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LIZ!!!! Okay, I'm holding off on the veggies until you give the go-ahead, but...!!! FX!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Omg, guys, we've had so few graduates joining us over at Q&P these past several months, it's crazy... I'm just lurking and cheering y'all on! Can't wait to see you *all* over in pregnancy-land! fingersx.gif

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Ok! Here goes! We're starting the planning process and donor searching. We're looking at Knowndonorregistry.com and also sussing out some male friends. Yikes, all of the sudden this hypothetical feels real and we MIGHT HAVE FOUR KIDS. Can we be moved to the planning list? I think we're hoping to start trying next month !?!?!

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Liz OMG - wohooooo!!!!!!!!
Have a great party today.
What a great present.
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granite - thanks & can't wait to join you over there, hopefully this week! As you say, so few the past few months.


Tavi - welcome! Great you already have 3 & good luck with no. 4


Fried - thanks!!!!!!!! so happy, just have to get past the next scary few weeks xx

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Coming out of lurkdom to saying OMG Lizbian!!!! Couldn't be more excited and happy for you!!! I have been reading along the last few months and wow what a roller coaster!! Can't wait to hear more!
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joy.gif LIZBIAN!!!!! joy.gif

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just a quick note to give Liz a high five on her BFP!!!! Liz, it's been a pleasure, but I'm so excited for you to graduate! Have fun at your party smile.gif

Just at the airport, on our way to Hawaii!
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OK I only had 5 mins so not a very good attempt but here's to the pineapple club! Thanks girls for the lovely comments, it's nice to see people so genuinely pleased for you. I will still be around don't worry, and hope everyone will be joining us over in Queer Parenting soon! Of course I'm not going anywhere until my beta comes back so no counting chickens.


QOTD - what are you going to call your 'bump'? peanut, bean, bump, bun....

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I'm going to try to hold my celebration to just one icon until I get the go ahead.



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I wanted to give Liz her own post for her bfp...


TAVI: Welcome!


mama: Have a wonderful time in Hawaii soaking up all of that amazingly sweet, fresh, pineapple!




Get a load of these:  (black polka dots are follicles for those who diy without monitoring)  There are now eight. EIGHT!!!  I had FOUR measurable yesterday. FOUR!


1. 17.5 mm

2. 16 mm

3. 14.5 mm

4. 14 mm

5. 14 mm,

6. 13.5 mm

7. 13.5 mm

8. 12 mm


and then qty 7 less than 12mm


Please don't let them all mature!  I'll be triggering tonight, so the 17.5 and 16 will definitely get there.  However, I'm a little worried about the 2 14's maturing as well.  My follicles once they get going usually grow quick.

  LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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Liz: Hurrah!!!! So very very excited and happy for you! What a great present, you'll have lots to celebrate today. The pineapple is great. joy.gif


Jenny: Exciting news! Good luck. 

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Escher, thanks and thanks again.


Jwaite, Thank you for all the positives. I'm happy and sad and disappointed. I hate this part. Good luck with your TWW. Got you moved over.


Beastie, Very much appreciated. I'm very happy for you and a little pregnant is still pregnant. congrats sweetie.


Liz, Thanks very much. Very much congratulations, its been such a ride and I'm pleased you saw your BFP. Looking forward to graduating you! I'm very excited for the pair of you during this time.


Sandiegongp, Meeh too, and thanks. And I do believe they are. :) Didn't know you were Jewish, I am ending mye job at the Jewish Preschool in a bit. Strange connections all around here, huh? 


Redrock, Thanks for the hugs. I'm waiting for the celebrating part to come because there hasn't been any. Still keeping mye FX for you.


Mamaet, You're right, I just hate the outcome. I just one our LO so bad. :(


Jenny, I sure need all the hugs I can get. Thanks for the congrats though! Very excited for your upcoming insem. Lots of luck your way! Btw, your follies are so nice looking!


Tavi, Welcome, and I'll get you moved over to waiting to be ready?


AFM, regrouping and dealing with all these stupid emotions. *big sigh* Planning to colour mye hair and drink tonight. All the things I haven't done hoping for a little bean growing.


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WHOO HOO HOO LIZ!!!  I know we aren't supposed to get too excited yet, but how can I not?!?!?  I won't break out the bullhorns yet, but I have a huge smile on my face and just told DW who said, is this the woman that had to go to Denmark?  I was very excited to say YEP!!  blowkiss.gif





Jenny, I am cheering for those follies!


Hello to everyone else!  I will write to you soon.


Beastie, thank you for the advice.  I am glad to know that and be reaffirmed by switching to FMU with the Clearblue tests.  I hope not to have to use them again until DW's turn to carry:)  We'll see.  This TWW is going to be a bit challenging because my hopes are high.  How are you feeling??


Hugs and love to all.

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Hi All! Just popping in to say a HUGE CONGRATS to Liz! And good luck to everyone still in the tww and good luck regrouping for those of you who will be trying again next month and about to insem. It has been fun to watch the board from a distance this month - so much activity! 


We're still out until October, but I'm sending good vibes to everyone!

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TAVI, Welcome!!  Good luck on your donor search.  Are you looking to use fresh swimmers?  

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broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifLizbian!!!!! Just a little mini, pre-beta, celebration for you! What wonderful birthday news! Sending you sticky, healthy vibes for the next few weeks. dust.gif



Also, where are you getting all these terrifying pineapple images? I hope that we get lots more good news from the Pineapple Club in the next few days. 


Speaking of which, Justanotherjenny! Trigger time! So exciting. You should call this baby (babies?) "turtle,"  because even as a follicle s/he is slow and steady. Those follies look pretty!


Mamaetmaman, I think cramps at 10DPO are a good sign, and a trip to Hawaii sounds like a good way to pass these last days of the TWW. But I read your blog and you sound pretty down. Can we help? I hope you get a break and some downtime to heal up a bit. And then a BFP!


FMorris, I hope your hair turns out great and you have a really fun weekend!


Tavi: welcome! How wonderful to be trying for number four! I know a few people who've used knowndonorregistry, one with success. My sense is that you have to do a lot of the extra legwork yourselves, in terms of making sure everyone is tested for everything, writing up formal or informal contracts, and negotiating logistics etc. But then you get to bypass the money and limits of going through a bank. I'll be interested to hear what your experience is like. Would this be your first time using the registry, or picking a known donor? 


AFM: Still apparently pregnant, feeling weird to have found out so early that I'm still waiting to miss my period. But I keep feeling nausea, and I keep peeing on various sticks, so I guess it's true. It's going to be a long wait for that confirmation U/S...


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Hi ladies,


Thanks again. Beastie - I made that last one!


had a great 40th tonight & managed not to drink a drop of alcohol & not have anyone realise! Did have some awful news though, one of my friends who is due today (her sister made my cake) lost her baby yesterday & now has to give birth. Awful & devastated for them. Just trying to focus on the happy things at the mo and not get too worried about things like that.


Good luck to pineapple club x

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Lizbian! I didn't mean to insult your actual, lovingly hand carved, pineapple! Not terrifying at all! Or at least not any more terrifying than any pineapple with a face. I take back anything negative I ever implied and now embrace the pineapple face art form! 


I am so sorry to hear about your friend's loss. candle.gif

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Beastie don't worry I'm not that easily offended!!!! It was scary looking, I don't deny it!!!!! smile.gif

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Liz, sending lots of healing to your friend.
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