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Is my home making pregnancy nausea worse?

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I'm about 12 weeks pregnant and have had nausea/vomiting since about week 6. My husband and I left for a 17 day vacation to the UK when I was almost 9 weeks. The entire time we were on vacation I was fine. I sometimes felt a little bit nauseous when I didn't eat prompty but having a snack right away would always solve the problem. Then, on the flight back three days ago, I vomited on the plane,  felt awful the entire way home and then was sick again about 4 seconds after we walked in the door. I chalked it up to travel but then today I vomited again.


Since I wasn't sick AT ALL in the UK I'm wondering -- is there something in my environment that is making me sicker? We live in NYC. We have pets, but we stayed with people who have pets, and we visited both cities and countryside while in the UK.


Any thoughts? Could I be responding to something in my environment that is making "morning" sickness worse?

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When I was pregnant with my first, certain scents of air fresheners began to make me miserably ill. It was like having hyperemesis gravidium, but only when I was around something with those scents. Scent sensitivity runs pretty prevalently in my mother's family, but I had never been previously affected. By eliminating those, I still had a good run of morning sickness and several other known triggers, but it was definitely far more manageable. Bad news ... even after that pregnancy, when the other triggers went away, I am still sensitive to the scents which caused me the most trouble in pregnancy. I would think there could definitely be an environmental trigger in the home. For me, it was quite noticeable what the trigger was, but I suppose you could have the same reaction without the source being quite so clearly noticeable to you.

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When I was pregnant with my son, I had some intense nausea caused by food smells. I couldn't handle cooking or even being in the house when food was being prepared. At about 9 weeks, my DH and I left for two months in Peru. I was dreading the flight because I knew that the smell of airplane food would make me vomit. But the day of the trip, i had no nausea. The plane ride was fine, I ate the gross lasagna they served, and didn't have any nausea in Peru or for the rest if my pregnancy. It could have been a total coincidence- or like you proposed, something in my home environment could have been to blame. I honestly had never even considered that! ( I thought that somehow it was physiological...)
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Just to throw out another idea, maybe you were too "busy" to be sick. You were traveling and trying to have a fun time, perhaps too preoccupied to be bothered by certain smells.

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Maybe you have mold issues.  That can cause nausea in some, at least from what I've been reading, since I think I might have mold.  Can you try staying out for a day and see if it makes a difference? 

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I wonder if it's in part because you didn't have to prepare any of your own food while traveling? And it wasn't the same things you were used to?


I've noticed that preparing food triggers my nausea. I just want someone else to make me meals. Making them myself causes me to dread eating it and gives me plenty of time to work up the nausea even worse. Going out? I can eat anything.

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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share that I have had the same experience in 2 different pregnancies in 2 different houses - going away on a trip makes MS disappear like magic. . My theory is being away from home relieves a lot of daily life stress, which makes MS better. 

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Glad to know I'm not the only one Jess! :)

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