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ohhh jennny!!!!!! Fx for you!- 9DPO sounds good for implantation bleeding. I think you can test about 3 days from now!

fmorris good luck! I've heard some anecdotal stories of people getting their BFP on natural cycles after medicated ones.

qotd- we own a medium-sized 3 bedroom backsplit semi-detached home. It backs onto a creek, and is in a starter home neighbourhood. We want a bigger home, but us and 2 small kids could comfortably fit in here. Our neighbours, who have a nearly identical home have raised their 2 kids to adulthood in their home, so we could conceivably live here for a long time. We have a large vegetable garden, which we love, and harvest most of our produce from it 8 months of the year!
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Jenny: All these signs sound really promising! Can' wait for testing in a couple of days. 


fmorris: It's gotta be nice to not have the hot flashes. Is it almost insemination time? 


QOTD: We just bought a house a few months ago. It's smaller than we wanted, but will work for now. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom little bungalow. We have a big enough yard for the dogs to run around and we have a good sized garden (I need to make some serious salsa tonight), but we'd love a bigger one some day. DW grew up on a farm in the country so city life has been hard for her to fully adjust to. The basement is unfinished and needs a lot of work if we decide to finish it. If we decide to stay in the house longer than 5 or so years, we'll go ahead and do it. The 2nd bedroom is actually bigger than the one we are using, so two kiddos could definitely share it for a while. I shared a room with one of my sisters until I was 11 or so. I'm more worried about how we'll all make one bathroom work, it's hard enough with just DW and I, yikes. The area is great, we absolutely love it. I can bike to work. We are right in the city, but it's very quiet. We are right by a nice park and it's a very liberal area, which was the most important thing living in a super conservative state. There are queer folks everywhere and we are hoping our friends that just had a baby will move into the neighborhood in the next few months.

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jenn - COME ON EGGIES!!!!!!!!

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Thanks liz!!

Hoping good things for you Jenny!

Mamet, what good news, hopefully I'll get to be the next anecdote!

Redrock, yes! Not having hot flashes is the best!!

AFM well insem in a day or two. Haven't been up to much besides making sure we've got everything we need. I'm getting into all Mye new hire stuff and wrapping up at the preschool. Next week is super short as we're out Monday for labor day and out early Wednesday, and out Thursday and Friday for Rosh Hashana. So all in all one full day of work plus paid online training in between. Great timing for a few insems if you ask Meeh!
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:-(  I think AF is here.  Still not full on flow, but we've moved to red and amount has increased.  :-(

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Jenn :HugI'm really sorry to hear that, I had high hopes for you x


fmorris - sounds like a great week!


OMG my dreams are ridiculous & I am so tired but spending 1-3 hours awake most nights 3.30am onwards. Urk. Last night I dreamt DW just went & inseminated herself this month. It was a bit of a shock & quite stressful! That was the first of 3 equally weird & slightly disturbing dreams so I'm a little on the tired side!

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Hi Ladies, sorry I've not been on in the last couple of days...life sometimes throws curve balls :)  One of my clients has been in crisis ~ 


Beastie, I know it's hard to be too excited at first.  But I am sending you lots of positive vibes still and hoping for very sticky baby embryo for you guys<3n  The 10th can't get here quick enough, huh?!  You and Liz both will have great news that day :joy  It sounds like you are swamped with the juggling act of professional motherhood to distract you!  Hold on for the ride:)


Hi Isa, thanks for the encouragement...I can't wait to be in the next phase of things.  I so appreciate the blogs, and was reading the thread HOW I GOT MY BFP recently.  It's quite encouraging to see others' perseverance thru to their ultimate dream coming true.  It give me hope:)  We took a whole year off after two tries with frozen sperm, and bfns both times...it seemed like an eternity.  So I know it's hard to sit out for a bit.  I'm thinking of you!


Agrex, how are you guys holding up?  Keeping busy?  We have found that DW and I only really share our ideas of pregnancy and babies as if I am getting that bfp now.  It helps us to keep things in perspective sometimes.  Always remembering that we do tend to create our realities.  So I try to always vote for the trust in universe philosophy.  Good luck to you both!!  Almost half way thru the TWW?!


Sandie, I am so glad your lady's tests came back so positive!  That's one less piece to wonder and worry with!  YEAH!!  I love your trust and optimism in this process.  And we all know what a process it is..our kids are VERY WANTED kids!  Kind of a cool thing to know:)  Glad to know your lady is taking time for herself to go to acupuncture each week.  It's a great break for her to focus on fertility.  Hugs to you both.


JENN, I, too, am on the edge of my seat with you!  I am really hoping for you this is it!!  :blowkissdust.gifKeep us posted!  I have been reading thruout my client's crisis and maintaining my home life and really hoping you are an Aug/Sept grad!!


Liz, Happy Belated Anniversary!  Sorry I missed it.  I am glad you went out to a nice meal.  It sounds like the beginning of this pregnancy is fairly 'normal' for you with the hormones and all, which I am excited to know:)  My good friend is carrying right now, and she was very grumpy in the first 6-8 weeks.  She snapped out of it tho' after that first ultra sound!  :))


FMorris, when is O time??  Whoo hoo, buckle your belt for another TWW, with the hopes that this is it for you guys!!! 


