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Belly Bumps - Page 6

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Merry Christmas belly! Kids have "face painted" my last 4 baby bellies...fun!
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Uploading late. 32 weeks or so here!
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38 wks 4 days
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There's 36 for me.
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this was at 35weeks 

im now 36 weeks and 6 days

the one with brown hair is me pre-pregnancy...

fingers crossed i get back my figure


 :) going to miss my bump lotss <3

22days till DD <3

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37 weeks

My 5-year-old is pretty attached to this belly. I wonder what he'll think when it's a squawking baby brother?
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Last one. 39 weeks! Daughter and husband's art work and pup in the background!



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This is 38.5 for me. My 5-year-old took it. Can you tell? wink1.gif
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I am so wanting to have this baby. Now. I am 41 wks today. This is 2 1/2 wks longer than I carried my last baby. Sigh.
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39 weeks yesterday.


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Aww love the heart
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While I've been bored and not in labor, I decided to take advantage of some time during the day to shoot a few photos. I plan to do a before and after photo replacing belly with baby. 





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Aw really cute Pamela!
In the first one, I can see you are dropped now low like me.
I like the post partum shot idea of replacing bump w baby smile.gif
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39 weeks and 3 days. 


I decided to try and find the pictures of me at 39 weeks with babe #1 and was surprised to see how different this bump looks in comparison! I was 39 weeks in this picture. (Pink hair too tehe!)


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Wow you look great Alison
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