving straight to the reciprocal IVF after investing so much into me carrying, but it's also a huge relief, since I didn't really want to be the one to carry originally. DW has a strong desire to be pregnant but would be committing career suicide if she took time off for a mat leave. I'm hoping we get pregnant soon and just being part of the pregnancy and being a parent to our children will fill that void for her.
Also- how lucky that your insem was on the same day as your last successful one! Birthdays around the same time sound doubly fun.

liz- what happy times for you- potential BFP, book launch, and milestone bday! An awesome trifecta!

AFM- I'm CD9 today, and I went in for BW and US, which revealed a 19mm dominant follie on the right side! We might be inseminating in the next few days!
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beastie- today is my CD9 too! We're cycle buddies! Welcome back smile.gif
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beastie and mamaetmaman: I'm also CD9  LOL!  How funny!

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Mamaet, Welcome! It was a pleasure!


Friederike, I love shiny new threads. Hopefully I'll have some threadkeepers luck I can spread around!


Liz, No worries I'm glad to do it. I'm hoping for the luck as well, it'd be something to graduate myself, huh? Glad you're feeling much better than yesterday. I'm hoping for the best for your little eggies! So very excited for the book and your birthday! And I'm with you on the BFP need around here!


Isa, Welcome. I'm hoping all bases were covered. This cycle was so much more less stressful than the first 3 at the doctors. I like being able to make mye own decisions because I questioned mye doc sooo much lol. Glad your TWW is going well, how sweet is that the LO might be due on DD's birthday! FX for you!!


Jam, Thank you much. I'm keeping everything crossed for you tomorrow. 


Welcome Jenny! I'm never heard of that, but 75% off meeds is a steal of a deal!! Thank you for the great info!


Beastie, Welcome back! I've moved you to waiting to O. I wish you the best of luck on this cycle!!


AFM, just hanging out..not really tracking how many DPO I am because it seems to stress meeh out more, so I'm just acting normal. Its working much better for meeh. I'm still temping, but as far as reading into anything…I'm making that a No-No for meeh lol.


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CD 10 here, although I won't ovulate until CD 18 or so. Yay for TWW buddies. 

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prettyisa wouldn't that be spooky if your next one was due same day? wow! nope won't tell people until 3 months. Lots of people knew we went away last time and we've had to answer lots of questions about it but this time I've managed to fly under the radar & only a couple of people (from work) know we've gone which means we can keep it secret whatever happens which is good.


jenn that's fantastic news about cheaper meds. I'm quite lucky because the states (equivalent of the government) currently subsidise them so only have to pay £2.30 instead of about £250 which is ridiculous!!! think they'll change that soon.


Beastie - WELCOME!!!!  Welcome.gif great you've already had one success, I hope the next one is trouble-free xx



mama - exciting & go dominant follie!!!!!


it's great so many of us will be in the TWW together.


AFM still feeling pretty average which is to be expected. It kind of feels like really bad period pain but nothing a good night's sleep won't fix. I find out at 9am Danish time tomorrow whether they will do the emby transfer (ET) tomorrow or wait until the weekend. Basically if there are only a few that have fertilised they'll stick 'em all in but if lots have they'll try to wait to see which are the best. Here's hoping for some to fertilise!!!!! I wish DW was here but we've been skyping and is super supportive, having to look after 4 dogs at home by herself, poor thing! I have to think of a good second engagement present to give to her on my birthday when I propose - any good ideas? she's not really one for jewellery even though she wears 2 of my rings xx

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Beastie: Welcome back! It is great to see you around here again! How many insems did you decide to do this cycle?

Isa: I have my fingers firmly crossed that you'll end up with an almost-surprise bfp very soon. fingersx.gif

Lizbian: Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow morning! fingersx.gif

Hi to everyone else!
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ladies, guess what?!?!!?!??!?! MONDAY FOR THE TRANSFER!!!! I had 7 embryos fertilise which means they can wait an extra couple of days to see which are the strongest & last to the 5 days. Even though there'll be fewer to implant it means the percentages of success have just doubled - YAY!!!! you wouldn't believe how happy I am right now xx just need to entertain myself for 3 days! joy.gif

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It's a BLAST  banana.gif

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WOW!  LIZ, that's so exciting!  How wonderful!  I'm so happy for you!  

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