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Breast milk changes according to time day and age of baby

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Breast Milk Should Be Drunk At The Same Time Of Day That It Is Expressed:





I just read about how breast milk changes for different times of the day and as baby gets older. It's really interesting but now I'm wondering if I need to pay more attention to how and when I'm using my pumped and stored milk?


Any pumping mamas mark their milk for AM and PM or make sure to use age-appropriate only milk???


Just curious... 

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no, I don't do it.

it just adds more complication to what is already not simple (pumping and working)

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When I was pumping, I never did this.  Pumping is a huge enough hassle.  There are already way too many logistics.


My pumping schedule didn't match either baby's eating schedule at all.  I'd go into work and pump at 10 and 2.  DS would go to daycare and eat on demand, usually starting around 8 a.m., and the daycare often tried to cut him off or distract him if he got hungry within about half an hour of pickup time, so that he would nurse for me when I got there (otherwise it would be an uncomfortable ride home).  Eventually, I managed to consolidate the pumping and just pump at noon, which *really* did not resemble how he ate.  For DD, I'd pump before leaving home, go to the NICU, hand over the results, and my oversupply was crazy and DD ate 1-2 ounces at a time, every three hours - they'd feed DD from that pumping session all day.  I'd stagger home, and need to pump a couple more times, just so I wouldn't get mastitis or leak all over creation.  That milk went in the deep freeze.  I eventually donated a lot of it.


I sometimes tried to label the bottles in the order I thought they should be used, but the daycare ladies often didn't pick up on it.

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Yeah pumping is enough work on its own. 

I wonder if one did use time/age appropriate pumped milk if there would be any noticeable difference. Like, in the alertness of the baby if she drank daytime milk at night or vice versa. And in the hunger or satiety of a baby if she drank milk made for a different age. It's interesting, anyway.

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I think it's just one more way that pumped milk is great but just not as perfect as direct nursing. I pumped exclusively for DD1 for 10 weeks before we transitioned to the breast so I'm fairly experienced with it. I never noticed any difference in feeding milk from a different time of day. I just think it's neat that if the child is feeding from the breast then there's a difference between night milk and day milk.
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