Fried, still keeping everything crossed for a perfectly timed and smooth sailing IUI on the 2nd.  What are you doing for your Bday?  When is it exactly?


Well, afm...tested on Wed AM - bfn.  Feeling like AF is going to show today or tomorrow.  If not, I may test tomorrow AM.  One day at a time...Still staying positive that it will happen as it is supposed to.

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fmorris happy insemming! Hope it goes splendidly.

Jenny . Argh, I am so sorry it didn't work. Big hugs and take good care of yourself.

jwaite it's not over till AF so I'll still keep my fingers crossed for you. How many DPO are you? Oh and I hope your client gets better soon.

My birthday is on sunday and DPs on monday (yes, our bdays are a day apart). Right now we plan on triggering monday, if the US looks good, and IUI the next day on CD12. We used to insem on CD 11 but I want to try a day later, because the one time we got a + we triggered at >20mm as compared to 17-18mm most other times. I think we might have been a bit too early perhaps. I feel like we're right on track with this cycle, my temp dropped a bit today and the first EWCM came in. So this means that DPs birthday activity is tank pick-up and a gyneocologist visit with me *lol*. We'll also visit my family for cake and coffee on sunday and have one or two dinners at a nice restaurant. We both have next week off from work, so we'll spend the first half of the TWW hiking, biking and preparing the wedding. I already crafted two flower girl baskets today from little woven baskets that were filled with blueberries I bought at the asian market last night.
In addition I signed up for an LGBT creative writing course in English taught by an American. It's a bit daunting since I haven't done creative writing ever in any language, only school work and academic writing for conferences in English. It sounded so interesting though. He sets topics every week (coming out, identity, relationships, gay historical figures, queer parenting etc.) and we have one week to write about it and present it to the others. I bet it turns out very enlightening and even a bit therapeutic.
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Hi everyone! I am new to this board, but my partner and I have been ttc for a year and a half, first with frozen, a couple months ago switching to a KD. Currently I am 10dpi, and really hoping this is the cycle for me! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.
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Jenny my last post must have crossed with yours or something. ..I'm really sorry! Big hugs to you.
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Welcome kbfs!


jwaite: Thanks.  :-)  I'm having a surprisingly difficult time this time, but I'm better today than yesterday. I am angry that I didn't insist on progesterone.  I didn't even get a full chance at implanation since AF came so early.  This has NEVER happened so it was clearly the medication and not enough progesterone to boost my skyrocketing estradiol.  sigh.


fmorris: Will you please move me to taking a break?  I am on a financial break until 2014.  I'm out of sperm and out of money. :-(

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Posting on my phone from vacation, just to send Jenny some love. This is so not fair, especially after the roller coaster cycle you had to endure. I hope this break is restorative. 2014 isn't so far away!
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jenny- I'm so sorry. I somewhat know how you feel. I thought this last cycle was "the one" for me too. It was the first time that I had any bleeding that could have been implantation bleeding. I was on progesterone suppositories, but it didn't prevent the breakthrough bleeding or my period. I was surprised to have the breakthrough spotting so early as well (10DPO), despite the progesterone.

Big hugs to you. This process is so frustrating. Like beastie said, 2014 will come quickly, especially now that you have more free time.

afm- We're also taking a break until we can get a start on this IVF. Waiting for DW's AF to arrive so she can go through the investigative cycle at the RE's clinic. Then maybe another cycle to sync up our cycles, then the treatment cycle. So we're looking at Novemberish?
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Jenny I am sending you lots of love and healing. A break isn't so bad...gives you time to be yourself. This is truly a roller coaster ride. At least the holidays are right around the corner. That will really make time fly. Sending you some peace during this hardest part...
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kbfs - welcome! :w I hope your time here is short.


Jenn- really sorry to hear, hope you're able to regroup & come back better & stronger in 2014 xx


Fried - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (and happy birthday to DP for tomorrow). I hope you both have fab celebrations, let me know if you're too busy to set up a September thread & I'll do it xx


jwaite - thanks!



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Fried - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!  And to DP (tomorrow)!!


Fmorris - Hope the insem is going smoothly!  Whoop Whoop:)


Well ladies, no AF yet, so I tested today...three times...ALL BFPs!!!  This is CD31 so it's still very early but I can't help to be vibrating inside.  DW doesn't know what to do with herself.  Her sister is visiting this weekend, which is a fun time to have both lines show up.  My back has been hurting and I've had slight dull cramping here and there, oh and my bbs are wore and full.  Other than that, I feel normal...except for the fact that I can't believe we are finally getting a second line on these tests.  Don't move me yet, Fmorris.  I'd like to hang with you guys for a bit longer, just to be sure.  

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thank you ladies. It was a great birthday so far.

jwaite OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of sticky baby thoughts. Those signs sound great, so I hope you get confirmation soon. Did you schedule a dr.'s appointment already? Will you tell th siste or keep it secret?

We have to talk about it further in our brand new September thread http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1389210/queer-conceptions-september#post_17448115
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JWAITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





AFM: Thank you everyone for the sweet love.  I'm regrouping.  Starting to climb out of the pit of despair.  :-)  I think it was also very hormonally charged.

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yayayayay!!!!!!! Jwaite!!! hugs and congrats! How are you feeling? So excited for you!

fried- happy belated birthday lady! Hope it was awesome!

How's everyone else doing?
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