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Which hospital in Western mass for twins

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Hi, just learned we are expecting twins and wondering if anyone knows about NICU at any area hospitals in Western Mass... I haven't done a LOT of research yet... my ob is affiliated with Cooley Dic and I'm comfortable with him but I know I need to be prepared in case of an early delivery... obviously hoping nicu isn't in my babies future but want to be ready for anything.  I tried to google if cooley dic ob dept is a level I II or III but wasn't able to locate info and figured I'd throw it out here to see if anyone knows anything. :)  We live in New Salem...thanks~ Nicole

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Hi Nicole,


The only level 3 NICU in Western Mass is at Baystate in Springfield. However, if you are going to attempt a vaginal delivery I would spend some time interviewing practices, meeting some of the local nurse midwives who work at those practices, and really looking closely at the statistics for each practice before making a final decision. I attended vaginal twins at Holyoke a couple of years ago (joint effort between CNMs and OB) and know lots of people who have had their twins at Baystate Franklin in Greenfield. I am a local doula working at all the area hospitals and I would be glad to talk with you if you want some insight on the various options. marissa (at) bellyfullbirth (dot) com.


Very best of luck and congratulations.


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